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AJApr04 08

AJApr04 08



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Published by ASIAN JOURNAL
The Asian Journal writes about the Filipino American experience and culture in the United States, most specifically in San Diego, CA. We cover overseas news relevant to all Filipino Americans and local news affecting the immediate community. Email us at asianjournal@aol.com or visit www.asianjournalusa.com
The Asian Journal writes about the Filipino American experience and culture in the United States, most specifically in San Diego, CA. We cover overseas news relevant to all Filipino Americans and local news affecting the immediate community. Email us at asianjournal@aol.com or visit www.asianjournalusa.com

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Published by: ASIAN JOURNAL on Apr 05, 2008
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 Amid U.S. end to credit woes
 Asian stocks soar
Aside from agreat variety of ex- plosive and death-de-fying action scenes,there’s simply moreto GMA Pinoy TV’sJOAQUIN BOR-DADO to make itsviewers – the malesin particular – gluedto their TV sets.Enter Iwa Moto – one of the FHMPhilippines’ Top10 sexiest femalesfor 2007. With her seductive sex ap- peal and captivating beauty, there is justno doubt that Iwa isone of the country’shottest female celeb-rities today!Falling quite shortof being the ultimatesurvivor in the thirdWith soft jazz music play-ing in the background anda plate of organic salad onthe table, we watched as theafternoon drizzle stopped andthe skies cleared, the enduringcharm and beauty of ManilaBay unfolding before our eyes.Afternoons spent like thisis one of the reasons why Ms.Teresita Lucero fell in
 By Joaquin Henson PhilStar, 03/30/08
For Manny Pacquiao, ghting Juan
Manuel Marquez wasn’t just for themoney. It was for a higher purpose — to build a legacy.Although the guaranteed purse of atleast $5 million was the biggest in his ca-reer, Pacquiao took on Marquez primarily because it was his chance to become the
rst Asian to capture three world titles in
different divisions. For the Filipino boxing
In order to enjoy a stayin the Philippines, oneshould plan out a dailyitinerary. Otherwise, a
 balikbayan might nd
himself standing bythe roadside under theheat of the swelteringsun, wondering whathe was doing there in
the rst place, and ul
-timately regretting thedecision to visit.
By Simeon G. Silverio, Jr.
(See page 5)
 PhilStar, 040308
BANGKOK – Asian stockssurged yesterday as investorstook heart from an overnightrally on Wall Street amid agrowing belief that the worstof the credit crisis may beover.In Tokyo, the region’s big-gest bourse, the Nikkei 225index jumped 3.3 percent inmorning trade to 13,077.5.Hong Kong’s Hang SengIndex soared as much as 4.6 percent to 24,195.3.In mainland China, theShanghai Composite Indexrose more than 3 percent, and benchmark indices in Austra-lia, the Philippines, Singapore,South Korea and Taiwan allgained more than 2 percent.
 A farmer spreads palay for drying on a basketball court in San Fer-nando, Camarines Sur. President Arroyo said recently the government is in talks with Thailand for supplies this year and hopes to bring in shipments by June. Photo by EDD GUMBAN 
 Philippine Visit 2004
Planning a tour of abeautiful country
 Sunset Kiss:
A young man attempts a kiss amid the world famousManila Bay sunset (Photo by John Brian Silverio.)
Iwa Moto: 
Sizzling hot in GMA PinoyTV’s Joaquin Bordado!
Rotary Club of San Diego– Paradise Valley’s President Reports:
“Medical Mission Accomplished!”
Pacquiao writes boxing history
 People cheer as they watch the live broadcast of the Pacquiao-Marquez match at the TondoSports Complex in Manila. Photo by EDDGUMBAN 
 Federal Land’s Bay Garden:
 A vacation home in the city
Teresita Lucero enjoys the view from her condo unit at Bay Gar-den.
‘Health-tels’to rise in RP
 By Ding Cervantes PhilStar, 04/02/08
ANGELES CITY – Insteadof hotels the Philippines willhave “health-tels,” a former 
tourism ofcial has predicted.
Aside from traditionaltourist spots like Baguio Cityand Boracay island, there will be more authentic off-the- beaten-path destinations, andmore tourists will be carryinglaptops instead of tour bro-chures to search for places tovisit.
 Iwa Moto
Conrad I. Reloj, Jr.
