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POEM -- My Demons Call

POEM -- My Demons Call



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Published by Mysticalgod Uidet
This poem exposes my personal life concerning learning to withstand daily battles with desire. These creatures are real, and they haunt me daily.
This poem exposes my personal life concerning learning to withstand daily battles with desire. These creatures are real, and they haunt me daily.

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Published by: Mysticalgod Uidet on Dec 28, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Here I am in this dreamy place again.around me are dusty fields, dead grass, decaying, old bridges.The sky is fading to dark red. No birds sing or live here.Few in number, the clouds still threaten me.The stagnant waters under the bridges hold fat, slimy fish that swim beneath thefloating moss.Although not forsaken, I am alone, and God only hides from me here.I know this place so well, yet here I'm lost.I am a wanderer, looking for something that will tell me what I am looking for.Empty houses call me into them, and show me room after room with odd things ormemories sought to be forgottenor demons who desire to rob me of something important, health, safety, sanity,spirit, or power.The demon sees me and cries in rage, seeking to enter me, and attacks. I draw fireupon it from both side and drive a sword into its body, only by thought of swordand fire, and yet I awake suddenly, out of breath and terrified. Then, once again,I am reminded that these demons have already found a way inside me, while I wasstill young, and that the war still continues.NIGHT and day lost in passion as red as bloodmy heart is driven to crave things with much lust,sweet gold, diamonds, hundred dollar bills and lipstick,me, me, me, forget about the hungry and sick,no I cry out from the darkness within this sin,my good character evading this assassin,I surely know what is wrong and what is right,yet I fret for good cause to slip from it's claws,help me oh my guardian in this my dark hour,my only everlasting presence within,but the demons with a pleasant touch again win,the fingers in the right places pastor calls sin,release me you beast and go away I say,then lets see you live without money today,but this that I need I find a way to crave,give me my passion for it is mine all mine,'madness isn't far from my eternal sadness,I seek for light which one in me may call right,please oh my soul don't leave me in dire twilight,red eyes arise from rising darkness towards me,saving me from this is beyond anyone's ability,like leviathan arising from the depths of the sea,alive yet as wrong as death seeking me whole,I thirst endlessly for sex, power, and gold,his will against mine as talons sink into flesh,my cries in this battle are forever hopeless,it carries me over a lake alive with dead things,will they kill me or the pleasures these demons bring,suddenly falling and falling into unknown depths,suddenly awake in the sobering truth ever endless.*** MYSTICALGOD ***

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Mysticalgod Uidet added this note
empty houses....eerie visions of peopleless cities.
Mysticalgod Uidet added this note
I hadn't ever seen red skies, until now. They were like the ones from my dreams. Red auras have recently appeared due to unusually strong solar flares. see spaceweather.com : http://spaceweather.com/swpod2011/30o...
Mysticalgod Uidet added this note
sometimes the demons are not demons, but angels just guiding you to a better way. (Mysticalgod 6.13.11)
Mysticalgod Uidet added this note
Some people detach to find their spiritual path, by secluding themselves from "their world". I assert that one should engage "their world", but they should also be a keen observer to the events occurring around them and to them. Every event one experiences is a message to be understood. To ignore your life is to ignore your true spirituality. Witness the magic that lives with you daily.

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