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SBMT Report for ADSL Simulator - 24th Dec 09

SBMT Report for ADSL Simulator - 24th Dec 09

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Published by ParimalaHariprasad

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Published by: ParimalaHariprasad on Dec 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ADSL Simulator 1
Parimala Shankaraiah
http://curioustester.blogspot.com#CHARTERFind and List all the bugs in ADSL Simulator application#AREASOS
| Windows XP SP3 Professional
| Not Available
| ADSL Simulator
| Consistency & Familiar Problem oracles | System Clock oracle | Blink Testing
December 2009, 4.17 AM
Parimala Shankaraiah
StartStopResetClockFramesContext Sensitive menu
High - 120 minutes
ADSL Simulator 2
Parimala Shankaraiah
http://curioustester.blogspot.com#TEST DESIGN AND EXECUTION
Looking for information on ADSL Simulator on the internet2.
Opening the SWF file in IE browser starts the simulator3.
Maximum Time Display value appears to be 2 hours. Clicking on Start Simulator more than onceresets the time to 1:59:55 or 1:59:59 or different values for the seconds field. Clicking on StartSimulator at different intervals decrements the seconds and minutes by a number that is notclear at this point.4.
I am using System Clock as an oracle to test the Time function5.
Using blink testing to detect the nature of decrementing the time values, the minutes and theseconds fields seem to follow a pattern at this point. Having a script to click the Start Simulatoroption every 1 second could help here.6.
There is a clear inconsistency in the clock due to is incrementing and decrementing behaviorwhen start simulator is clicked once or more than once7.
Watched James Bach’s video clip while he presented his testing effort for this simulator in his
presentation Unbearable Lightness of Model Based Testing. This gave me a few newer ideas
ADSL Simulator 3
Parimala Shankaraiah
(some were straightforward bugs demonstrated by James). I used this demonstration to helpunderstand this program better.8.
There is a pattern wherein Clicking on Start simulator when it is running increments the clock to1: MM:SS where MM is minutes and SS is seconds. When I click on Start simulator until the clockhits 1:00:00, then the clock now increments to 2: MM:SS and starts decrementing. On furtherclicking on Start simulator, decrements happen until 2: MM:SS and then incremented to 3:MM:SS and the pattern continues. In any given scenario, the clock decrements. Once it hits X:00:00, the hours field in the clock is incremented by 1.
#BUG 1
Opening the ADSL Simulator in Internet Explorer starts the simulator and goes on forever untilI intervene by clicking some button
. It should not be started until I click on the ‘Start Simulator’ button.
 #BUG 2
Clicking on Start Simulator button more than once resets the clock to 1:59: SS where SS varieseach time (pattern) and starts incrementing from thereon.#BUG 3
The Time displayed by clock is one second faster when compared to the system clock (oracle)#BUG 4
Clicking on Start Simulator button continuously until the time is 1:00:00 resets the clock to2:59:SS. Clicking on Start Simulator until 2:59: SS becomes 2:00:00 increments to 3: MM:SS and thispattern continues.#BUG 6
Mouse click on Start Simulator starts the simulator, but does not start the clock. Mouserelease on Start Simulator starts the clock#BUG 8 - Mouse click on Stop stops the simulator, but does not stop the clock. Mouse release stops theclock#BUG 9 - Mouse click on Reset resets the simulator, but does not reset the clock. Mouse release resetsthe clock#BUG 10
Context menu options Rewind, Forward and Back can be used to manipulate simulator.Clicking on forward takes to next frame; rewind will reset to original state and back will take to previousframe

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