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Vikramaditya Story

Vikramaditya Story



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Published by suryasystems18389

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Published by: suryasystems18389 on Dec 26, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Valiant Hindu Kings - Vikramaditya & Daughters of King Dahir IntroductionHindu Dharma has a glorious past of Righteous kings who personified fearlessness andvalour. Hindu kings were devoted to Righteousness and were always keen on the allround progress of their people. As per the saying ‘Raja Kalasya Karanam’ meaning theking himself is responsible for the times, the kings abided by Righteousness and hencetheir people were also happy, prosperous and of good moral conduct. The kings wouldrule under the direction of their Guru. They would patronise many artists and wouldwholeheartedly support the arts. They would never attack others except in self defenceeven though they were capable of conquering the entire planet on the basis of spiritual power. Similarly in the later part of their life they would hand over the reins of their kingdom to their heir and would perform spiritual practice further by voluntaryacceptance of Vanaprasthasrhram.The remembrance of such great kings who have created the glorious history of Hindus isan incessant source of inspiration. Every incident in the life of these great heroes is awitness to their brilliant capability. Some special events in the lives of these bright kingshave been given ahead to awaken the extinct pride in the minds of Hindus about their religion, nation and culture and also to create a new urge and enthusiasm in them todefend their religion, nation and culture. It is our prayer at the feet of God that Hindusshould ready themselves for any type of assault against them by taking a cue from thishistory.King VikramadityaKing Vikramaditya ruled over Ujjain. In his kingdom, all law and order arrangementswere based on the Dharmashastras and were excellent. In order to ensure ideal rule, in hiscabinet of ministers he had nine important ministers who were truly gems.His kingdom extended up to Arabastan and he was a generous king who always lookedafter the welfare of his people. Vikramaditya’s father was Mahendradutt, mother wasSoumyadarshana and brother was Barthuhari. Vikramaditya had defeated the rulers of Arabastan and had added that region into his kingdom. This victory is beautifullydescribed in a poem by “Barham Bin Soi”. Of the sixty years that Vikramaditya ruled, hespent twenty five years in wars. He was an ideal ruler who always ensured that everyone benefitted from his decisions. He was a generous ruler who always thought of the welfareof his people and ruled accordingly. Even though he was a follower of the Shaivareligion, he always treated all religions with equal respect. In his cabinet, his nine gemswere Dhanvantri, Shapanak, Amar Singh Shanku, Vetal Bhatt, Kharpar, Kalidas,Varahmihir and Varruchi.- Pujya Parshram Madhav Pande Maharaj, Akola Nine Gems of his Cabinet1. Kalidas: Author of the great epic, ‘Shakuntala’, great poet, dramatist and the most prominent scholar of Sanskrit language.2. Amarnath: Author of ‘Sanskrit Amarkosh’3. Shapanak: Prominent Astrologist who had achieved mastery in Astrology.

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