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Psychological Merits and Flaws

Psychological Merits and Flaws



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Published by RaMinah
This document gives information on the location and description of all Psychological Merits and Flaws in Werewolf: the Apocalypse

Disclaimer: This document was added to this site, for #MoonlightShifters on mIRC for downloading purposes. We do not claim to own this information, nor do we claim to have created it. This is strictly for the benefit of others who wish to role-play and need information to create their characters properly. No money is being made or earned from the uploading or downloading of this document.
This document gives information on the location and description of all Psychological Merits and Flaws in Werewolf: the Apocalypse

Disclaimer: This document was added to this site, for #MoonlightShifters on mIRC for downloading purposes. We do not claim to own this information, nor do we claim to have created it. This is strictly for the benefit of others who wish to role-play and need information to create their characters properly. No money is being made or earned from the uploading or downloading of this document.

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Published by: RaMinah on Dec 25, 2009
Copyright:Public Domain


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Psychological Merits and Flaws
These Merits and Flaws deal with the psychological makeup of your character. More than simple personalityquirks, they detail overpowering motivations, ideals or pathologies. Some Psychological Flaws can betemporarily ignored by spending a Willpower point and are noted as such. If you take such a Flaw and don'troleplay it when the Storyteller thinks you should, then he may tell you that you have spent a point of Willpower for the effort. Flaws cannot be conveniently ignored.
Merit Cost Location Page
Berserker2Werewolf Players Guide17Berserker2Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.10Code of Honor1Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.10Fearlessness1/3World of Darkness: Bygone Bestiary107Gall2Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes52Higher Purpose1The Book of Shadows31Inner Strength2Black Furies Tribebook44Unpossessed5Freak Legion: A Players Guide to Fomori23
Flaw Bonus Location Page
Addiction1-3The Book of Shadows30Bitter2Wendigo Tribebook48Burned Out1Children of Gaia Tribebook54Compulsion1Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.10Compulsion2-4World of Darkness: Bygone Bestiary108Compulsion1Werewolf Players Guide17Curiosity2Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.11Dark Secret1Werewolf Players Guide17Dark Secret1Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.10Deranged3Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.11Driving Goal3Werewolf Players Guide17Driving Goal3Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.11Flashbacks3The Book of Shadows31Geas1-7Fianna Tribebook48Harano5Silver Fangs Tribebook48Hatred3Werewolf Players Guide17Hatred3Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.12Hubris3Silver Fangs Tribebook48Inferiority Complex1Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes52Intolerance1Werewolf Players Guide17Intolerance1Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.10Lifesaver3The Book of Shadows32Low Self Image2Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.11Low Self-Image2Werewolf Players Guide17Masochist1Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes52 Naïve1Children of Gaia Tribebook54 Nightmares1Werewolf Players Guide18 Nightmares1Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.10Obsession2The Book of Shadows31
Overconfident1Werewolf Players Guide18Overconfident1Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.10Pack Mentality2Werewolf Players Guide18Pack Mentality2Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.11Pain of the Past4Fianna Tribebook48Phobia1/3Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.11Phobia (mild)1Werewolf Players Guide18Phobia (severe)3Werewolf Players Guide18Proselytizer1Children of Gaia Tribebook54Sadism/Masochism2The Book of Shadows31Short Fuse2Werewolf Players Guide18Short Fuse2Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.11Shy1Werewolf Players Guide18Shy1Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.11Shy1World of Darkness: Bygone Bestiary108Soft-hearted1Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.11Speech Impediment1Werewolf Players Guide18Speech Impediment1Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.11Territorial3Werewolf Players Guide19Territorial3Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.12Ulterior Motive2Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes52Vengeance2Werewolf Players Guide19Vengeance2Werewolf Players Guide, 2nd Ed.11
: (1-3 pt Flaw) You are addicted to any one of a variety of things. A one point Flaw would be a mildaddiction to a easily attained substance, such as caffeine, nicotine or alcohol. A two point Flaw would be either a severe addiction to any easily-obtained substance or any "mild" drug, such as pain killers, sleeping pills or marijuana. A three point Addiction involves the heavy street drugs or hard-to-find drugs. The need for thesedrugs varies from once a day for some drugs to two to three times a day for others, depending on the strength othe drug and the addiction.If, for whatever reason, you are denied access to the drug, you lose the number of dice equal to the level of your addiction (one, two or three) until you receive your "fix." If you are deprived of the drugs for an extendedlength of time, you will be forced to make a Willpower check (difficulty of 4 for the first day, + 1 for eachadditional day). If you fail, you will forgo everything and forcibly go seeking the drug. This would be an easyway for you to be either controlled or forced to do favors for your supplier, especially if the drug is hard toobtain due to its rarity or price,