San Diego Asian Journal Senior Writer 
A new chapter has been added to the listof accomplishmentsdone this year by theRotary Club of SanDiego-Paradise Valleyunder the able lead-ership of its currentPresident - Rev. Corne-lio Evangelista.At their meeting lastweek in National City,California, Rev. Evan-gelista reports, “Our Medical Mission to thePhilippines last February 2008was a complete success. I feelfortunate to be a part of thisorganization rich in the tradi-tion of serving others, andhelp in building better livesfor our less fortunate country-men in the Philippines.”The Rotary Club of SanDiego-Paradise Valley is amember of the Rotary Foun-
dation, a non-prot organi
-zation whose mission is toenable Rotarians to advanceworld understanding, good-
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April 4 - 10, 2008
Riz A. OadesBill LabestreEntertainment
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Gabby a welcomeblast from the past 
 A Navy Brat Speaks Out:Changes in Naples
Page 2 April 4 - 10, 2008 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com
 By Mike Frialde Philstar, March 30, 2008
Mercedita Ona, a graduate of theAteneo de Manila law school, took the number one spot in the 2007Bar examinations with a score of 83.55 percent.Out of 5,626 candidates who took the Bar, only 22.9 percent or 1,289 passed, according to SupremeCourt Justice Adolfo Azcuna, chair-man of the 2007 Bar exams.Placing second was Jennifer Ongof the University of the Philip- pines, garnering a grade of 83.35 percent.They were followed by YvannaMaalat (Ateneo de Manila), 82.75 percent; Jennie Aclan (Universityof San Carlos), 82.10 percent; andJohn Michael Galauran (Universityof Nueva Caceres), 81.60 percent.Ranking sixth was Karen Canullas(San Sebastian College) with 81.40 percent while tying for seventh place were Cecile Mejia (Ateneode Manila) and Sheryl Ann Tizon(University of the Philippines) with
 Ateneo female grad tops Bar
a score of 81.35 percent.In eighth place was Marforth Fua(San Beda College) with 81.20 per-cent, followed by Ruby Luy (Ate-neo de Davao) with 81.15 percent,and Christian Llido (University of Cebu) and Vivian Tan (Universityof the Philippines) who were tiedfor 10th place with a score of 80.90 percent.Also among the Bar passers isSTAR business reporter Mary AnnReyes.Ona, 27, said she was “so happy”about the results.
She said this is her rst attemptto take the Bar. She is a certied
 public accountant working for the
Sycip law rm.
She added that she is the onlylawyer in the family.
“It (exam) was very difcult. I
knew it when I left the examinationroom, that’s why I’m nervous anddid not go to the Supreme Court inManila and just decided to view theresults online,” Ona said.She said her preparations for theBar exams were also very tough.The Rules of Court providethat “a candidate may be deemedto have passed his examinationsuccessfully if he has obtained ageneral average of 75 percent inall subjects without falling below50 percent in any subject.”In determining the average, sub- jects in the examinations are giventhe following relative weights:Political and International Law, 15 percent; Labor and Social Legis-lation, 10 percent; Civil Law, 15 percent; Taxation, 10 percent; Mer-cantile Law, 15 percent; CriminalLaw, 10 percent; Remedial Law,20 percent; and Legal Ethics and
Practical Exercises, ve percent,
for a total of 100 percent.Azcuna said the Court decided toadjust the passing grade in the 2007Bar exams to compensate for the“unusually strict” corrections of theexams, particularly in the subjectsof Criminal Law, Civil Law, andLabor Law.“If the passing grade was 75, only
ve percent would have passed. So
we lowered it to 70. That is why22.9 percent passed,” he said.According to Azcuna, three jus-tices – Consuelo Ynares-Santiago,Conchita Carpio-Morales and Pres- bitero Velasco – inhibited them-selves from the deliberations on the2007 Bar exams because they haverelatives who took the test.Azcuna added that the results of the Bar exams, which was supposedto be released last Friday, was re-leased only yesterday because the
Court veried the names of the law
schools.“Because schools have beenchanging their names, we wantedto be sure. We wanted to be sure before we decoded,” said Azcuna.In decoding, the number of theexaminee as written on his exam papers is matched with his name.In 2006, of the 6,345 Bar takers,only 1,893 hurdled the exams.
The Bar exams were rst insti
-tuted in 1901 with only 13 exam-inees.The 2007 Bar exams marked the
third time the “ve-strike” rule was
implemented. This rule limits to
ve the maximum number of times
a candidate may take what is said to be the most grueling government-administered test.
