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English to Spanish Drug Phrases and Terms

English to Spanish Drug Phrases and Terms

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Published by run.rebel.run

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Published by: run.rebel.run on Dec 27, 2009
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English-to-Spanish Drug Phrases and Terms
Frases y Términos Médicos del Inglés al Español
Taking the Medication History
Tomando la Historia Médica
(Toh-mahn-doh lah Ees-toh-ree-ah Meh-dee-kah)
Are you allergic to any medications? (If yes:)¿Es alérgico a algún medicamento? (sí:)(Ehs ah-lehr-hee-koh ah ahl-goon meh-dee-kah-mehn-toh) (see:)
Which medications are you allergic to?¿A cuál medicamento es alérgico?(ah koo-ahl meh-dee-kah-mehn-toh ehs ah-lehr-hee-koh)
What happens when you develop an allergic reaction?¿Qué le pasa cuando desarrolla una reacción alérgica?(Keh leh pah-sah koo-ahn-doh deh-sah-roh-yah oo-nah reh-ahk-see-ohn ah-lehr-hee-kah)
What did you do to relieve or stop the allergic reaction?¿Qué hizo para aliviar o detener la reacción alérgica?(Keh ee-soh pah-rah ah-lee-bee-ahr oh deh-teh-nehr lah reh-ahk-see-ohn ah-lehr-hee-kah)
Do you take any over-the-counter, prescription, or herbal medications? (If yes:)¿Toma medicamentos sin receta, con receta, o naturistas (hierbas medicinales)? (sí:)(Toh-mah meh-dee-kah-mehn-tohs seen reh-seh-tah, kohn reh-seh-tah, oh nah-too-rees-tahs [ee-ehr-bahs meh-dee-see-nah-lehs]) (see:)
Why do you take each medication?¿Porqué toma cada medicamento?(Pohr-keh toh-mah kah-dah meh-dee-kah-mehn-toh)
What is the dosage for each medication?¿Cuál es la dosis de cada medicamento?(Koo-ahl ehs lah doh-sees deh kah-dah meh-dee-kah-mehn-toh)
How often do you take each medication?¿Con qué frequencia toma cada medicamento?(Kohn keh freh-koo-ehn-see-ah toh-mah kah-dah meh-dee-kah-mehn-toh)
Once a day?¿Una vez por día; diariamente?(Oo-nah behs pohr dee-ah; dee-ah-ree-ah-mehn-teh)
Twice a day?¿Dos veces por día?(dohs beh-sehs pohr dee-ah)
Three times a day?¿Tres veces por día?(Trehs beh-sehs pohr dee-ah)
Four times a day?¿Cuatro veces por día?(Koo-ah-troh beh-sehs pohr-dee-ah)
Every other day?¿Cada tercer día?(Kah-dah tehr-sehr dee-ah)
Once a week?¿Una vez por semana?(Oo-nah behs pohr seh-mah-nah)
How does each medication make you feel?¿Como le hace sentir cada medicamento?(Koh-moh leh ah-seh sehn-teer kah-dah meh-dee-kah-mehn-toh)
Does the medication make you feel better?¿Le hace sentir mejor el medicamento?(Heh ah-seh sehn-teer meh-hohr ehl meh-dee-kah-mehn-toh)
Does the medication make you feel the same or unchanged?¿Le hace sentir igual o sin cambio el medicamento?(Leh ah-seh sehn-teer ee-goo-ahl oh seen kam-bee-oh ehl meh-dee-kah-mehn-toh)
Does the medication make you feel worse? (If yes:)¿Se siente peor con el medicamento? (si:)(Seh see-ehn teh peh-ohr kohn ehl meh-dee-kah-mehn-toh) (see:)
What do you do to make yourself feel better?¿Qué hace para sentirse mejor?(Keh ah-seh pah-rah sehn-teer-seh meh-hohr)
Preparing for a Regimen of Medication
 Preparando para un régimen de medicamento
(Preh-pah-rahn-doh pah-rah oon reh-hee-mehn deh meh-dee-kah-mehn-toh)
Medication Purpose
 Propósito del medicamento
 (Proh-poh-see-toh dehl meh-dee-kah-mehn-toh)
This medication will help relieve:Este medicamento le ayudará a aliviar:(Ehs-teh meh-dee-kah-mehn-toh leh ah-yoo-dah-rah ah ah-lee-bee-ahr)
abdominal gas.gases intestinales.(gah-sehs een-tehs-tee-nah-lehs)
abdominal pain.dolor intestinal; dolor en el abdomen.(doh-lohr een-tehs-tee-nahl; doh-lohr ehn ehl ahb-doh-mehn)
chest congestion.congestión del pecho.(kohn-hehs-tee-ohn dehl peh-choh)
chest pain.dolor del pecho.(doh-lohr dehl peh-choh)
constipation.constipación; estreñimiento.(Kohns-tee-pah-see-ohn; ehs-treh-nyee-mee-ehn-toh)
headache.dolor de cabeza.(doh-lohr-deh kah-beh-sah)
muscle aches and pains.achaques musculares y dolores.(ah-chah-kehs moos-koo-lah-rehs ee doh-loh-rehs)
This medication will prevent:Este medicamento prevendrá:(Ehs-teh meh-dee-kah-mehn-toh preh-behn-drah)
blood clots.coágulos de sangre.(koh-ah-goo-lohs deh sahn-greh)
constipation.constipación; estreñimiento.(Kohns-tee-pah-see-ohn; ehs-treh-nyee-mee-ehn-toh)

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