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De Hypnotism

De Hypnotism

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Published by Roger Kent Pool
Clarity, Truth, Self-Improvement, Personal Growth, Bad assumptions, Freedom, Falacy
Clarity, Truth, Self-Improvement, Personal Growth, Bad assumptions, Freedom, Falacy

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Published by: Roger Kent Pool on Dec 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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by The question is not who among us has been hypnotized, the question is who has not. The un-hypnotized man or woman finds him or her self in a sea of people who cannotsee past their blindness. This is the reason why the truth teller cannot break throughto the “skeptic”. For this reason one must first place him or her self in a position tosee and only when they do so can they ever hope to glimpse the truth. Under mostcircumstances the chances that a man or woman wakes up are very slim indeed andthere are good reasons for this. Modern hypnotists are not turbaned magicians indark robes holding a pocket watch. They wear business suits and swimsuits and theirdisguises are virtually impenetrable by the target of their efforts. They are veryeffective and have charmed all but a fraction of a percent of all people in the world.Many wake up but again fall under the spell over and over. They get a glimpse butdo not know what has happened. Slowly they succumb to the droning of thehypnotist’s tools of the trade.If one does not understand the nature of hypnotism and its awesome power to shapeevery aspect of our lives and perception then they cannot hope to break through tofreedom. Why is modern hypnotism so effective in our “modern civilized age”? Trust is the key to hypnotism, as one cannot be hypnotized if they do not trust thehypnotist. One might assume that one must trust a man or woman, to be hypnotizedby, them but they seldom understand that ideas and concepts in which we place ourtrust are equally mesmerizing and are as effective as any human hypnotist. One whois skeptic of people may believe him or her self immune but they can easily behypnotized voluntarily by introducing false information that clouds their perceptionsuch that they alter their perception around, most notably, a false view of reality. This conditioning starts very early with our parents demanding that we accept theirauthority and expect us to trust blindly what they say without verification. The worstthing a parent can do to their child when the child asks “why?” is to tell them“because I said so”. It is better so say “I do not know” or even better “figure it outfor yourself”. This automatic conditioning creates an individual that moves from onetrust relationship to another or from one hypnotist to another and creates an un-ending chain that takes diligence and persistence to break. The teacher hands you abook and because we trust our teacher, sometimes without condition, they introduceus to a carefully crafted false reality that leaves us a slave in fear of pain, sufferingand death such that we are convinced that the powerful determine our lives for us.So refined and sophisticated has this art become that we rarely even discover that itis perpetrated against us through nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Trust theteacher, trust the government, trust your elders, trust the intellectual, trust the judge, trust the doctor and we can never hope to break the cycle. When you look athow modern college education merely swamps a young mind with information anddemands complete regurgitation without being give time to judge the validity of theinformation, it sets up a drone that loses all sense of identity that is forever held in aninvisible cage they cannot even perceive is there. The repetition and cross-confirmation between, what we are told, are diametricallyopposed doctrines further convinces us to accept what we are told. We base ourperception regarding science on assumptions of reality presented to us in religious
doctrine. The false ideas of chance, probability, purposelessness, luck and individualpowerlessness are not scientific in origin but are en grained in us by religion. That'sright. We take the bad assumptions and perceptions that we are subject to the will of things out of our control from religion. Science then bases much of their theory andexperimentation on these false assumptions. Can there be true objectivity if onecannot fathom critical false assumptions that are specifically designed to undermineour “objectivity”? No. What can science actual prove objectively when our reality iswholly subjective to each of us individually? They can really prove nothing. Ourmovies, literature, religion, science, history, philosophy, psychology, cosmology andworst of all the media all work together to form an impenetrable barrier to waking upas they all reinforce the same false reality. The challenge to the hypnotized is daunting in that most of the hypnotists do noteven recognize they are themselves hypnotizing. Even worse we are hypnotized toforget we have been hypnotized. There are even safety valves incorporated into thesystem in the event one begins to wake up. Peer pressure is applied to return thewaking people back under the spell.When one starts exposing the truth to another, that falls outside of the traditionalhypnotic perception, in speaking with another, we are conditioned to automaticallyreject the speaker and the information. In fact, one of the clues is people simply usethe tool of saying the word “conspiracy” and that effectively shuts down the flow of truth in a conversation and anything that is said prior is quickly thrown into themental trash bin. One must try it for him or her self and objectively observe theresults. As far as conspiracy, when one goes to the convince store for a pop theyconspire with the clerk to