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Medical Marijuana 2

Medical Marijuana 2

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Published by dominator_75294376
Some facts and information about Medical Marijuana
Some facts and information about Medical Marijuana

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Published by: dominator_75294376 on Dec 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ahhhh! Is that what you think when you hear the wordmarijuana? If itis then you’re one of the millions of people keeping a plant, which hasless harmful effects thencigarettesmoking oralcoholfrom becoming legalized. People need to learn themarijuana factsbefore being scared of the idea of legalization.Medical marijuanahas helped thousands of people in states such as California with a wide range of diseases and especially those suffering from cancer rehabilitation.California, one of the few states to havelegalized marijuanaformedical purposes is seeing great results. The rest of the USA though isso closed minded they have yet to see how simplygrowing marijuana can result in lower taxes, and a healthier population.Since PresidentObamahas been in office we have seen a more laxapproach tomarijuana laws, but it is still a federal law meaning thestates can refuse to follow it, but their citizens can still sufferconsequences under federal jurisdiction. In most of the continentalUnited States simply possessingmarijuana seedscan be seen as amisdemeanor, even if they have lost their ability to grow. To me this isas stupid as arresting someone under the age of 21, who has not beendrinking, for simply having an alcohol container in their car. The worldsees the United States in many different lights, but most do believe itis a country that allows for freethinking and thought. So, wouldn’tallowinglegalization of marijuanabe right up the USA’s alley? Onewould think it would be, but simply growing a marijuana plant is afelony in most states, which holds a jail time of at least five years in afederal penitentiary.Marijuanause is growing throughout the States whether it is legalizedor not, and I feel we must open our eyes to new things. Thehistory of marijuanacan be traced back to arguably biblical times, and we still asnation have not been able to find a correct way tolegalizeit, and thentax it to help get ourselves out of the never-ending debt we have piledup.Cannabis, the scientific name, is not something we should beafraid of but something we should grasp a hold of.Cannabisalone isnot addictive, and if you ever felt like you neededto stop smokingweedthen all you would need to do is stop. Can someone who hasbeen smoking a pack of cigarettesa day stop smoking on a whim?Studies would answer this question with a strong no.In order for us to stop the negative ideas of marijuanawe must stoplabeling those who smoke it. The adjectivestoneris used a lot when itcomes to people who choosesmoking weedover drinking and driver,or doing hard drugs such ascocaine. Why? I’m not exactly sure howsomeone who would rather smoke a plant that comes from the groundrather than drinking heavily processed sugar would be looked downupon, but they are.

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