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50 Benefits of Web Video & Video Email Marketing

50 Benefits of Web Video & Video Email Marketing

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Published by Will Franco
There are plenty of reasons to incorporate video email into you online marketing initiatives and even more benefits. Here are 50 of them!
There are plenty of reasons to incorporate video email into you online marketing initiatives and even more benefits. Here are 50 of them!

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Published by: Will Franco on Dec 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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50 Benefits of Web Video & Video Email Marketing
Web video and video email are powerful tools in the internet marketer's toolbox, but you don't have tobe an internet marketer to take advantage of them. Using video to market yourself online is easy andeffective.There's a good reason why small business owners across the country are replacing boring, plain-textemails with video emails.Keep reading to learn about 50 ways you can benefit from using web video as a part of your marketingstrategy.
Web video and video email marketing can differentiate you from the competition in many ways.
1. Stand Out from the Crowd -
While everyone's ramping up their budget to send plain text emails, youcan send video emails to gain the competitive advantage.
2. Be Remembered -
It has been proven that the combination of audio and visual stimulus increasesretention.
3. Stay on the Cutting-Edge -
Web video and video email are a staple of communication, they're notgoing to go away. Usage of this new medium will only increase.
4. Be a Leader in Your Field -
Usage of web video is on the rise, but it hasn't yet hit the mainstreammarkets.
5. Put a Face to the Name -
For the most part, people like to do business with people they know. Videoemails let your prospects get to know you before you even meet them.
6. Capitalize on Your Greatest Assets… You and Your Team -
Unlike copy, you and your team canproduce marketing videos with little more than a $60 webcam. Sales copy can be expensive and timeconsuming to author. The difference between making a sale and losing a customer can often be assimple as adding the human touch - that's you and your team!
7. Improve Your Credibility -
When people can see and hear you talking about the benefits of yourproducts and services, they are much more likely to trust you. When you have trust, you have sales.
Improved Communication:
We all could stand to benefit from improved communication, and now with video email marketingtechniques, and web video in general; we can make significant improvements in the way we deliver ourmessage.
8. Say it Right the First Time -
Unlike a live presentation, videos are recorded. This means you canrecord it once, and use it over and over again. So if you’re tired, under the weather, or even sleeping,you can send your prerecorded message and you know that it will be presented right.
9. Eliminate Confusion -
We've all received that passive-aggressive plain text email from a colleague orfriend. When we actually speak to them later, we find out that we were mistaken. This is due to theabsence of nonverbal cues; for example, body and facial expressions.
50 Benefits of Web Video & Video Email Marketing
10. Provide Better Customer Service -
Videos can be produced quickly and easily, but the perceivedvalue is so much higher than a phone call or plain text email. The end result, happier customers.
11. Connect with Clients and Prospects from Anywhere -
Just like regular emails, you can send videoemails to your next door neighbor or all away around the world with the click a button.
12. Reduce Calls to Customer Support -
When you do a better job of addressing your customers'questions and concerns, you reduce the number of times they contact you for help. Web video allowsyou to communicate more effectively. Therefore, when you respond to customer questions with videoemails, you can provide better answers, and your customers won't need to contact you as often.
13. Improve Consistency in Your Marketing -
Consistent and clear marketing messages lead tocustomers and prospects who understand who you are and what you offer. When they're ready to buy,they'll likely think of you. With video email marketing, you'll have a library of every video you ever sent.Review them to ensure consistency and have your team review them as well. Now you're all on thesame page.
14. Use Video to Educate -
Arguably one of the best ways to sell is to take an informative tone withprospects. Teach them about things that interest them and help them in their businesses. Mix in contentabout how you fit into this without being pushy. If done right, your prospect won't even realize yourselling them.
15. Reach Out to Younger Customers in Their Domain -
The world we live in is constantly evolving andchanging. Business and marketing is no different. The rise of the internet, and more recently web video,is undeniable. More people are watching videos online every day. Make sure that some of those videosare yours.
16. Introduce Cross Sells -