secure a needful thing. The typical statement is: “If there was such a conspiracy, how can so many peoplekeep something secret?” How indeed! When the whole population uses the samefallacious argument every single time without even questioning its validity is reallyquite amazing. The answer to the question is that the population itself cannot allowitself to view this conspiracy even though it is perpetrated right in front of them over-and-over constantly throughout their day. Even worse, how are those, who are partof the “conspiracy”, even to expose the “conspiracy” if they cannot recognize thatthey are one of the participants and to people that have been rendered largelyunable to accept its existence in the first place? How does one wake up and stay awake? We must all first accept that we might behypnotized. We must then take careful stock and prove that our most basicassumption about our reality is actually proven first-hand rather than something weare given to accept. This can be rather uncomfortable in that we start from aposition where we doubt our own sanity and must overcome society's pressure toshoehorn ourselves into the model of reality someone else has deemed “normal”.We must start from the position that we know nothing that we have not provedconclusively to ourselves individually. In this way skepticism is valuable. That isdifficult when our egos work against us to ensure that we remain “correct” so that weknow what we believe and believe what we know. We have to fight our tendency toautomatically submit ourselves to the authority of another. Again, that is not easy.Another weakness in this modern hypnotic mechanism is that it must be continuallyreinforced. After roughly 22 days of repetition we can be made to accept contraryinformation. It helps to remove one's self from the stimulus as much as possible. Turn off the TV, stop reading the newspapers, turn off the music and spend sometime in nature. Nature in a remote area is free of this content, provided it is outside
of a city where the sounds and electromagnetic waves help lull us to sleep. We muststop the tenancy of accepting the information we get as the truth and break the trustcycle. It is not wrong to believe new information provided it is first rigorously testedwith personal experience and experiment.Do not fall into the "second opinion" trap, as one must assume that every man andwomen are equally confused. Just because a billion idiots believe something it doesnot mean that something is the truth. Test it for yourself through a logical and soundrepeatable process. That which one believes now must be marked in their minds as“suspect pending further review” and one-by-one we must revisit these assumptionsand test them. If they are found to be suspect then discard them. Take it from thosewho have endured this process: much of what we assume as truth is false. That is ahealthy way to approach one's reality. Blind acceptance leads to general blindnesswith a persistent deluded sense of “apparent sight”.Many are thinking, “How bad can TV be? I don't watch the stuff on the networks justscience and the history channel.” There is nothing of value on TV. It is a false realitycreator. I watched a two-hour presentation on the curse of the Kennedys as theyrevisited the tragedy in their family. In two hours they never even approached theidea that there may be a reason for it. We are left to conclude it was a function of “bad luck”. Just bad luck and do not ever forget how it can happen to you. Does thatconditioning worthless programming help anyone determine purpose and meaning? There is a reason for the tragedy in the Kennedy family. This reason, I am sure, theyat least are fully aware of.On the science channel we are presented with Standard Model Cosmology,exclusively, and we have convinced ourselves that the universe will expand to thepoint where it will go dark and everything is dead. We then are left to come to theconclusion that nothing matters anyway. We might as well rob, cheat and stealbecause there cannot be this thing we call God and it does not matter anyway. Tomake their theory work they have to invent this thing called dark energy and darkmatter. We cannot see it or measure it, but it is there. We are left to take this drivelon faith never questioning the fact that what they propound is theory based on badassumptions where they do not have the least amount of integrity to admit it. It ismore religious then religion but we call it empirical science. Just overlook the factthat their explanations for things the cannot explain very nearly include fudge factorsand reliance on ethereal unseen dimensions and forces. OOOOOO Weeeee OOOOOOOOOO!Standard Model Cosmology is only one of many theories out there that we neverhave an opportunity to entertain. Why? The reason is that the removal of hopebrings us to a point where we must be dependent on those who think they rule tosave us from ourselves. It is a reality based on powerlessness and enslavement andit is no wonder why it is promoted with such enthusiasm.Our reality, such as it is spun today is that we are not sovereign, not responsible andhave no chance of ever regaining power over our environment and ourselves. Whybother? Just take your lumps like everyone else because that is all you will get. Trust us and be thankful for the pitiful morsel that falls from our plates. We will tellyou what to do, what to think and we decide where you are and why. They do notenslave us. We choose to enslave ourselves by merely trusting them to define for usour reality because they decide if you think differently then you are “insane”. Theydecide what is insane or what is not. Who permits them to do so other thenourselves? Do not listen to me. I am insane. If you listen you might become happyand free and not able enjoy the pain, suffering and misery that the sane man enjoys

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