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HeartBeat: January/February 2010

HeartBeat: January/February 2010

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Published by: Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Association on Dec 26, 2009
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Volume 22 • Issue 1 • January & February 2010
 January  January  January  January February February February February 
6666 Special Ed. Valentine Party Special Ed. Valentine Party Special Ed. Valentine Party Special Ed. Valentine Party 8888 Disaster Relief Meeting, HOK, 11amDisaster Relief Meeting, HOK, 11amDisaster Relief Meeting, HOK, 11amDisaster Relief Meeting, HOK, 11am17 17 17 17 S.S. Team Meeting, Ryan’s, 12:30S.S. Team Meeting, Ryan’s, 12:30S.S. Team Meeting, Ryan’s, 12:30S.S. Team Meeting, Ryan’s, 12:3025252525 Ministry Wives Fellowship, TBA  Ministry Wives Fellowship, TBA  Ministry Wives Fellowship, TBA  Ministry Wives Fellowship, TBA 1111 New Year’s Day, HOK Office Closed  New Year’s Day, HOK Office Closed  New Year’s Day, HOK Office Closed  New Year’s Day, HOK Office Closed 9999 WMU Planning Meeting, HOK, 10am WMU Planning Meeting, HOK, 10am WMU Planning Meeting, HOK, 10am WMU Planning Meeting, HOK, 10am9999 Camp Planning Meeting, Tyler Road, 10amCamp Planning Meeting, Tyler Road, 10amCamp Planning Meeting, Tyler Road, 10amCamp Planning Meeting, Tyler Road, 10am11111111 Disaster Relief Meeting, HOK, 11amDisaster Relief Meeting, HOK, 11amDisaster Relief Meeting, HOK, 11amDisaster Relief Meeting, HOK, 11am12121212 HOK Executive Board MeetingHOK Executive Board MeetingHOK Executive Board MeetingHOK Executive Board Meeting Westview BC, 10:30am15151515----16161616 KNCSB Worship Leader/Family Retreat KNCSB Worship Leader/Family Retreat KNCSB Worship Leader/Family Retreat KNCSB Worship Leader/Family Retreat 20202020 S.S. Team Meeting, Ryan’s, 12:30S.S. Team Meeting, Ryan’s, 12:30S.S. Team Meeting, Ryan’s, 12:30S.S. Team Meeting, Ryan’s, 12:30
 Weekly Prayer Emphasis for Weekly Prayer Emphasis for Weekly Prayer Emphasis for Weekly Prayer Emphasis for
 January  January  January  January February February February February 
Feb. 1 Indian Southern • Pastor Rod Klingsick Feb. 8 Midway•• Pastor Ray Emery Feb. 15 New Birth•• Pastor Charles ErvinFeb. 22 Planeview • Pastor Mike SmithJan. 4 Immanuel • Pastor Charles BoswellJan. 11 Metropolitan • Pastor Bruce CargileJan. 18 Cedar Pointe • Pastor Dennis BurnsJan. 25 Harmony • Pastor Richard Simmons
That was the theme of our Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Associational Annual Meeting in2009. As we come to the end of 2009, how would that question be answered? Paul remindsus, “We must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive what isdue him for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad.” Those “things donewhile in the body” are being done
.As we come to the end of this year, we must realize that
is the time we have. Someonehas said, “Yesterday is a canceled check, and tomorrow is a promissory note. Today is theonly cash you have, so spend it wisely.”When we look back at the canceled check of 2009, how have we served our Lord? How havewe seen our Lord working? When the day comes when “we must all appear before the judg-ment seat of Christ”, what will be said of us?Will it be said of us that we lived to be a blessing; that we spoke the words of Jesus; that ourheritage is blessing? What will be said of us as the churches of Heart of Kansas Southern Bap-tist Association? Did we live to be a blessing, or did we live to please ourselves? Did weserve to help the hurting; did we go to share the story; did we give to reach the lost? Or did weplay it safe, hold back to be sure, and stay to ourselves so we would not have to deal with themessiness of others?The canceled check of 2009 is being written in the ledger, the promissory note of 2010 is be-fore us.
, today is the cash we have to spend. As we plan for the future and as we look forthe opportunities to come, we must also think about the
. We need to be active today indoing what God has called us to do.If I might suggest two opportunities
, I would ask you to consider these.
Prayer is the first strategy for us at Heart of Kansas. Without prayer, there will be nopower of God in our work. There are ways that you can be involved in the prayer ministryof HOK. Prayer Guides that will assist you in praying for the churches of HOK are avail-able, as well as the opportunity to sign up for prayer requests from the churches of HOKSBA delivered to your email. For more details contact our office.