Part of what makes video email powerful is the series of exit links located onthe side of the video. When you record a video, you have the power to include links on the side of thescreen that lead to whatever information you would like. This creates a great potential for soft-sellingand calls-to-action. "Click the link on the right to take advantage of this offer today!"
Improve Processes:
Refining processes is one of the fastest ways to increase efficiency; leading to a significant savings inboth cost and time. When you use web video, you not only refine the process, you enhance it. Plaintext can only say so much. Video takes your processes via your message to the next level.
17. Prime Your Prospects Before You Meet Them
With video email marketing, you can incorporatevideos into your routine that accelerate the sales process. When you speak with a prospect over thephone for the first time, ask for an email address and send him a video email instead of a plain textemail. Now he’s getting to know you, one of the first steps in making a sale, and you don’t have to do athing beyond pressing send.
 18. Saying it is Easier Than Typing it –
Great at speaking but not at typing? Even if you are adept at it,you could probably think of a more profitable, or enjoyable use of your time. With video emailmarketing, you’ll reduce your time spent on the keyboard and improve comprehension simultaneously.
19. Automate Training of New Hires
Web video allows you to create training videos to automateyourself out of teaching the basics (and more). When you bring in a new team member, have themaccess relevant training videos at home or wherever. By the time they’re ready to start, they’ll have a
50 Benefits of Web Video & Video Email Marketing
solid foundation for growth, and you’ll have a lot more time.
 20. Reduce Repetitive Conversations
Do you ever feel like you’re having the same conversationsover and over again? Web video provides a simple solution. Record your responses and just email themto the people asking the questions. As time goes on, you’ll have more and more answers in your library,freeing you from an increasing number of repetitive conversations.
21. Deliver Informative Content Quickly
Need to convey a complex idea or concept, but don’t havelong to do it. Make a habit of condensing ideas into short, informative videos. You’ll save time and holdyour viewer’s attention better. You’ll have more time to focus on other things and you’ll have a higherprospect conversion success rate.
Make a Connection:
People often make purchase decisions based on an emotional response. Video email marketing cancapture the imagination of your prospects and clients in a way plain text cannot. With web video you'llhave more time to enjoy the things that really matter because your videos will be working for you.
22. Spend More Time with Your Loved Ones -
Video email marketing is as effective as it is inexpensive.With the time you save you can spend more time with those you care about and with the money yousave on marketing, you'll be able to afford some time off.
23. Nurture Client Relationships -
Relationships take time and effort. Strong relationships aren't builtover night. With web video and video email, you can create videos to remind customers that you arethinking of them and that you care. Send videos to wish your clients a happy birthday, or to inform themof some new and interesting tidbit that you just learned. Building and maintaining relationships takestime, but with web video you can do more in less time.
24. Establish Rapport Automatically -
Using a CRM system is a great way to increase your efficiency.When you integrate web video with your CRM, the product is automated video email marketing. Now, if a prospect visits your web page and signs up for your email list, the system takes over and you don'thave to do a thing… except cash the check of course!
25. Make Them Feel Special -
Making someone feel special is one of the fasted ways to convert themfrom a prospect to a client. Send a video, even a prerecorded one, and they're likely to feel they aregetting special attention. And what did sending that video cost you? Nothing except the 2 seconds ittook you to cut and paste the link and click send.
26. Build Trust Online -
Try making a sale without building trust first. You'll likely have a hard timeconverting prospects to paying customers. Instead, try creating an intro video and a bio video. Sendthem to your prospects and let them get a feel for who you are and what you are all about. Yourprospects will appreciate your patience (if you call a few days patience) and will likely reward you withtheir business.
27. Add the Personal Touch -
The personal touch is that little extra that you do to show your customersand prospects that you care. It can be as simple as recording a video one time, and then sending thatout to each new prospect you receive, or all of your loyal customers. How does that expression go? Giveand you shall receive. What you get back is more business.
28. Put the Human Element Back in Your Marketing -
Some people balk at the prospect of an

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