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The Anatomy of Melancholy

The Anatomy of Melancholy

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Published by Bruno Anselmo

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Published by: Bruno Anselmo on Dec 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction to the Project Gutenberg Edition.This edition of _The Anatomy of Melancholy_ is based on anineteenth-century edition that modernized urton!s s"elling andty"ogra"hic con#entions. In "re"aring this electronic #ersion$ it becamee#ident that the editor had made a #ariety of mista%es in thismodernization& some 'ords 'ere left in their original s"elling (unusual'ords 'ere a "articular "roblem)$ "ortions of boo% titles 'ere mista%en for  "ro"er names$ "ro"er names 'ere mista%en for boo% titles or *atin 'ords$etc. A certain number of mis"rints 'ere also introduced into the *atin. Asa result$ I ha#e re-edited the te+t$ chec%ing it against images of the ,/edition$ and correcting all errors not "resent in the earlier edition. Iha#e continued to follo' the general editorial "ractice of the base te+tfor 0uotation mar%s$ italics$ etc. 1are 'ords ha#e been normalizedaccording to their "rimary s"elling in the 2+ford English 3ictionary. 4henurton s"ells a "erson!s name in se#eral 'ays$ I ha#e normalized the namesto the most common s"elling$ or to modern "ractice if 'ell-%no'n. In a fe'cases$ mista%es "resent in both the ,/ edition and the base te+t ha#e been corrected. These are al'ays minor reference errors (e.g.$ an incorrector missing section number in the syno"ses$ or misnumbered footnotes).Incorrect citations to other te+ts (urton seems to 0uote by memory andsometimes gets it 'rong) ha#e not been changed if they are 'rong in botheditions. To dis"lay some symbols (astrological signs$ etc.) the 5TM*#ersion re0uires a bro'ser 'ith unicode su""ort. Most recent bro'sersshould be 26.--6T57128TI9PIE:E T2 T5E 21IGI8A* E3ITI28;Illustration& ,. 3emocritus Abderites< =. >eloty"ia . 9olitudo< ?.Inamorato< @. 5y"ocondriacus< . 9u"erstitiosus< . Maniacus< /. orage< B.5ellebor< ,C. 3emocritus Dunior T5E A8AT2M 27 ME*A8:52*4hat it is$ 'ith all the %inds$ causes$ sym"toms$ "rognostics$ and se#eralcures of it.In three Partitions$ 'ith their se#eral 9ections$ numbers$ and subsections.Philoso"hically$ medicinally$ 5istorically$ o"ened and cut u".y 3emocritus Dunior 4ith a 9atyrical Preface conducing to the follo'ing 3iscourse.The 9i+th Edition$ corrected and augmented by the Author.2mne tulit "unctum$ 0ui miscit utile dulce.*ondonPrinted F to be sold by 5en. :ri"s F *odo *loyd at their sho" inPo"es-head Alley. ,@=
T5E A8AT2M 27 ME*A8:52*$45AT IT I9$4IT5A** T5E 6I839$ :AH9E9$ 9MPT2M9$ P12G829TI:9$ A83 9EE1A* :H1E9 27 IT.I8 T51EE PA1TITI289.4IT5 T5EI1 9EE1A*9E:TI289$ MEME19$ A83 9H9E:TI289$ P5I*292P5I:A**$ ME3I:A**$5I9T21I:A** 2PE8E3 A83 :HT HP. 3EM2:1ITH9 DH8I21.4IT5 A 9ATI1I:A* P1E7A:E$ :283H:I8G T2 T5E 72**24I8G 3I9:2H19E.A 8E4 E3ITI28$:211E:TE3$ A83 E81I:5E3  T1A89*ATI289 27 T5E 8HME12H9 :*A99I:A* EJT1A:T9. 3EM2:1ITH9 MI821.T2 45I:5 I9 P1E7IJE3 A8 A::2H8T 27 T5E AHT521. 2mne tulit "unctum$ 0ui miscuit utile dulci. 5e that joins instruction 'ith delight$ Profit 'ith "leasure$ carries all the #otes.52821ATI99IM2 32MI82 828 MI89 I1THTE 9HA$ KHAM GE8E1I9 9P*E8321E$I**9T1I99IM2$GE21GI2 E66*EI2$MI*ITI 3E A*8E2$ A128I 3E E16*E$ M2H1E$ 9EG1AE$3. 3E 1H9E$32MI82 9H2 MH*TI9 82MI8IH9 29E1A832$5A8: 9HAMME*A8:52*IAE A8AT2ME8$DAM 9EJT2 1EI9AM$ 3.3.
