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And I'm Wearing Sunglasses

And I'm Wearing Sunglasses

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Published by Philip Finlay-Bryan
Nostalgia in 2009. I am a young man again and I am still wearing sunglasses
Nostalgia in 2009. I am a young man again and I am still wearing sunglasses

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Published by: Philip Finlay-Bryan on Dec 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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http://bluemarsonline.wordpress.comIt all began in June 2009, there was an upgrade, It ended in December 2009
 [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4g8HzmOE8g&hl=en_GB&fs=1&color1=0x006699&color2=0x54abd6&hd=1&border=1]Bye4 Eva.........................................................................................................byeThe Story of My Life and welcome to it.Flat Fact: Have to share this. Its about skiing. I haven't been skiing for ages. I was 21 mygirlfriend was 20, Hiya Jill Billard, still luvya. We were engaged and had been saving, in ourbottom draw. I said to Jill, "I know, lets go skiing with our bottom drawer money!". It took awhile. But I talked her round. The idea of 10 days in a beautiful hotel, in the snow, themountains, a double room, A DOUBLE BED...well she couldn't say no. It cost a fortune, webought all our own gear, only hired boots and skis.We went to five travel agents, not one would give us a double room. we weren't married yousee. Well long story short, we lied. We flew off to Westendorf via Innsbruck. Wow, Wowand Wow. It was so beautiful, it was dark but everything was white. OMG. Our hotel was adream, our double room was lovely, OUR DOUBLE BED promised heaven covered withgiant fluffy clouds. (I later learned that they were called Duvets, but imagine your duvet onyour bed, triple it in thickness with goose feathers, I called em clouds). We cuddled, wefooled around a bit, we slept.The next day. I got up.The sun was rising. I was 20, never seen mountains before, I realisedI'd never seen snow before either not sure I'd seen a blue sky before either. I walked out on tothe Balcony. "Wow its full of Christmas trees and huge, giant touching-the-sky pointy rocks,my nose hairs are freezing" That's what I remember. Shook Jill awake. Took a shower. Gotdressed and looked in the mirror. "Oh, so this is what looking "cool" means" and my mothershand-knitted, pure with different browns circling the neck , one-of-a-kind, fair isle sweatersuggested "supa cool".long story short: Have you been skiing? No? Go, before you die, once you have been you willbe able to ride a motor cycle and turn it without moving the handlebars. You will be wearingyour sunglasses, you always have a pair.After 3 days, Jill is struggling..."But Phil we have another 4 days of nursery school....we'vepaid for all the lessons..." ..."Fuck that, I'm going to the top of the mountain." ooo ow shit jesus help christ no-way stupid chair lift omg its so beautiful nobody-saw-me-skiing-so... Idrink hot chocolate with all my skiiing buddies looking pretty damn fine in the lodge high up
in the mountains. The sun blazes, the sky is deep blue "and we are wearing sunglasses"Check the schedule. What time is the first lift? What time does it get dark?Day 6. "Hey Jill, there is a sleigh ride tonight and its a full moon, lets go." "Won't you be tootired? All you do is ski and sleep" We went. Now you know why I like running in Grid Rock when the moons are high in the sky. It's Mono Chrome. Like under a full moon, high up inthe mountains of Austria with 10 foot snowdrifts. Some people were skiing. They werewearing sunglasses, polaroids. O btw I discovered what sparkling was, and added "glinting"to my vocabulary.The blue run was a disaster. Nearly killed myself, thank god halfway to the nearest village (itwasn't mine) I found a road. It was dark. I took off my sunglasses.LTS : We made love once. We broke up three months later. My favourite windows 7 theme isthe Ducatti . I am not wearing my sunglasses because its 9.10 am GMT I am in my pyjamasat home, .......aahhh.... I'll get them....
 Nostalgia....and I'm wearing sunglasses... John Belushi Born :January 24, 1949 ~ [he was two monthsand two days older than me] Died: March 5, 1982 RIP

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