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Copying Objects Overview

Copying Objects Overview

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Published by ypraju

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Published by: ypraju on Dec 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copying Objects Overview 
By PenchalaRaju.Yanamala
The Workflow Manager, Designer, and Repository Manager provide a CopyWizard that you use to copy repository objects. You can copy repository objectssuch as workflows, worklets, tasks, sessions, mappings, mapplets, sources,targets, and transformations. You can also copy segments of workflows or mappings.You can copy objects within the same folder, to a different folder, or to a differentrepository. If you want to copy an object to another folder, you must first open thetarget folder.
Code Pages
To ensure no data is lost when you copy an object from one repository toanother, you can copy objects between repositories with the PowerCenter Client.This is done when the code page of the originating repository is identical to or asubset of the destination repository code page.
Copy Wizard
The Copy Wizard checks for conflicts in the target folder and provides choices toresolve the conflicts. For example, if an item exists in the target folder, adescription of the conflict appears in the Conflict Message section of the screen.The Copy Wizard displays possible resolutions in the Resolution area of thescreen. For a duplicate object you can rename, reuse, replace, or skip copyingthe object.
Table 11-1. Copy Wizard AreasAreaDescriptionCopy From/CopyToDisplays the original repository and folder name and the targetrepository and folder name.Overview AreaDisplays the items to copy, existing conflicts, original instancename, target instance name, and action taken to resolve theconflict. It displays a red icon next to each object with aconflict, and a green icon next to each object without aconflict.Conflict MessageIdentifies the current conflict and the name of the object withthe conflict, if any. After you choose a resolution, the messagedescribes the resolution.Resolution Displays the elected resolution or a list of choices for resolution. Choices might be different, depending on theconflict.EditYou can edit the object name if you choose to rename theobject.Apply ThisResolution to Other ConflictsApplies the resolution to all unresolved conflicts or just theconflicts for the same object type.Compare ConflictCompares duplicate objects in the target folder to the objectsyou are copying.NextConflict/OptionYou can choose additional options for session and workflowresolutions, such as applying default connections or retainingconnections during the copy. Next Conflict/Option displayswith session or workflow conflicts that you resolve byrenaming or replacing the target.View DependencyDisplays object dependencies for the current object.You can configure display settings and functions of the Copy Wizard by clickingTools > Options in the Designer or Workflow Manager.
Resolving Copy Conflicts
When the Copy Wizard encounters a conflict, it prompts you to resolve theconflict before continuing the copy process. The Copy Wizard provides you withthe resolutions depending on the type of conflict.Table 11-2describes the Copy Wizard resolutions:Table 11-2. Copy Wizard ResolutionsResolutionNameDescriptionAvailabilityCopyCopy a connection object.When the Copy Wizard cannot finda connection object in the targetrepository.BrowseClick Browse to choose a server,connection, or mapping. Youmust select a valid object in thetarget folder for the copy processto succeed.When the Copy Wizard cannot finda server, connection, or mapping inthe target folder it displays theBrowse button.
RenameChange the object name whencopying it to the target folder.When an object with the samename exists in the target folder.ReplaceReplace the existing object in thetarget folder.When copying to another folder inthe same repository or another folder in a different repository andan object with the same nameexists in the target folder.ReuseUse the existing object in thetarget folder.When a reusable object exists inthe target folder.SkipSkips copying the object.When an object with the samename exists in the target folder.If the target folder has duplicate objects, you can compare them to the objectsyou are copying to determine the differences. Click the Compare Conflict link inthe Copy Wizard to display source and target views of the objects.Related Topics:Comparing Repository Objects
Steps to Copy Objects
Use the following procedure to copy an object using the Copy Wizard. To cancelthe copy operation, click the Cancel button or press the Esc key.To copy an object using the Copy Wizard:
Open the target folder.
In the Navigator, select the object you want to copy.
Drag or copy the object into the target folder.
Click Yes in the Copy Confirmation dialog box.

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