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Process for Producing a Low Gossypol Protein Product From Gl

Process for Producing a Low Gossypol Protein Product From Gl

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Published by nneel_22p

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Published by: nneel_22p on Dec 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Process for producing a low gossypol proteinproduct from glanded cottonseed
Document Type and Number:United States Patent 4201709Link to this page:http://www.freepatentsonline.com/4201709.htmlAbstract:A low-gossypol, high-protein flour is produced by a process whichutilizes conventional solvent extraction equipment with a certainseries of steps, culminating at a point where a defatted, milled,cottonseed flour mixture is rendered edible for humanconsumption by the separation of the gossypol-containingportion.Inventors:Kadan, Ranjit S. (New Orleans, LA)Freeman, Donald W. (New Orleans, LA)Spadaro, James J. (New Orleans, LA)Ziegler Jr., George M. (Harahan, LA)Application Number:05/910153Filing Date:05/26/1978Publication Date:05/06/1980View Patent Images:Images are available in PDF form when logged in. To view PDFs,Loginor Create Account (Free!)  Referenced by:View patents that cite this patent Export Citation:Click for automatic bibliography generationAssignee:Agriculture US.Primary Class:530/377 Other Classes:426/430, 426/656
International Classes:
; A23J1/00; A23J1/14Field of Search:260/123.5US Patent References:3124461March,1964Meinke etal.426/4303615657October,1971Gastrocket al.260/123.5PROCESS FORPRODUCINGCOTTONSEED PROTEINCONCENTRATE3895003July,1975Swain etal.260/123.5Process for producingprotein concentrate usingair classification3965086June,1976Swain etal.260/123.5Process for producingprotein concentrate(case) 1 using air classification3972861August,1976Gardner et al.260/123.5Process for producing anedible cottonseed proteinconcentrateOther References:Fed. Register, vol. 39 (No. 177), 32735-1974 (Sep. 11).Primary Examiner:Schain, Howard E.Attorney, Agent or Firm:Silverstein, Howard M.Mcconnell, David G.Cangemi, Salvador J.Claims: We claim:1. In a process for producing protein flour having reduced freegossypol content from glanded cottonseed wherein the processcomprises the following steps:
(a) flaking dehulled, glanded cottonseed with a moisture contentof about from 5% to 12% by weight,(b) solvent extracting the cottonseed flakes to reduce fatcontent,(c) desolventizing the solvent extracted flakes, and(d) milling the desolventized flakes into a flour, the improvementwherein the moisture content of the cottonseed flakes is reducedto about from 1% to 2% by weight prior to solvent extraction, thefat content of the cottonseed flakes is reduced to about from 1%to 3% by weight, and air-classifying the flour to obtain a coarsefraction and a fines fraction, thereafter repeatedly air-classifyingthe fines fractions until a food grade flour with a free gossypolcontent of less than 0.045% is achieved.2. The process of claim 1 wherein a hull content of the initialcottonseed of the process is less than 2%.3. The process of claim 1 wherein the moisture content of thecottonseed flakes is reduced by means of a high-velocity flow-through dryer.4. The process of claim 1 wherein the number of air-classificationsteps is determined by the percentage of free gossypol desired.5. The process of claim 1 wherein the air-classification isaccomplished by means of a centrifugal air-classifier.Description:BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION(1) Field of the Invention

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