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Language Teaching

Language Teaching

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Published by samarane
Grammar Learning Easy
Grammar Learning Easy

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: samarane on Dec 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Clauses: Building Blocksfor Sentences
A clause is a group of related words containingasubjectand averb.
It is different from aphrasein that a phrase doesnot include a subject and a verb relationship.
There are many different kinds of clauses. It would behelpful to review some of the grammar vocabulary weuse to talk about clauses.
Words and hrases inthis color are herlinks to the
Guide to Grammar & Writin
Clauses: Building Blocksfor Sentences
Clauses go by many names. Here are some definitions:
A clause that can stand by itself and still makesense. An independent clause could be its own sentence, but is oftenpart of a larger structure, combined with other independent clausesand with dependent clauses. Independent clauses are sometimescalled essential or restrictive clauses.
A clause that cannot stand by itself. It depends onsomething else, an independent clause, for its meaning. Adependent clause trying to stand by itself would be asentence fragment. Dependent clauses are sometimes calledsubordinate, nonessential, or nonrestrictive clauses. We willreview the different kinds of dependent clauses.
Clauses: Building Blocksfor Sentences
And here are some examples of independent clauses . . . .
Independent clauses:
Glaciers often leave behind holes in the ground.
These holes are called kettles, and they look just likescooped-out pots.
Glaciers also leave behind enormous deposits of glacial“garbage”; these deposits are called
Kettle holes result when a large block of ice is left behindthe glacier and then melts away, leaving a large depression.
This last sentence deserves further attention . . . .

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