2. GPS
God’s Plan for Sharing is another opportunity that is before us. GPS is a coordinated ef-fort by the North American Mission Board to fulfill the Great Commission in NorthAmerica by 2020. GPS will begin in 2010 with a national media blitz and materials arebeing made available to all of our churches for distributions in neighborhoods.The national media effort will include bill boards in Wichita. KNCSB will make yardbanners and “Find it Here” evangelistic drop-in flyers available for every church. If youwould like more information regarding GPS, please call Loren at the HOK office.
What will be said of us?
Let it be said of us that our hearts belong to Jesus and we are livingfor Him in the
What will be said of us?
Director of Missions: Glenn Davis 
Summer Interns
Log on tohttp://hoksba.org/intern/ to learnmore about our Summer Intern Program.
Evangelistic Mission Trips
By the time you get this newsletter we will have returned from theRose Bowl parade outreach. This year we are taking 6 men frominside the HOK as well as 14 men from churches outside of theHOK.The next trip will be from February 11-14, 2010. We will leaveWichita early Thursday morning and drive to New Orleans. We willshare the Gospel two full days at Mardis Gras and return on the14
. We truly need to be sharing the Lord’s love in both of theseplaces. For those who haven’t gone with us before, we will pair youup with someone who has been there. Please contact Loren if youhave any questions about this trip or you would like to join us.
Mission Trip
International Commission is an organization that works in partner-ship with IMB. They are planning a trip to Jamaica, November 5-14, 2010. They will be working with 43 churches in leading a cru-sade. They need 60 people to join them. They will need peoplewho can assist them in preaching and/or home and school visits. Ifyou have an interest you can contact Scott Mayse at 913-731-0539or email him at ScottM@ic-world.org.
Building Great Groups In 2010
Terry Beasley, Sunday School Team Chairperson 
The Christian faith is all about relationships: the relationship be-tween a holy God and sinful man; the relationship between brothersand sisters in Christ; and, the relationships we attempt to build be-tween ourselves and the lost world around us. Within this context, thebody of Christ functions – recognizing that God’s design is for commu-nity, fellowship, and accountability. This level of relationship is nearlyimpossible to develop and maintain in a large group setting. So, weutilize the small group environment of the Sunday School class or dis-cipleship group to help connect the individual to the church.As we begin 2010, perhaps we can be challenged by the sugges-tions of LifeWay specialist Bill Craig as we consider ten ideas for build-ing great groups in the next year.
Equip and empower your leaders.
If there is one key to greatgroups, it is having leaders who have been properly enlisted,equipped, and empowered to do their work.
Set goals to start new groups.
Research shows that for everynew ongoing group you start, on average, you’ll increase your atten-dance by ten people. Research also tells us that people who get in-volved in a small group tend to stick around (assimilate) better thanthose who only attend the “big group – worship”.
Utilize January Bible Study.
This Bible study resource goesdeeper than most Sunday School literature. Be creative in when andhow you use this curriculum.
Challenge people about their most important group.
The mostimportant group for any believer is a group of 2: the believer and God,meeting together daily for prayer and Bible reading. Encourage believ-ers to develop this discipline in their Christian life.
Guide small groups on a journey of intentional discipleship.
 Have you been concerned about the lack of results and focus of yoursmall groups ministry? Check out Small Group Life for a brand newway to think about and resource small group Bible study.
Start E-Groups.
Evangelism groups are designed to reach seek-ers. Try Discover More to Life as a resource to reach people aroundyour church and in the neighborhoods of your members who don’tcurrently attend church.
Experience God.
Has it been a while since you and others inyour church have studied Experiencing God? Maybe you have awhole new generation of believers in your church who have neverstudied this core discipleship study about finding and doing the will ofGod.
Strengthen marriages.
Consider a study such as the Love DareBible Study to strengthen marriages in your congregation and commu-nity.
Help parents.
You can find a variety of stand-alone studies thatare designed to help parents develop in their parenting skills. You mayalso use LifeTruths as an on-going small group study for young momsand dads.
Mobilize baby bookers.
The largest population of adults that hasever existed is about to transition into new stages of life – empty nestto retirement to re-careering – the baby boomers in your church andcommunity around you are about to change life of us all again.
If the Sunday School team of the association can assist you intraining your Sunday School leaders, please do not hesitate to contactus through the HOKSBA office.
Church News
Kathryn Graves is now a reporter with the
newspa-per. She is the
Wichita Christian Examiner 
and will be coveringevents within the Christian community in the Wichita area. If yourchurch has an upcoming event that would make a good newsstory, please e-mail her-- she'd love to feature Southern Baptistchurches. Contact Kathryn atKathryn@KathrynGraves.comor callher at 316.706.2892.
