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pFirst, What is pH? Body pH Refers to the Degree

pFirst, What is pH? Body pH Refers to the Degree



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Published by: eno_78871608 on Dec 29, 2009
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pFirst, What is pH?
 Body pH refers to the degree of acidity(sourness) or alkalinity (bitterness) of the body'sblood or other fluids. Acidity is expressed on thepH scale, in which 1.0 is a very low pH andstrongly acid, 7.0 is neutral, and above 7.0 isalkaline, with a high pH limit of 14. Blood isnormally slightly alkaline, with a pH range of 7.35 to 7.45. The blood's acid-alkalinity balanceis controlled precisely because even a minor deviation from the normal range can severelyaffect many organs.All cells, organs and fluids in the body havetheir own preferred pH values in order tooperate at peak performance. These ranges areusually found in the slightly alkaline level. Whenthe pH is pushed higher or lower than the levelpreferred, the ability of the fluid or cell to do its job is "stressed." It cannot utilize the nutrients itneeds, eliminate the wastes collected, etc., untilthe proper pH is restored. This is where you, themaster operator of your body, can make thingsright usingpH testingon a regular basis.The key to the door that opens up to full controlof one's health is called pH testing. This is howit is done and used:ThepH papersregister pH values frommoderately strong acid pH 5.5 to mildly alkalinepH of 8.0. The thin strip of orange-yellow turnscolor when it comes into contact with moist or wet acid or alkaline substances. A color guidecomes with the pH paper. The pH value isshown by the number above each color.There are two body fluids that can be fairlyconveniently tested to give an accurateindication of the pH of your intestinalenvironment. One is saliva and the other isurine. This write-up will concern only the salivatest in order to get you going soonest. The urinepH test will be the subject of a forthcomingwriteup.
Saliva pH testing.
The pH of your saliva moves from high to lowaccording to what you eat in your diet over aperiod of time. Tear off a strip of pH test paper 1-2" long and hold it below your mouth so thatyou can spite a small amount of saliva onto anend of the strip. Shake the extra spittle off of theend of the strip and compare the change incolor of the moistened end to the color chart.Note on a piece of paper that you can record onfrom day to day the number of the pH value. Dothis at the very beginning of each day beforeyou have put anything whatsoever in your mouth. This will be your "normal" saliva pHbefore being changed by things going into your mouth or the events of the day.Here, in a quick glance, is how you can test andevaluate your body's pH. Monitoring your salivapH can help you improve your diet and other lifestyle characteristics so that your health canbe under your control.There are two other types of pH tests that canbe done. The first is called the "saliva stresstest" and the second tests one's urine. Bothtests are more complicated to do than the onegiven here and will be the subject of a later writeup.
Acid-ash / alkaline ash:
The ash factor meanswhen food is burned or metabolized by thebody, what is it's pH value - acid or alkaline.Some foods, oranges or apple cider vinegar, for instance, are acid before metabolizing andalkalizing afterwards.
(Leave strong acid in your internal environment)Alcohol, Aspirin, Bacon, Barley grain, Beef,Blueberries, Bran (oat), Bran (wheat), Bread(white), Bread (whole wheat), Butter, Cake,Carob, Cereals, Cheese, Chicken, Chickpeas,Chocolate, Cod, Coffee, Corn, Corned beef,Crackers (soda), Cranberries, Currants, Eggs,Flour (white), Flour (whole wheat), Grains(except millet), Haddock, Honey, Lamb,Legumes, Lentils (dried), Lobster, Macaroni,Milk (cow's), Mustard, Nuts, Oatmeal, Oysters,Pasta, Peanut butter, Peanuts, Peas (dried),Pike, Pork, Rice (brown), Rice (white), Salmon,Sardines, Sausage, Scallops, Seeds (dried),Shrimp, Soda crackers, Soft drinks, Spaghetti,Squash (winter), Sugar, Sunflower seeds, Tea(black), Turkey, Veal, Vinegar (distilled), VitaminC (ascorbic acid), Walnuts, Wheat germ,Yogurt, Canned (glazed & sulfured fruit), Alldairy products, All animal, foul and sea animalproducts.
Corn Oil, Corn Syrup, Olive Oil, Refined Sugar.
(Help to control acid in your internalenvironment)Alfalfa sprouts, Almonds, Apples, Apricots,Avocados, Bananas, Beans (dried), Beetgreens, Beets, Berries, Blackberries, Broccoli,Brussels sprouts,Cabbage, Cantaloupe, Carrots, Cauliflower,Celery, Chard leaves, Cherries (sour), Collardgreens, Cucumbers, Dates (dried), Dulse, Figs(dried), Fresh corn, Goat whey, Grapefruit,Grapes, Green beans, Green peas, Greensoybeans, Kale, Kelp, Lettuce, Lima beans(dried), Lima beans (green), Limes, Mangoes,Maple syrup*, Melons, Milk (goat), Millet,
Keep this record in a secure and convenientlocation so that you can record the values insuccessive days. This is the simplest, mostbare-bones pH test routine. You just look at theone reading at the start of the day and compareit to the prior day's readings. If the change istowered a slightly alkaline reading 7.0 - 7.4, asthe days progress, then you are on the righttrack. If there is no change or the readings aremoving away from the proper range, then youare not doing enough correct actions to improveyour health. These values, by the way, can bemuch affected by emotional and mental statesof the individual. Take note if this seems toapply when you evaluate the pH values.
What Do the Numbers Mean?5.5-6.0:
State of health is mildly poor or verypoor. Anxiety or chronic stress could also bedominating the physiology. If mental/emotionalfactors are not the cause, improving diet,detoxification and exercise will move the valuesup to the correct range.
Usually indicates that emotions are notgetting the best of physiology. This rangeimproves more easily with improvement in diet,a detoxification program and some exercisewhere there was not enough before. "Improvingdiet" for those with a pH below 7.0 meanseating 70% or more foods from the alkaline-ash* list of foods daily.
Diet isn't a major problem unless stablyabove 7.4 Vegetarians commonly fall in thishigh pH range and can be headed towardexhaustion. Worry and anxiety can beoverriding the positive benefits they get fromtheir good diets. When worry and too muchstress is not the case, the physical handling isto include more rice cereals and other acid-ashin their diets to tone down the pH. (See acid-ashand alkaline-ash foods list, attached.) Also, milddetoxification and exercise may be of benefit toimprove conditions.
Article Continued In Next Column
Your Health Freedom May Be At Risk! Check OurCODEX/Activism Section|Main Articles Page
Molasses, Mushrooms, Muskmelons, Mustardgreens, Okra, Onions, Oranges, Parsley,Parsnips, Peaches, Pears, Peppers, Pineapple,Plums, Potatoes (sweet), Potatoes (white),Prunes, Quinoa, Radishes, Raisins,Raspberries, Rhubarb**, Rutabagas,Sauerkraut, Soy beans (green), Spinach (raw),Strawberries, Tangerines, Tomatoes, Vinegar (cider), Watercress, Watermelon.* All foods become acid when sugar is added** Rhubarb alkalizes but has properties bad for health.We hope this information has been of help toyou....Best of health,Ron RadstromFounder, Health Freedom Resources.
Your Health Freedom May Be At Risk! Check OurCODEX/Activism Section|Main Articles Page
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pH Balancing: A Users Guide
 by Ron Radstrom
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