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Autocad 2d Module 02 PDF

Autocad 2d Module 02 PDF

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Published by faizanmirani

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Published by: faizanmirani on Dec 27, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Learning Outcomes:
Self-paced Learning Modules
AutoCAD 2D
Module 2Getting Started
When you have completed this module, you will be able to:
1. Describe an AutoCAD command, option prompt, defaults, drawing name, drawingextensions, and drawing templates.2. Describe and apply the commands NEW, QSAVE, OPEN, and CLOSE. Demonstrateyou can use them by starting new drawings, naming the drawings, saving them to aspecified folder location, open existing drawings, and closing drawings.
AutoCAD Commands
Most work in AutoCADconsists of givinginstructions, tellingAutoCAD what youwant it to do. Thoseinstructions are called
. Most of the time you will beentering commandsusing the commandline window, a pull-down menu or atoolbar menu. Figure2-1 shows the LINEcommand beingentered using all threemethods.
Figure 2-1
Different Methods of Executing the LINE CommandRegardless of the way you enter commands, AutoCAD doesn't really know or care where thecommand was initiated. To AutoCAD, all commands look alike. Therefore, you have the choiceas to which method you want to use. There is no right or wrong way. Throughout the AutoCADModules, you will be shown different ways of entering each command. You can decide whichone(s) you want to use.
Executing Commands
Many menu items execute commands automatically but a lot of the time it is up to you to do this.
 Executing a command 
is your way of telling AutoCAD that you are finished and it is AutoCAD'sturn. You can execute a command by either pressing the enter key or the space bar on thekeyboard.
Getting StartedThe CAD Guys Ltd. Copyright © 2004 - 2007Module 2
2 - 2AutoCAD Self-paced Learning Modules - AutoCAD 2D - Revised 2007-06-30
Repeating the Last Command
AutoCAD can be very repetitive. To work faster, you can repeat the last command that wasexecuted by pressing the enter key, the space bar, or clicking the right mouse button.
Option Prompts
After you execute most commands,AutoCAD will respond with an optionprompt. An
option prompt 
is AutoCADasking you a question in response to acommand or requesting some input.Figure 2-2 shows three commands and theoption prompts returned. User input is in
In the first command LINE, you cansee that the AutoCAD option prompt isSpecify first point and the user responds2,2. AutoCAD then asks Specify nextpoint or [Undo]:. As you can see, it isimportant for you to watch the commandline window to see what AutoCAD is askingfrom you next.
Specify first point:
Specify next point or [Undo]:
Specify next point or [Undo]:Command:
Current settings: Mode = TRIM, Radius = 0.2500Select first object or [Polyline/Radius/Trim]:
Specify fillet radius <0.3500>:
Select first object or [Polyline/Radius/Trim]:Select second object:Command:
Regenerating model.
Figure 2-2
Option Prompt
AutoCAD sets defaults for almost
everything. A
is the value
AutoCAD uses if the user doesnot supply one. The default isinside angle brackets "< >". If youwant to use the default value,simply respond by pressing theenter key or the space bar. SeeFigure 2-3.
Command Options
Command options
are selectionsyou can choose from to changethe default if required. Commandoptions are inside "[ ]" as you cansee in Figure 2-3. An example of the defaults and options for theCIRCLE command are shown inthe second line of the figure:
Specify center point for circle or 
[3P/2P/Ttr (tan tan radius)]:Specify center point for circle- isthe default.
Specify center point for circle or [3P/2P/Ttr (tan tan radius)]:
(The default is Specify center point for circle)
Specify radius of circle or [Diameter] <3.0000>:
(The default is radius of circle, size 3.0000)
Current settings: Mode = TRIM, Radius = 0.2500
(The default Mode is TRIM and Radius is 0.2500)
Select first object or [Polyline/Radius/Trim]:
(The default is Select first object)
Current text style: "Standard" Text height: 0.2000
(The default text style is Standard and height 0.2000)
Specify start point of text or [Justify/Style]:
(The default is Specify start point of text)
Specify height <0.2000>:
(The default height is 0.2000)
Specify rotation angle of text <0>:
(The default rotation angle is 0)
Figure 2-3
AutoCAD Defaults[3P/2P/Ttr (tan tan radius)]- are the options.
Getting StartedThe CAD Guys Ltd. Copyright © 2004 - 2007Module 2
AutoCAD Self-paced Learning Modules - AutoCAD 2D - Revised 2007-06-30
When you want to accept the default value for any option prompt, simply
2 - 3
press the enter key or space bar. Do not re-enter the value as this will slowyour drawing speed. For example
Specify fillet radius <0.25>:
 If you want to use 0.25, press the enter key or  space bar here.
AutoCAD's option prompts will be a combination of upper and lower caseletters. Only enter the letters in uppercase as this will help you workfaster. For example:Command:
Select an object or [Delta/Percent/Total/DYnamic]:
(For Delta enter D,
for Percent enter P, for Total enter T, and
for  DYnamic enter DY.)
AutoCAD Drawings
An AutoCAD
is a database file containing graphical and non-graphical data. The file
must have the extension .DWG. To be able to do anything in AutoCAD, you must have at leastone drawing open. You can open multiple drawings at the same time and switch betweenthem at will. Only one drawing can be active at a time. The
active drawing 
is the drawingcurrent being affected by the commands you are entering.The NEW command is used to create a new drawing. All new drawings must be started from atemplate file. All lab exercises in this course will use supplied template files.
AutoCAD Command:NEW
The NEW command is used to create and open a new drawing.
Getting StartedThe CAD Guys Ltd. Copyright © 2004 - 2007Module 2

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