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Building Cooperation

Building Cooperation

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Published by I2887
self- development- team work
self- development- team work

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: I2887 on Dec 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Principles of Cooperation
In this session, I am going to talk about Cooperation because your ability to get along with others will determineyour success in life more than any other single factor.Shwa said,” I will pay more for the ability to get alongwith others than for any other skill in the American industry.”Some diagnostics in America” about who let go of their  positions over seven years; found that 95% of people who arelet go from their Companies were let go because of their inability to work well with others.85% of all the problems you have in your life will involveother people. That means also 85% of happiness came fromother people.As a Fact in life almost all our problems are seento talk back.To win cooperation with others, the very best way is to practise the golden rule. To do with others as you want haveto do with you. Practise the law of “Sowing and reaping:what ever you sow in your relationships you will reap inyour relationships. If you want people to co operate with you,you must be co operative with them. Treat everybody withcourtesy, kindness and patience. Remember every person youmeet is carrying a heavy load. Psychologists tell us that youhave a healthy personality to the degree to which you getalong with the greatest number of other people and the moreyou like yourself the more you like others and the more theywill like you. If you practise self discipline and have a clear sense of purpose, if you are good at what you do and acceptcomplete responsibility for actions, if you strive to serveothers with what they want and concentrate on the highest payof your activity,you tend to be positive self-confident
individual and you have no troubles in getting on with other  people.However, there are some key ideas that can help you to be more effective with others; for instance:1- To build a pace of power and influence, the safest way is
to build a network of dependencies
. Your power in businessor industry or politics, the whole will be determined by whoyou can call upon for help and assistance.2- You build your power pace by
seeking everyopportunity to assist others
, with no immediate expectationof return. If you remember the movie “ the God father” inwhich he become the Godfather by doing favours for other  people and he would say upon for fulfilling a favour for someone, (perhaps), I will be able to call upon you for akindness some day and what he did he built up a network of dependencies of people that he had helped and who are infavours and he was able to call upon them. Of course thisstrategy, pre-supposes that you are good at your work and letme make this point very clear: You can only build power within an organization of value to the degree to which you areexcellent at what you do. If you attempt to build a power paceto compensate for a lack of excellent what will happen is towhat just perceived has being cheap politics and that will sendthem to work out.3-To assure greater success in negotiations and meetings,the key is
; you will always do better with the plan than without. So prepare, prepare, prepare. The power isalways on the side of a person with the most knowledge andthe best notes and the most thorough preparation. Ininteracting with others A key to co operative relationships isto be a good listener and here
some keys to effectivelistening
: by the way, most people are poor listeners and if 
they become a little bit better you’ll be amazed by thedifference it will make in your interaction with others:1-
Listen attentively
: Face the speaker directly.2-
Listen without interruption
: listen without thinking atthe same time what are you going to say as soon as thespeaker takes a breath.Listen quietly and patiently and calmly without interruptingor attempting to interrupt.3-
Pause before you replying
. Pausing is classy. If youallow 3-5 seconds to pass before you respond, you will beconvenient to other person very clearly that you are carefullyconsidering the other person's remarks and you are avoidingthe risk of interrupting of one others. An advantage to pausingis that psychologists tell us that you hear better when you pause before you plan , because the words of the other personis said are so keen .If you behave like that and you get better understanding of what the other individual actually mean. 
4-Feed it back in your own words
. A very powerful too,and very effective in the world of sales is when a person makea comment on an observation feed it back in your own wordsto make it clear and fully understand if you are been listeningcarefully.
5-Question for clarification
: remember in conversation,the person who asks questions has control. One of myfavourite question for clarification is simply this: How do youmean exactly? Remember if there is any question in your mind about what the other person means, you have probablynot understood.Ask open-ended questions to control the conversation open-ended questions can’t be answered yes or no. Examples areWhat ,When, Who, Why and How. Such these questionsencourage the person to expand on the subject.

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