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Energy of Money

Energy of Money

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Published by isabel

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Published by: isabel on Dec 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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© Apryl Jensen
 All Rights Reserved 
ICreateVitality.com Page 2
Financial issues were a big problem in my ownlife, and I can relate to what a mountain of debt feels like. What was worse is that I wasenergetically more aligned with creating debtthan creating money. Even as I learned to earnmore and more—the debt was still increasing!I don’t know how many times I wrote out newdebt repayment schedules or how many booksI’d read on financial matters—nothing worked. Until I learned toshift my energy and beliefs around money.What we focus on, we create. Through the Law of Attraction weknow that LIKE attracts LIKE. So if we have a lot of debt, and thinkabout our debt often, it increases. Even if we learn to make moreand more money. If we are still energetically set to focus more onthe lack of money—
is what we create.Another issue my husband and I had to deal with energetically wasthe belief that we’d always have just enough to get by. So even aswe learned to create more cash flow than we were used to, newexpenses or unexpected bills came along to eat up the excess.I know it takes a leap of faith to be willing tounderstand that money is just energy. For the longesttime, I had resistance to tidea. I had beliefs aboumoney –that it comesworking hard, getting ahistby
© Apryl Jensen
 All Rights Reserved 
ICreateVitality.com Page 3
good education, and being diligent. Bhad also done those things, and mowas still elusive. I had beliefs about mown value that I had developed inchildhood. Until I could see value inmyself—just for being me—not for whatI did or created—I wasn’t able to creamoney and create wealth. I learned if Iworked harder and harder, I could create more and more money—but I couldn’t keep it. New expenses came along—and the moneywould never stay for long.ut Ineyyteto be the case with money. In fact, wenervous and uncomfortable—But at the same time, experiencing this was a blessing—because ithelped me to see I had beliefs running my experience with money.When you catch patterns in your life—especially with something youhave worked and worked to change—pay attention to them! Nearlyevery time the problem is not with something you are doing, butrather, something you are believing.You can take a moment right now and feel your energy about money.If you are already resisting this idea—notice that. I can tell you rightnow you are just feeling negative energy—and you don’t want thattend to feel negative energywith money when we areconditioned to hear the word“money” and think of “lack omoney” instead.Even if this makes you feel

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