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How Bella meet Edward

How Bella meet Edward



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Published by Mya

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Published by: Mya on Dec 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I Do Not own thesecharacters. They belong toStephanie Meyers.
Everyone is human!!!Bella and Japer is brother and Sister Alice, Edward, and Emmett areBrothers and Sister and Carlisle and Esme arethere father and mother, and Rosalie has no brothers or sisters.Bella lives with her mom and is going to visitJasper and Charlie for the first time since thedivorce…Which was 6 years ago…Renee is rich because she is a Fashion Designer and because Phil (Baseball Player)
Bella’s Pov
The sound of my alarm clock woke me up from myhorrible nightmare. I clicked the snooze button androlled onto by back facing the ceiling. “Bella baby getup it’s time for you to get dressed to go to your dad’shouse!” My mom yelled from downstairs. I put the pillow over my face…and the nightmare begins. Ilove my dad and brother, but I don’t see why it’snecessary for me to go to Forks and see them. I meanI write them, I send them letters, e-mail them, andsend them pictures of me isn’t that enough? Fork’salso has to much RAIN for me to stay there an entire6 months. I get out of the bed and get my clothes andgo to the bathroom to take a shower, brush my teeth,do my hair and etc, etc, and etc. When I get done Ilook at myself in the mirror. My mom would justhave a heart-attack just looking at me. I’m wearingALL black. A black T-shirt that says
Parents suck
With a black hoodie, still showing the words, black skinny jeans that show my curves, and black Nike’s. Iran down the stairs knowing Phil already had my suitcases in the car. I went into the kitchen to get an apple
and saw my mom reading a magazine, dressed likeshe was going on the red carpet and Phil reading a News paper dressed in a red T-shirt and blue jeans. Iasked my mom “Now tell me again why I have to goto Forks for 6 Months?” Then I took a bite of my bigred juicy apple. Not looking up my mom said“Because it would make Charlie YOUR father andJasper YOUR brother very happy,” She sighed,“And it would give Phil and I some alone time.” Shelooked up and smiled at Phil who was moving hisface in closer to give her a quick peek of the lips, butshe saw me from the corner of her eyes a stood upand shrieked, “What the Hell Is that THING your Wearing!!!” I almost laughed but had to contain it because her face had the look of total disgust writtenall over it, and Phil looked totally shocked. I smirkedand asked, “Don’t you just LOVE it?” I questioned playing my roll in trying to miss the airplane whichtakes off at 10:00am which now was 9:15am and ittakes about 30mins to get there. Renne opened her mouth and said in a sweet voice, “LOVE it?” and thenraised her voice, “That THING is incapable of LOVE!” She shook her head no vigorously and said,

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