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Mental Merits and Flaws

Mental Merits and Flaws

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Published by RaMinah
This document gives information on the location and description of all Mental Merits and Flaws in Werewolf: the Apocalypse

Disclaimer: This document was added to this site, for #MoonlightShifters on mIRC for downloading purposes. We do not claim to own this information, nor do we claim to have created it. This is strictly for the benefit of others who wish to role-play and need information to create their characters properly. No money is being made or earned from the uploading or downloading of this document.
This document gives information on the location and description of all Mental Merits and Flaws in Werewolf: the Apocalypse

Disclaimer: This document was added to this site, for #MoonlightShifters on mIRC for downloading purposes. We do not claim to own this information, nor do we claim to have created it. This is strictly for the benefit of others who wish to role-play and need information to create their characters properly. No money is being made or earned from the uploading or downloading of this document.

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Published by: RaMinah on Dec 25, 2009
Copyright:Public Domain


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Mental Merits and Flaws
Does your character have a special mental quirk? Is she forgetful or incredibly stubborn? The followingMerits and Flaws reflect special mental qualities or defects for your character.
Merit Cost Location Page
Calm Heart3Werewolf Players Guide19Calm Heart3Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.12Common Sense1Werewolf Players Guide19Common Sense1Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.12Concentration1Werewolf Players Guide19Concentration1Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.12Eidetic Memory2Werewolf Players Guide19Eidetic Memory2Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.12Homid Ancestor2Tribebook: Red Talons, Revised Ed.78Iron Will5Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.12Lightning Calculator1Werewolf Players Guide19Lightning Calculator1Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.12Perfect Recall2Wild West Companion61Self-Confident5Werewolf Players Guide19Self-Confident5Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.12Time Sense1Werewolf Players Guide19Untamable5Werewolf Players Guide19Wolf-Sense1Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes52
Flaw Bonus Location Page
Absent-Minded3Werewolf Players Guide19Absent-Minded3Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.13Ahimsa4Tribebook: Children of Gaia, Revised Ed.76Airhead1Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes52Amnesia2Werewolf Players Guide19Amnesia2Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.12Callous4Werewolf: The Dark Ages87Compulsion1Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.10Confused2Werewolf Players Guide19Confused2Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.12Devil's Own5Werewolf: The Dark Ages87Docile1-3Tribebook: Children of Gaia, Revised Ed.76Lost Homid2Tribebook: Bone Gnawers, Revised Ed.81 Naïve1Tribebook: Children of Gaia, Revised Ed.76Phobia2Tribebook: Bone Gnawers, Revised Ed.81Speech Impediment1World of Darkness: Bygone Bestiary108Vegan1Tribebook: Children of Gaia, Revised Ed.76Weak Willed2Werewolf Players Guide20Weak-Willed2Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.13
: (3 pt Flaw) Your packmates always say that you'd lose your head if it weren't attached.You've got such a bad memory that you barely recall what you did yesterday, much less last week. You don'tforget Knowledges or Skills, but you do forget names, addresses and when you last ate. In order to remember anything more than your own name and the location of your caern, you need to make a Wits roll or, as a lastresort, expend a Willpower point. This Flaw may not be taken with the Merit: Concentration.
: (4 pt Flaw) You have taken a vow not to kill any animal large enough to see (this does not includegerms, plants, tiny insects, etc). This includes the Vegan Flaw (which you may not take long with this one) aswell as deliberately inflicting lethal damage. You may fight (you will need to) but you must strive only to defeatyour foes, not slay them. Many Children of Gaea take this vow. If you kill accidentally, you will not lose thefreebie points generated from this Flaw, but if you deliberately take another being's life the Storyteller willremove 3 points from your character anywhere that she sees fit.
: Accidental killing will not lose the extra points, but deliberate slaying or murder means that the loss of three Traits from your character sheet (Storyteller's choice).
: (2 pt Flaw) You have no memory of your past before your First Change (if Garou) or you are unableto remember your past or anything about yourself or your family. Your life is a blank slate. You don't know if you still have a family or if someone is out to get you, much less where you were born or anything about your education (although you do remember what you've learned). However, your past may someday come back tohaunt you, revealing many surprising facts about your former life. (You can, if you wish, take up to five pointsof other Flaws without specifying what they are. The Storyteller can...supply the details; over the course of thechronicle, you and your character slowly discover them.)
: (4 pt Flaw) You are unusually cold and heartless toward others (human, Garou, Kinfolk or otherwise),even when they are in the worst of trouble. You will help, but only when you actually feel like it and if there issome payment to you. You would even turn your back on your mother, unless there was some good reason notto. You must spend one Willpower point to come to someone's aid. You may not take Caretaker as either your  Nature or Demeanor, nor may you possess the Empathy Ability. The bond between you and your pack is weak.You may not take part in pack initiative, and all pack tactics are at +1 difficulty.
Calm Heart
