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Kavtaradze Publications

Kavtaradze Publications

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Giorgi L. Kavtaradze Publications: Books, Articles, Abstracts etc.
Giorgi L. Kavtaradze Publications: Books, Articles, Abstracts etc.

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Published by: Giorgi Leon Kavtaraże on Apr 06, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Giorgi Leon Kavtaradze
The Principles of Archaeology
. A Syllabus of Instructions. TheDepartment of Archaeology of Historical Faculty of Tbilisi StateUniversity. Tbilisi: Tbilisi University Press, 1972 (in Georgian). Co-author.2. Towards the Chronology of the First Phase of Central Anatolian EarlyBronze Age, in:
The Conference of Aspirants and Young ScientificWorkers
. Ivane Javakhishvili Institute of History, Archaeology andEthnography of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia. Tbilisi, 1973, 10-11(in Georgian).3. The Problem of the Interrelation of Central Anatolian and North-Western Caucasian Early Bronze Age Cultures, in:
Classical, Byzantineand Local Traditions in the Eastern Black Sea Littoral 
. All UnionScientific Conference, May 1975: Tbilisi University Press, 1975 (inRussian).4. Let’s Call It Iberia, – 
, no.173 (5463), 31.08.1975, 3 (in Georgian).Co-author.5. For the Prize of “Golden Fleece”, – 
, no. 17 (5567), 25.01.1976, 2(in Georgian). Co-author.6. Lelo - About a Sporting Term, – 
 Axalgazrda Komunist
, no. 48 (9422),24.04.1976 (in Georgian). Co-author.7. The Interrelation of Central Anatolia and North-Western Caucasus inthe Early Bronze Age, in:
 Archaeology, Classical Philology, Byzantine Studies
, Proceedings of Tbilisi University, vol. 183. Tbilisi, TbilisiUniversity Press, 1978, 5-19 (in Georgian, with Russian and EnglishSummaries).8. The Sociological Interpretation of the "Royal Tombs", in:
 Materials of the Georgian and Caucasian Archaeology
, vol. VII. Tbilisi, the StatePublishing House "Metsniereba" ("Science") of the Academy of Sciencesof Georgia, 1979, 83-92 (in Georgian, with a Russian Summary).
9. Once Again about the Names of Sport Clubs, – 
, 1979 (inGeorgian). Co-author.10. Stadiums and Auditoriums, – 
, no. 33-34 (1115-16),23.11.1979, 6 (in Georgian). Co-author.11. The Georgian Archaeological Bibliography, in:
 Materials of theGeorgian and Caucasian Archaeology
, vol. VII. Tbilisi: Metsniereba,1979 (in Georgian, with a Russian Summary). Co-author.12. About the Etymology of Some Minoan Words, in:
The Conference of Young Scientifical Workers of Tbilisi Dedicated to the 60
Anniversaryof the Foundation of Georgian Academy of Sciences
Summaries.Tbilisi, 1981 (in Georgian).13.
The Chronology of the Aeneolithic - Bronze Age Cultures of Georgia in the Light of New Data
Tbilisi 1981, 30 pp. (In Russian).14.
The Chronology of the Aeneolithic - Bronze Age Cultures of Georgia in the Light of New Data
Tbilisi, "Metsniereba", 1981, 154 pp.,VIII pls. (In Georgian, with Russian and English Summaries).15
The Central and Eastern Anatolia in the Early Bronze Age (on the Basis of Archaeological Data)
Tbilisi, "Metsniereba", 1982, 183 pp. (InGeorgian).16.
“Metsniereba”, 1983, 165 pp. (In Russian). 17. The Problem of the Appearance of Hittite Tribes in Central Anatolia,in:
 Issues on Georgian Archaeology,
vol. III
Tbilisi, 1985, 3-21 (inGeorgian, with a Russian Summary).18.
 21.02.19889, 6 (in Georgian). 21. The Mistake Must be Corrected, – 
05.03.1989, 4 (inGeorgian).22. On the Contrary - a Provinciality would be to Disregard It, – 
no.49 (10218), 13.03.1990, 3 (in Georgian).23. Orbi, – 
09.1991 (in Georgian).24.
 Aspects of the Ethnohistory of the Caucasus and Anatolia and  Problems of the Chronology and Periodisation (VI-I millennia BC)
Tbilisi: Metsniereba, 1992, 60 pp., 2 tables (in Russian).25. The Caucasian Chronology of the Early Metallic Age and itsImportance for the Foundation of The Common East European - Near Eastern Chronological System, in:
Georgia and the Outer Worl
, I.Summaries. The Centre of Archaeological Research of the GeorgianAcademy of Science. Tbilisi, 1993 (in Georgian).26. The Interrelation of the South Caucasian and Palestinian Populations(Third - First Millennia BC), in:
Georgia and the Outer Worl
, II.Summaries. The Centre of Archaeological Research of the GeorgianAcademy of Science. Tbilisi, 1994 (in Georgian).27. The Importance of Metallurgical Data for the Formation of CentralTranscaucasian Chronology, in:
 International Symposium on the Beginnings of Metallurgy
, Bochum, 26-28 April 1995. A. Hauptmann &E. Pernicka (eds.). Bochum, 1995 (in English).28. The Interrelation of the Transcaucasian and Palestinian Populations(Third-First Millennia BC), in:
 International Scientifical Conference:"The History of the Georgian Jews
, The Problems of the Interrelation between Georgia and Palestine and between the Georgians and the Jews".Tbilisi, 1996, 32-33 (in Georgian).29. The Interrelationship between the Transcaucasian and AnatolianPopulations by the Data of the Greek and Latin Literary Sources, in:
TheThracian World at the Crossroads of Civilisations
. Reports andSummaries. The 7th International Congress of Thracology. P. Roman(ed.). Bucharest: the Romanian Institute of Thracology, 1996 (in English).

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