The ve-strike rule is pursuant to
the Court’s resolution in Bar Matter  No. 1161, Re: Proposed Reformsin the Bar Examinations, which provides, among others, that those
who have taken the Bar exams ve
or more times – and still failed – shall no longer be eligible to takeany future Bar exams.Bar Matter No. 1161 provides
for the “(d)isqualication of a can
-didate after failing in three (3) ex-aminations, provided, that he may
take a fourth and fth examination
if he successfully completes a one(1) year refresher course for eachexamination; provided, further thatupon the effectivity of this Resolu-tion, those who have already failed
in ve (5) or more Bar examina
-tions shall be allowed to take onlyone (1) more Bar examination after completing a one (1) year refresher course.”The Court conducts the Bar exams pursuant to Article VIII,Section 5 of the Constitution which provides that it shall have the power to promulgate rules governing theadmission to the practice of law.
Madrigalmatriarch dies
 Philstar, March 25, 2008
Chito Madrigal Collantes passedaway peacefully in her home at 6 p.m. yesterday. She was 86.As matriarch of the Madrigalfamily, Chito was a true womanof character, grace and substance,
who was one of the rst of a gen
-eration of women to break awayfrom traditional roles. She was one
of the rst Filipinas to pass the bar 
in Washington DC.She will be remembered as botha pioneering businesswoman and philanthropist, as well as a styleicon. Not only was she activein politics throughout her life,especially with the campaigns of Presidents Marcos and Macapagal,she was also a Dame of the Order of St. Sylvester.Chito is survived by her husband,former Foreign Affairs Minister Manuel Collantes, as well as gen-erations of family who “will liveinspired by her life’s example.”
Page 3 Asian Journal - (619) 474-0588 Visit our website at http://www.asianjournalusa.com April 4 - 10, 2008
 Families frolic in the waters of Manila Bay recentlyy. Despite the danger of 
 pollution, people from mostly poor communities in Metro Manila ock to the
bay to swim during summer. Photo by ERNIE PEÑAREDONDO By Cecile Suerte-Felipe Philstar, March 30, 2008
The Philippine National Police(PNP) is set to launch the “TamangBihis” program for policemen as partof efforts to improve the image of “Mamang Pulis.”Deputy Director General JesusVerzosa, PNP deputy chief for admin-istration, admitted that a number of  policemen do not wear their uniform properly.“We want to improve the imageof our policemen, from their per-formance to their appearance,” saidVerzosa during a press conferencelast Thursday.Observers claim that some police-men look shabby, while some evenrefuse to button their shirts whileinside police stations.Verzosa said they would also ad-dress the issue by putting restrictionson or accrediting suppliers of materi-als for PNP uniforms.“Under the Integrated Transforma-tion Program (ITP), the PNP leader-ship has lined up programs for the im- provement of its personnel, facilities,logistics and system development.We have started that by conductingtraining and seminars for personnel,”said Verzosa.He added that the PNP under theadministration of Director GeneralAvelino Razon Jr., through the Po-lice Management Office, has alsoinaugurated at least four model policestations, acquired new patrol cars,helicopters and other equipment to
Cops’ looks matter to PNP
improve police service to the com-munity.Verzosa also met with some foreigncounterparts who have pledged dona-
tions and nancial assistance for the
implementation of the ITP.Meanwhile, Verzosa said adminis-
trative charges will be led against
 policemen from the Manila PoliceDistrict (MPD) who committed“lapses” in attending to the complaintof Karina Antonette Agudo, whoworks as a researcher with the Philip- pine Navy.Agudo’s experience was publishedin a newspaper and caught the atten-tion of the PNP leadership, includingVerzosa, executive director of thePMO.Agudo, who personally met withVerzosa the other day, narrated how badly she was treated by police of-
cers when she led a complaint at a
 police station along España in Manilalast Jan. 23.
“I hadn’t even nished my narration
when the policeman suddenly cut meoff, saying, “Miss, tapos na ang dutyko. Eto na ‘yung next na shift, siya nalang magtutuloy (Miss, I’m done withmy duty. Here comes the next shift,he’ll take over),” the woman said inher article.She added: “There were three policemen on the next shift. Police
Ofcer No. 2 sat in front of the table.
He looked for a pen and it took himabout five minutes to analyze the police blotter format. He asked metwice what day it was.”

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