: (3 pt Merit) You are naturally calm and well composed, in the most trying of circumstances, andyou rarely fly off the handle. Raise the difficulty on all your frenzy rolls by 2, no matter how any incident is provoked.
Common Sense
: (1 pt Merit) You have a significant amount of practical, everyday common sense (which isoften not so common among humans and Garou alike). If you're about to do something counter to commonsense, the Storyteller may alert you to what you are trying to do and how it might violate practicality. This Meritis an ideal one for a novice player, for it allows you to receive advice from the Storyteller concerning what youcan and can't do and (even more importantly) what you should and shouldn't do.
: (1 pt Merit) You have learned how to center your thoughts and focus your attention toeliminate distractions. Circumstances that might be detrimental to taking actions affect you less than they doothers. You are immune to circumstantial penalties that might otherwise affect your dice pools or difficulties; if you pick a lock in a rainstorm, for instance, the quality of the lock would still affect the difficulty of the task, but the distraction of the rainstorm would not.
: (2 pt Flaw) You are often confused, and you perceive the world to be a very distorted and twisted place. Sometimes, you are simply unable to make sense of things. You need to roleplay this behavior all thetime to a small degree, but your confusion becomes especially strong whenever stimuli surround you (such as anumber of different people all talking at once or the pounding music of a nightclub.) You can spend Willpower to override the effects of your confusion, but it works only temporarily.
Devil's Own
: (5 pt Flaw) You believe that your powers as a werewolf have been given to you by Satan himself. No matter what the other Garou tell you, you are still convinced that Satan gave you these 'gifts'. Also you aremore than willing to tell other people how you were 'given' the ability of shapeshifting. Needless to say, thisattitude does not endear you to your fellow werewolves, and it will draw the wrath of the Church down uponyou if you repeat your tale of woe to the wrong person. You receive a +2 difficulty to any Social rolls with other Garou who know of you foolish beliefs. Additionally, you must roll Rage to check for frenzy every time youchange shape, except when assuming your natural form. Only homid characters may take this Flaw.
: (1-3 pt Flaw) For better or for worse, you are docile in nature. Your distance from 'the wolf' isnoticeable to others. They may use the words 'domesticated' or 'dog'. Some Children of Gaea lupus who havethis Gift are actually somewhat doglike in appearance. For every point of Docile you take, your maximum Rageis lowered by 2, and can never be bought above that level.
: You gain the Negative Trait Docile (which can be bid against you), and your maximum Rage is lowered by two Traits for each level of the Flaw you take.
Eidetic Memory
: (2 pt Merit) You possess a "photographic" memory, allowing you to recreate scenes,conversations and other information you have seen or heard exactly as they happened in perfect detail. Bygaining at least one success on an Intelligence + Alertness roll. This enables you to remember and recall any particular sight or sound (such as a conversation or a page from a book) accurately, even if you heard it or glanced at it only once (although the difficulty of such a feat would be high). The Storyteller should assign thedifficulty according to your actual familiarity with what you are trying to remember. Five or more successesgive you total recall, enable you to recall an event perfectly: The Storyteller can supply you with theinformation your character would remember.
Homid Ancestor
: (2 pt Merit) The character must have at least one dot in the Ancestors Background to purchase this Merit. Somewhere in the far-flung mists of the past, you have a human born relative. Maybe ahomid relative of yours bred with a wolf that was Kin to the Red Talons, perhaps a more recent relative wasactually born to another tribe. Either way, you have a slightly better grip on human thought than most lupus.Reduce the difficulty of rolls involving logic and abstract thinking by one, and the difficulties of usingAncestors to access Abilities such as Crafts, Melee, Etiquette, and Politics likewise drop by one (Firearms andComputers are probably still off-limits). On the minus side, if word of your lineage gets out, you might losesome temporary Honour depending on what kind of sept you live in.
Iron Will
: (5 pt Merit) When you are determined and your mind is set, nothing can divert you from your goals.You have a tremendous ability to resist outside attempts to take over your mind. Wraiths and mages usingmental attacks against you gain +3 to their difficulties if you are aware of them and resisting. You may spendone Willpower point to shake off the direct mental control of a vampire. Even if you are unaware of an attack,anyone attempting to influence you magically must add +1 to her difficulty. Gifts that induce frenzy still havethe usual chance to succeed, for instance.
Lightning Calculator
: (1 pt Merit) Your natural affinity for numbers and your talent for mental arithmeticmake you a natural for working with computers or betting at race tracks. All relevant rolls are made at -2difficulty. Another possible use for this Merit, assuming you have numbers on which to base your conclusions,is the ability to calculate the difficulty of certain tasks. In appropriate situations, you may ask the Storyteller for the difficulty of some action you are about to perform.
Lost Homid
: (2 pt Flaw) You can’t remember anything since your First Change. At times, you cant remember  back much farther than a year or two. Your first transformation was so intense, so vivid, that it completelyripped away all memory of your former life. You no doubt wandered the streets for months before the BondGnawer tribe found you and taught you who you really were…no other tribe would take you in. After all, mostGarou don’t share the tolerance Bone Gnawers and Children of Gaea have for mentally ill.

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