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The Man In His Cage

The Man In His Cage

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Published by Roger Kent Pool
How can we escape a perceptual cage until we know of its existence? See beyond one's circumstance and the bars are plain to see.
How can we escape a perceptual cage until we know of its existence? See beyond one's circumstance and the bars are plain to see.

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Published by: Roger Kent Pool on Dec 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Man In His Cage
ByWhat evil trick has man fallen for that lead to this life we lead? We were onceawake, free and conscious of that which men call God.One day a man, being bored, in his idle time wondered that if there was a “good”force, meaning God, then there could be “bad” force. He became frightened of thesethoughts. So rattled by this fiction was he that the man asked God to build a protective barrier to keep this “bad” force at bay and to protect him from this bad mental creation.As is often the case “could” becomes “should” and the man’s confusion drove him toaction. God did not want to impingeon the free thought of his creationand thought it best to warn the manrather then allow the man to learn thelesson of his mistake. God told man,“You have confused yourself. Youshould not dabble in this fiction as itis folly and there will beconsequences.” “Whatconsequences?” the man replied.“You could lose yourself, forget allabout me and even convince yourself that you can die” God explained.The man laughed, “Never!” The man became insistent that God build hima barrier to this “bad” force.So God constructed this protective barrier for the man as the man requested and madethe walls stronger then the man could breach. The man was pleased and walked inside
and tested the walls. The man said, “I feel secure in here but the walls are confining andit is dark in here. Can you make the walls invisible and such that I cannot perceive thatthey are there? “Shall I do so?” God asked. “Yes, and can I leave at any time?” the manasked, “Yes” answered God. The man thought about it. He asked, “Can you make it sothe barrier moves with me so that I cannot accidentally leave it even if I tried?” “Yes”,answered God. “Can you make the barrier larger than the earth so I can go where I please.” “I will not do that”, answered God, “There are other men and women on theearth that are not afflicted with your confused fear and I will not subject them againsttheir will to your confusion.” The man thought about it for a while and asked, “If I canconvince them all that they are better off within the barrier than without and they chooseto enter then you will expand the barrier to accommodate them?” asked the man. “Yes”,answered God. “Under these conditions”, God added, “You cannot use force to bring people inside the barrier. They must enter willingly and know what they are giving up.Also”, God continued, “When a man or woman convinces themselves that they died thenthey will be removed from the barrier and rendered unable to return.” The man agreed.The man set about his task of recruiting companions. Most shook their heads andsaid, “You are confused. There is no “bad” force.” The man was undeterred, “Youcannot know this bad force as it looks just like God and speaks with his voice.” Soon, asword of his protective barrier spread, more people willingly entered the enclosure fearingthis unseen “bad” force.The man chose a wife from the multitude that now inhabited the ever expanding barrier and she bore him a child. “I wish my child to be protected within the barrier.”The man declared. “No!” God said, “The child is free to come and go until he is at anage where he can choose for himself.” The man was not pleased and since the childcould not see the barrier the man chose to withhold that knowledge from his child. Whenthe time came when the child grew to the age of consent the man told him that he was better off within the barrier than without and used fear to influence his child’s will.It was not long before all men and women had chosen to enter the barrier. As God predicted those that had died were removed from the barrier and never returned. Godsaid, “This is madness! When will you cease this nonsense?” The people within the
 barrier became afraid and said, “You are the `bad´ force. Be gone from our sight andnever trouble us again!” God reluctantly complied.Many generations had come and gone. The people did not pass on the knowledge of the barrier to their children and all had forgotten of the barrier's existence. Without thecounsel of God, men and women engaged in ever more self-destructive behaviors. Theywere now firmly convinced that death was the end and God was a powerless force as only“bad” things were happening. Many did not even believe in God and tried to makefriends with this fictional “bad” force by employing more and more complicated fictional procedures and rules.God, complying with the wishes of their parents was left outside of the barrier unwilling to break his word, by the people’s request, and kept from taking action. The people within began suffering in ignorance and pleaded to God for help. God sentmessengers into the enclosure to try to teach them where they went wrong. Godcontinued to honor his word. A few people listened and heeded God’s direction andalthough they remained in the cage their lives became better for doing so. However,most had become confused and a few people even sought to dominate the rest. Theyused the fear of the “bad” force to scare people into submission. Things became worse.God decided that he would enter the enclosure in the form of a man and teach thoseinside of the barrier and what it is like to live free on the outside and the proper ways tolive. He said death is not the end and you can live free and not be confined in the barrier.The people would have none of it. Those that dominated the rest attacked God in hisdisguise and attacked those people that choose to listen to his words. They tortured anddestroyed the disguise and it became lifeless. God left the barrier to observe if the lessonhad been learned. Some had retained the knowledge of the barrier and how to escape.Those that dominated sought out those who were free and convinced them that theywould be provided everything if they would not reveal the secret on how to become free.Those who were free conceded and lived like kings. Those that dominated then locatedall writings and references to the secret and killed all people that were still trying to learnthe secret. The people were threatened with torture and death if they sought to escapeand be free of the barrier. They lied and said if you do not obey us then the “bad” forcewill make you die forever.

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