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The Christmas Legend by Devon Pitlor

The Christmas Legend by Devon Pitlor



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Published by Devon Pitlor
A young couple's perfect Christmas is invaded by inexplicable strangers.
A young couple's perfect Christmas is invaded by inexplicable strangers.

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Published by: Devon Pitlor on Dec 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Christmas Legend
by Devon Pitlor
Saturday, December 23rd 2006
achary had been on the roof all morning positioning the sleigh andthe elves. Before that he had clambered all over the sides of the housestringing lights. He was determined this year to have a brighter housethan anyone on the cove. Within hours night would fall and a paradeof cars would be winding through the subdivision streets. They wouldpause before the best decorated houses and take pictures. That gaveZachary great satisfaction. It was part of the spirit of Christmas, andZachary loved Christmas. His own parents had always boasted thebest lit house on the block, and now it was his turn to carry the familytorch. Christmas was a time of lights, and Zachary had not skimped.The thought of a late January power bill of over $700 didn't faze hima bit. Everything needed to be perfect. The house would be seen froma half mile away. It would draw the night drivers like moths to aflame.Satisfied with his work, Zachary climbed down from the roof andwalked into the house. It was warm and cozy and full of Christmascolors. Robyn had seen to that. Knickknacks of Santas, elves andAlpine villages were spread everywhere. Not a doorway could befound that was not festooned in evergreen boughs, bountiful holly ordangling mistletoe. The tree was huge, but then again so was thevaulted ceiling in the den. At the very top was Gabriel, the angel whoannounced the virgin birth of the Baby Jesus. Under the tree, behindthe multiple gifts, was the manger scene: Shepherds and animalsvisiting a tiny pink Caucasian baby in a straw-filled trough. Thescene was faultless. The tree was splendorous. Christmas would begood this year, and maybe Robyn would crown it by getting pregnant.
At least Zachary hoped so. It was time to start a family, a family tocarry on the tradition of the lights if for no other reason.Robyn, wearing a floppy Santa hat, came into the breakfast nook andtossed the mail on the table in front of Zachary. "You open the cardsthis time," she said wearily. "I've been out at the mall all dayChristmas shopping. I still haven't found what I wanted for yourbrother Evan or for Giffen and Patty either. I'll need to go out again.""It's hard to shop for Evan," sighed Zachary. "All he wants iselectronic gear. And more tattoos. You can't exactly buy him a tattoo,though maybe they have gift cards. As for Giffen and Patty, just getthem a new LCD flat screen."Zachary began tearing open the Christmas cards which had come inthe mail. He mumbled softly to himself. "Ness andConnie...Buff...Chuffy...the Plankermores...Rick's Diner...Warrenfrom Nationsbest Retail...The Porcelain Lady at Fixture City...Arnoldwhat's his face from Zaraguchi's...my old roommate Arreck...andhere's one: Dalzall and Lillian Flenze. Who in the hell are Dalzall andLillian Flenze?""No idea, sweetie," chirped Robyn from under her hair dryer."Oh, look here's a note.""Read it...but loud. I can't hear much under this thing.""Dalzall has been really sick, but he still manages to play paintball.He'll be 88 this coming year and has cancer. We're coming to visitbefore he dies. --Lillian"
"People we don't even know are coming to visit.""It would appear so."When Robyn finally got into her Christmassy best, she and Zacharydrove out to meet Harriet and Clayger at Zaraguchi's. The foursome,still childless and each in their mid-twenties, had the habit of spendingSaturday nights together and listening to live bands or dancing. Theyordered cranberry mint zingers all around and began talking aboutthe untimely death of a television star named Reena Produggan whohad recently expired of an overdose. Then the conversation turned toonline warring games, and the women quietly speculated on exactlywhat they expected their husbands might have for them under thetree."I hope Clayger got me a zircon pendant," said Harriet. "I've sowanted one for ever. I think I deserve it.""I want a Porsche tied up with a ribbon," laughed Robyn. "I think this is the year. We make enough now. Zack just got a promotion."A crowd of happy, young merrymakers swirled around their table inthe lounge. The discussions were mostly about telephonic andcomputer equipment and "apps." It was, after all, 2006. They wereall young...employed...and the economy was faring well.On cue, Robyn and Harriet got up and went together to the bathroom.The warm up band was playing a very hip new Christmas song abouta cellular reindeer. Zachary and Clayger began comparing theirincomes and further chances for promotion. Both kept glancing attheir watches. The women were late coming back, as usual, and their

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Fun story! I love it!
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