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Process for Treating Cottonseed Meats

Process for Treating Cottonseed Meats

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Published by nneel_22p

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Published by: nneel_22p on Dec 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Process for treating cottonseed meats
Document Type and Number:United States Patent 4139646Link to this page:http://www.freepatentsonline.com/4139646.htmlAbstract:An edible high-protein flour is produced by an improved process.Cottonseed meats are dried, and then comminuted in acombination of mills having certain specifications which preventrupturing the pigment glands of the cottonseed. Recycling of partially ground meats is practiced. This improvement iscorrelated with liquid cyclone separation followed by oil andsolids recovery steps, thus comprising an improved processwhich consistently yields an edible cottonseed proteinconcentrate and high grade cottonseed oil.Ads by GoogleOil water separationOur oil skimmers assist in the oil water separation of allindustries.www.oilskim.comTRACERCOTRACERCO Taggants Hydrocarbon and Fuel Markerswww.tracerco.com/taggantsCustom Process DryersChemical, Food, and Pharma Experts Engineered Solutions &Fabricationwww.artisanind.comMoisture MeasurementMicrowave moisture measurement for process controlwww.hydronix.comUsed Fryma EquipmentQuality Process Equipment Save Time and Money!www.phxequip.comGK Rotary Foundry DrumsRotary drums from GK enhance your casting cleaningapplicationswww.generalkinematics.com
vegetable oils testsFFA,Peroxide value,Poliphenols OxiTester: Fast, Simple,Reliablewww.Cdr-MediaRed.comOil/Water MonitoringSeparators, Monitors - Level & PPM Spill Detection, Oil Recoverywww.oil-in-water.netInventors:Gastrock, Edward A. (Metairie, LA)Application Number:05/721203Filing Date:09/08/1976Publication Date:02/13/1979View Patent Images:Images are available in PDF form when logged in. To view PDFs,Loginor Create Account (Free!)  Referenced by:View patents that cite this patent Export Citation:Click for automatic bibliography generationAssignee:Stewart, Charles L.Primary Class:426/430 Other Classes:426/489, 426/481, 426/518International Classes:
; A23J1/00; B02C11/00;C11B1/00; A23J1/14Field of Search:426/629, 426/630, 426/417, 426/430, 426/489, 426/518, 426/481,260/123.5US Patent References:3615657October,1971Gastrocket al.426/430PROCESS FOR PRODUCINGCOTTONSEED PROTEINCONCENTRATEOther References:
Ridlehuber et al., "Prod. of Food-Grade Cottonseed Prot. by LiquidCyclone Proc.", JAOCS, 51, 1974, p. 153-156.Primary Examiner:Yoncoskie, Robert A.Attorney, Agent or Firm:Kinzer, Plyer, Dorn & McEachranClaims:I claim:1. A process for treating cottonseed meats to separate intact thepigment glands and to produce a protein-rich flour concentrate,said process comprising:dry disintegration of unextracted dry cottonseed meats,forming a slurry of said dry disintegrated meats and a non-polar solvent,comminuting said disintegrated meats in said slurry,feeding the comminuted slurry sequentially through at least threecyclonic separations to obtain an overflow and an underflow fromeach separation,recovering the protein-rich flour concentrate from the overflow of the first cyclonic separation,recovering the underflow from the first cyclonic separation whichunderflow contains solids comprising coarse cottonseed meats,returning said coarse cottonseed meats of the underflow solidsfrom the first cyclonic separation to said slurry,returning the overflow of each subsequent cyclonic separation tothe immediate preceeding cyclonic separation,directing the underflow from each cyclonic separation, exceptthe last, to the next cyclonic separation, and

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