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CATIA V5 Questions[1]

CATIA V5 Questions[1]



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Published by vennesravan

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Published by: vennesravan on Dec 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.What is the difference between position sketch and sliding sketch?2.How the changes sketch support and how to isolate sketch support?
3.Is it possible to give fillet to two parallel lines? If possible how?4.How many constrains are required to arrest the degrees of freedom of a point andellipse on a plane?5.How to edit the grid spacing in sketcher?6.What is inconsistence element?7.How to check the status of a sketch?8.Different color diagnostics?9.How to draw inscribed hexagon and circumference hexagon?10.What the difference connecting options are in connect option?11.What happen if we increase the tension in connect option?12.What is iso-constrain?13.What is the difference between geometric constrain and dimensional constrain?14.What is the difference between trim and break?15.Explain the function of 3D geometry?16.Difference between symmetry and mirror?17.Different propagation modes in offset command?18.How to give fillets to corners of rectangle at a time?19.How to change a line into an axis line?20.Is it possible to draw two axis lines in a sketch?21.What is Intersect 3D element?22.What is swap in dimensioning in sketcher?23.How to give the angle between ellipse major axis and to a line?
24.What are the difference ways to enter in the sketch work bench?25.What are the different ways to exit from the sketcher work bench?
1.What is the result if 5 concentric circles are padded?2.What is the difference between limit and offset in the pad command?3.Which type of profiles is not possible to extrude in pad command?
How many directions a sketch can be extruded?5.Explain the possible results if an open profile is padded in a thin rectangular block?6.When the merge ends options will available?7.How material will be added to the supports from an open profile in merge endsoption?8.What is neutral fiber?
What is the length of the pad if extended a pad with X length by using mirror extendoption?10.What is the difference between up to surface and up to plane in limit types in pad?11.What is drafted filleted pad?12.If a sketch contain 5 different boundaries? Explain different possible ways to extrudethe sketch?13.In how may direction a sketch be able to be extruded?14.Is it possible to extrude a surface?15.Is it possible to create pocket as a first feature? Why?16.Is it possible to place a hole on a cylindrical surface?17.How to change a hole placement support?18.What is the difference between Merge ends and merge rib ends?19.What are the different profile control types in rib option?20.What is keep angle in rib option?21.What is the pulling direction in the keep angle option?22.What is the pulling direction?23.What is the difference between rib and slot?
24.What is difference between from side and from top in stiffener option?25.What is solid combine?26.What is the difference between rib and multi section solid?27.How to measure the angle between a curve and line?28.What are the different coupling modes in multi section solid option?29.What is the difference between guide curve and spline?30.What is coupling curve?31.What is the ration coupling mode in multi section solid?32.How an end profile will be oriented to the spine if we use re-limitation option?33.What is the function of closing point and tangent direction?34.What is the use of smoothing parameters?35.What is a fillet? And what is the use fillet?36.Explain the function of edges to keep?37.Explain the function of trim ribbons?38.What are the different variations in the variable radius fillet?39.What is blend corner?40.What is circle fillet?41.What is blend corner?42.Why it is not possible give the face to face fillets to two vertical faces?43.What is tri-tangent fillet?44.What is the difference between parting element, limiting element and neutralelement?45.What is pulling direction?46.How to give multiple neutral elements?47.When to use draft reflect line?48.What is the difference between thread and tap?49.What is the difference between remove face and replace face?50.What is the difference between Euclidian and geodesic?

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