3EM2:1ITH9 DH8I21.A3E1TI9EME8T T2 T5E *A9T *28328 E3ITI28.The 'or% no' restored to "ublic notice has had an e+traordinary fate. Atthe time of its original "ublication it obtained a great celebrity$ 'hichcontinued more than half a century. 3uring that "eriod fe' boo%s 'ere moreread$ or more deser#edly a""lauded. It 'as the delight of the learned$ thesolace of the indolent$ and the refuge of the uninformed. It "assed throughat least eight editions$ by 'hich the boo%seller$ as 4223 records$ got anestate< and$ not'ithstanding the objection sometimes o""osed against it$ of a 0uaint style$ and too great an accumulation of authorities$ thefascination of its 'it$ fancy$ and sterling sense$ ha#e borne do'n allcensures$ and e+torted "raise from the first 4riters in the Englishlanguage. The gra#e D258928 has "raised it in the 'armest terms$ and theludicrous 9TE18E has inter'o#en many "arts of it into his o'n "o"ular  "erformance. MI*T28 did not disdain to build t'o of his finest "oems on it<and a host of inferior 'riters ha#e embellished their 'or%s 'ith beautiesnot their o'n$ culled from a "erformance 'hich they had not the justicee#en to mention. :hange of times$ and the fri#olity of fashion$ sus"ended$in some degree$ that fame 'hich had lasted near a century< and thesucceeding generation affected indifference to'ards an author$ 'ho atlength 'as only loo%ed into by the "lunderers of literature$ the "oachersin obscure #olumes. The "lagiarisms of _Tristram 9handy_$ so successfully brought to light by 31. 7E11IA1$ at length dre' the attention of the "ublicto'ards a 'riter$ 'ho$ though then little %no'n$ might$ 'ithout im"eachmentof modesty$ lay claim to e#ery mar% of res"ect< and in0uiry "ro#ed$ beyonda doubt$ that the calls of justice had been little attended to by others$as 'ell as the facetious 21I:6. 4223 obser#ed$ more than a century ago$that se#eral authors had unmercifully stolen matter from H1T28 'ithout anyac%no'ledgment. The time$ ho'e#er$ at length arri#ed$ 'hen the merits of the _Anatomy of Melancholy_ 'ere to recei#e their due "raise. The boo% 'asagain sought for and read$ and again it became an a""lauded "erformance.Its e+cellencies once more stood confessed$ in the increased "rice 'hiche#ery co"y offered for sale "roduced< and the increased demand "ointed outthe necessity of a ne' edition. This is no' "resented to the "ublic in amanner not disgraceful to the memory of the author< and the "ublisher relies 'ith confidence$ that so #aluable a re"ository of amusement andinformation 'ill continue to hold the ran% to 'hich it has been restored$firmly su""orted by its o'n merit$ and safe from the influence and blightof any future ca"rices of fashion. To o"en its #aluable mysteries to those'ho ha#e not had the ad#antage of a classical education$ translations of the countless 0uotations from ancient 'riters 'hich occur in the 'or%$ areno' for the first time gi#en$ and obsolete orthogra"hy is in all instancesmodernized.A::2H8T 27 T5E AHT521.1obert urton 'as the son of 1al"h urton$ of an ancient and genteel familyat *indley$ in *eicestershire$ and 'as born there on the /th of 7ebruary,@. ;,5e recei#ed the first rudiments of learning at the free school of 9utton :oldfield$ in 4ar'ic%shire ;=from 'hence he 'as$ at the age of se#enteen$ in the long #acation$ ,@B$ sent to razen 8ose :ollege$ in the