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When a Church Becomes a Business

When a Church Becomes a Business

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Published by HolyWatchman

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Published by: HolyWatchman on Dec 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When A Church Becomes A Business
Religion and PhilosophyWhen a Church Becomes a BusinessIt’s far worse than most professing Christians have imagined. Because a Christian church is incorrectly thought of as aplace, a service, a building, etc, and not the called out people of God that it really is (the Ekklesia), most people assumethat a church needs to be organized and managed by a CEO (disguised as a shepherd).They end up with a worldly business disguised as a church fully equipped with a worldly military chain-of-commandhierarchy (Senior Pastor, Executive Associate Pastor, Associate Pastors, Music Pastor, etc,). This is pure rubbish as it isnowhere to be found in the Bible.It is impossible to “go” to church or “have” church. That is because Christians ARE the church. We can only BE the church.This is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is not something that we can turn on and off like a light switch. Popular Sunday “once-a-weekism” is absolute nonsense.The church is to meet daily wherever they can, usually house-to-house. Anywhere we go, to our jobs, to the store,wherever, there the church is because we as Christians are the church. Christianity is far simpler than most professingChristians try to make it seem. In so many words, Paul the Apostle said that he was concerned that as Eve was deceived bythe serpent that some have departed from the simplicity that is in Christ.Today "the church" jumped out of a van on the way to work to help a little old lady who was shivering in the cold. This isbecause a Christian jumped out of his van to help that dear woman with her needs and to preach the Gospel to her,showing the love of God in action in tangible reality. This is the church in action. Theatrical stage shows, pulpit-pewlectures, music concert churches and Broadway-like productions passed off as the real church assembling are ludicrous atbest.The popular yet monumental misunderstanding of authority in the church is probably the biggest problem driving the falsechurch system. The main problem is with the people that the Bible calls "Nicolaitans", those who Christians ALLOW toconquer and suppress them. (From the Greek, the word "nico" means "suppression or conquering of" and "laos" is where weget the word laity which means people). In Revelation 2:6 and 2:15, Jesus said that He hates the practices and teachings of the Nicolaitans.Not surprisingly, most Nicolaitans refuse to acknowledge and admit that they are Nicolaitans. They make the false claimthat no one can really know what a Nicolaitan is or is not. Most just quote a popular fairytale that the word means a followerof the mythical heretic Niclaus. Not so. The truth is we know quite clearly exactly what the word means and exactly whothese people are. Plus, it doesn't make any sense that Jesus would mention something that He hates and then never let usknow what exactly that He was talking about.Today there is no shortage of those who want a counterfeit Saul to be king over them and there is no shortage of Nicolaitans who want to be that king in the place of Christ. (By the way, The defintion of an antichrist is one who opposesChrist and/or stands in His place). At least God told Samuel to appoint Saul as king. Even though God was displeased withthe fact that Israel wanted a man as king instead of Him, he still authorized Saul’s appointment. Today’s multitude of counterfeit “Sauls” have no such authorization from God. They are self-appointed and people powered. Here’s why we knowthat they are counterfeit leaders (they may be real Christians but they are false pastors):

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