Ellen Noeller, WMU Director 
Ladies, mark you calendar for the Women’s Conference on April 24,2010 at Metropolitan Baptist Church from 8:30a.m.-2:00 p.m. withbrunch at 11a.m. Alpa Goombi will be our keynote speaker and Bar-bara Roe will be our worship leader. We have new exciting workshopsthis year:
Teaching children about missions
Parenting and Grand parenting
Dealing with Grief and Depression
Women in Disaster Relief 
Let’s have a Tea PartyFor our Mission Project we will be collecting women’s gifts to behanded out at the Native American Women’s Retreat in May in Fre-mont, Nebraska. Suggested articles include: lotion, spa kit, gloves,apron, craft kits or anything else that women like. If you have any ques-tions, call Ellen Noeller at 316.215.0135.
Immanuel Baptist Church, located at1415 S. Topeka in Wichita, is celebrating 100years of service to the Wichita community.
Almost a century ago, on February 14, 1910, Immanuel began as a mission ofFirst Baptist Church, Wichita, meeting in a store building at 1427 S. LawrenceAvenue (now Broadway). By August of 1916, the mission organized as a churchand recognized 47 charter members, choosing the name “South Lawrence Ave-nue Baptist”. The church name changed to “Faith Baptist” when the street namechanged to Broadway and finally in May of 1945, the church adopted the name“Immanuel Baptist”.The church’s membership and facilities have grown under the leadership of fifteeninterim and full-time pastors, including Pastor Emeritus Dr. George D. McClellandwho served from June 1945 – February 1957, and Pastor Emeritus Dr. John Click who served from February 1971 – February 1997.Current pastor, Dr. Charles Boswell, began his pastorate at Immanuel in August of 2007.The theme of the 100-year celebration is “Celebrating Our Past, Focused on Eternity” and will begin with a Celebration Sunday andDinner-on-the-Grounds Sunday, February 14, 2010. The community and former members are also invited to join the current member-ship in celebrating other anniversary events including: Men’s Golf Tournament, April 24; Ladies’ event with Gracia Burnham, June 24;Immanuel Night at the Wingnuts’ game in July; and Reunion Weekend events, August 14-15 that include a day of fellowship rallies,building tours, and a formal evening banquet on that Saturday and a Worship Celebration on that Sunday, August 15.Former members are encouraged to obtain information regarding the celebration events on the Immanuel website at ibcwichita.com orcontact a member of the Publicity Committee atlibrary@ibcwichita.com.
Contact Information
: Vicki Alfred, 316-630-9447, AnniversaryPublicity Chairman;valfred@sbcglobal.net.
FamilyFestAn Opportunity for a Family Mission TripJuly 10-16, 2010
FamilyFest is a partnership with the national Woman’s Mis-sionary Union, the Kansas/Nebraska Convention of SouthernBaptists, and the Heart of Kansas Southern Baptist Associa-tion. It is designed to give families (age six and up) a prepack-aged missions experience.
How You Can Participate
Think about the needs in the community around your church.How could FamilyFest volunteers assist you and your churchmembers in meeting some of these needs? These volunteerscould work on anything you have a vision for: Vacation BibleSchool, Backyard Bible Clubs, light construction, sport camps,survey work, etc. Perhaps some families in your church wouldlike to travel across town to help another church. For moreinformation contact Mark Jackson 316-943-3446,mark@hoksba.org or Ellen Noeller 316-215-0135, jenoell@prodigy.net.
Homeless Ministry
On October 24
we had a chili cook-off at Metropolitan BaptistChurch. Pat Dominguez was the big winner of a new grill do-nated by Fat Ernie’s Restaurant. We will be having Christmasdinner on December 25
at Riverview Baptist Church. Wehelped 250 people in the past 3 months with food and clothingand have given 45 care packages. In an effort to raise money forthe Homeless Ministry, we are selling 2010 calendars. Call Deb-orah Long if you are interested in purchasing a calendar, 316-204-9517.
Celebrate Recovery
“For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of theeyes, and the pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from theworld. The world is passing away, and the lusts of it; but the onewho does the will of God lives forever.” I John 2:16-17An addiction is a compulsive dependence on a substance (alcohol,prescription medicine, tobacco, marijuana or street drugs) or activ-ity (gambling, sex shopping, eating), that needs ever increasingamounts of stimulation to sustain the desired effect.Key Characteristics of Addictions:
A pattern of out of control substance usage or behaviorfor a year
Mood swings
Feeling of shame or self worthlessness
Strong need to be liked or gain approval from others
Impulse control problems
Use of substance or behaviors to reduce anxiety
Obsessing about a substance or activity
Guilt or shame
Failed efforts to control usage or behavior
Negative consequences to self or others“Jesus came to deliver us from every bondage – physical, psycho-logical, or spiritual…regardless of the problem, He has the powerto help you to deal with it.” – Bishop Wellington BooneOn November 24
we had a “Cardboard Testimony” at CR to ex-press our thankfulness. My cardboard said on one side, “Trappedin Low Self Esteem and Alcoholism” on the other side it said,“Thankful that Christ has set me free and made me a person ofworth.”
Tom Melton 

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