: (2 pt Merit) You feel the rage burning inside you, and you know how to use and direct it againstyour enemies. You have the ability to frenzy at will and, thus, are able to ignore your wound penalties.However, any acts you commit during frenzy have consequences, just as they would otherwise. Also, you havethe same chance of going into frenzy even when you don't wish to do so.
: (2 pt Flaw) You exceed even your fellow Wendigo in bitterness, anger over the state of the tribe, theworld or your Kin. Perhaps you were raised on a native reservation in extreme poverty, or your spent the firstyears of your life in a wolf pack evading hunters. Whatever the reason — and there may be no direct reason — you get angry easily at individuals whom you perceive to be the cause of your problems: wasichu, hunters,Horned Serpent People, etc. You are at a -1 difficulty to frenzy when in their presence.
Burned Out
: (1 pt Flaw) You’ve fought the good fight for too long and lost one battle too many. It has taken itstoll on your soul, and you’re ready to give up. Too many times has evil won over your crusades. If anyone startsshoving that peace and love crap down your throat one more time, you just might snap. This Flaw doesn’t meanyou’ve given up entirely, just that you’re more cynical than you used to be, and more prone to frenzy whenthings don’t go your way.
Code of Honor
: (1 pt Merit) You have a strict personal code of ethics that you cannot ignore. You canautomatically resist most temptations that would bring you in conflict with your code. When battlingsupernatural persuasion (mind magick, vampiric Domination, etc.) that would make you violate your code,either you gain three extra dice to resist or your opponent's difficulties are increased by 2 (Storyteller's choice).You must construct your own personal code of honor in as much detail as you can, outlining the general rules of conduct by which you abide. An obvious choice might be adherence to the Litany, but personal codes andcommitment can vary widely.
: (1 pt Flaw) You have some sort of psychological compulsion that can cause you a number of different problems. Your compulsion may be for cleanliness, perfection, bragging, stealing, gambling,exaggeration or just talking. The only way to avoid your compulsion temporarily is to spend a Willpower point(Storyteller's discretion as to how long you resist the urge), but it is in effect at all other times.
: (2 pt Flaw) You're a naturally curious person and you find mysteries of any sort irresistible. In mostcircumstances, alas, your curiosity easily overrides your common sense. To resist the temptation, make a Witsroll. The difficulty is 5 for simple things ("I wonder what's in that cabinet?") but can rise as high as 9 in intensecircumstances ("I wonder where this Moon Bridge leads to. I'd better check it out. What could possibly gowrong?
Dark Secret
: (1 pt Flaw) You have some sort of secret that, if uncovered, would be of immense embarrassmentto you and would make you a pariah in the Garou community. It can be anything from having murdered anelder to having been seduced into an affair with a Black Spiral Dancer. While this secret is on your mind at alltimes, it will come up in stories only once in a while, but when it does, watch out.
: (3 pt Flaw) Due to circumstances beyond your control, you are permanently insane. You may have acongenital brain disorder, or perhaps you saw things you weren't meant to see, and the experience drove youmad. Choose a Derangement for your character; although you can temporarily overcome this insanity withWillpower, you can never permanently rid yourself of its grip. Metis can take this Flaw as their deformity.
Driving Goal
: (3 pt Flaw) You have a personal goal that compels and directs you in sometimes startling ways.The goal is always limitless in depth and can never truly be achieved. It could be to reform the Black SpiralDancers or to make amends for your the War of Rage. Because you must work toward your goal throughout thechronicle (though you can avoid it for short periods by spending Willpower) it continually gets you into troubleand may jeopardize other goals; other Garou probably don't share your vision, and they may look down on youas being distracted from the true war. Choose your goal carefully, as it's sure to direct and focus everything your character does.
: (1-3 pt Merit) Like the eagle, which stares into the blinding sun rather than back down, you fear nothing and nobody. Yours is the heart of the lion who fights the dragon to a standstill despite his hatred of fire.In game terms, you easily resist all attempts to frighten and intimidate you and yours. Facing supernaturalthreats or fear-based magick, your effective Willpower is increased by two. For one point, you have one fear that negates this Merit (an elephant's fear of the mouse, for example); for three points, you fear nothing.
: (3 pt Flaw) You are prone to flashbacks if you are in either high pressure situations or circumstances that are similar to the event that caused the flashback itself. The flashback does not have to becombat-oriented. Either positive or negative stimulation could result in a flashback episode. The repeated use of 

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