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Metabolic Circuit

Metabolic Circuit

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Published by Mike

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Published by: Mike on Dec 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Metabolic CircuitPurpose
- The purpose of the metabolic circuit is to increase musclemass. This program has been used by the University of NebraskaStrength program for the past 15 years with great results. It isrecommended that it be done by athletes who have at least twoyears of lifting experience. This insures proper lifting technique withinthe time restrictions utilized by the metabolic circuit. Also, theintensity of the metabolic circuit can result in psychologicalovertraining, because of the psych required to withstand the painincurred. Younger lifters take notice of more advanced lifters doingthe circuit and may want to do it themselves. By making them waitone to two years insures greater effort when the time comes to dothe metabolic circuit. The circuit works best when extreme effort isused. That effort must be tempered with patience. The purpose of the metabolic circuit is based on the research done byBill Kraemer, PhD., on the release of anabolic hormones in responseto heavy resistance using different training protocols. He found bymanipulating the acute program variables (choice of exercises,exercise order, exercise load and rest between sets) had an on theneuroendocirne responses and metabolic adaptations, hence the titleof metabolic circuit. The following are the basic results of his research.
Greater testosterone release when using large muscle groupexercises (e.g. the squat, leg press) with heavy resistance.
Greater serum growth hormone release when doing 3 X 10 ascompared to 3 X 5.
Greater serum growth hormone release when utilizing a 1minute rest as compared to 3 minute rest between sets..
Exercises and Exercise Order
Station #1 Squat or Leg Press - works thighs, hamstrings, hips, lowerbackStation #2 Bench Press or Chest Press - works chest, shoulders,tricepsStation #3 Lat Pull down or Chin Assist - works lats, biceps, forearmsStation #4 Leg Curl - works hamstringsStation #5 Shoulder Press - works shoulders, tricepsStation #6 Low Row - works lats, biceps, forearmsStation #7 Leg Extension - works quadsStation #8 Triceps Pushdown - works tricepsStation #9 Arm Curl - works biceps
A. Start with multiple joint exercises and finish with single jointexercises.
Exercises utilizing larger muscle groups releasemore testosterone.
Always start the circuit with the squat. Squatsare preferred over leg presses. This gets testosterone release earlyin the circuit. Then later in circuit the testosterone can be driven inisolated muscle groups.B. Alternate leg, chest, and back exercises to allow for greaterrecovery of muscle groups.C. It is better to do slow movement exercises during the circuit andnot explosive Olympic movements for safety purposes.
- Use a weight that allows 3 sets of 10 repetitions.
Moregrowth hormone is released when the number or repetitionsare ten repetitions as opposed to doing five or fewer.
Gradually build into three sets of ten over the course of three weeks. Then gradually add weight each of the succeeding three weeks.
Week 1
- 1 set of 10 reps done two days per week.
Week 2
- Advance to two sets at each station before moving to thenext station.
Week 3
- Three sets at each station before moving to the nextstation.Week 4 – Add weightWeek 5 – Add weightWeek 6 – Add weightIf the athlete cannot complete all 3 sets of 10 repetitions on anyexercise then do not increase the weight the following week.
Rest Period -
Allow only 60 seconds of rest when moving from oneexercise to the next exercise.
Greater serum growth hormonerelease when utilizing a 1 minute rest as compared to 3minutes rest.
One exception is the squat; a heavy set of 10 on thesquat will normally take longer than 20 seconds. So allow as muchtime as needed to do a set of ten on the squat. Then allow 60seconds of rest. A wall clock or watch can be used to time therecovery period between sets on the squat. It is best to use a circuittimer with the rest of the exercises. Set the timer at 80 seconds.Allow 20 seconds for 10 repetitions. For most exercises each rep willtake about 2 seconds so 20 of the 80 seconds will be used for thework interval and the remaining 60 seconds will be used for recoveryin between sets.

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