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12 Olympians

12 Olympians



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Published by ninayuri20

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Published by: ninayuri20 on Dec 30, 2009
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12 Olympian Gods and Goddesses
There were 12 Olympian gods and goddesses in Greek mythology, although you may run across 14 differentnames. Hestia, Demeter, Dionysus, Hephaestus, and Hades are variable. The remaining are: Apollo, Ares, Hermes,Poseidon, and Zeus, among the gods; Aphrodite, Athena, Artemis, and Hera, among the goddesses.The Roman versions of the Greek names are: Apollo, Mars, Mercury, Neptune, and Jupiter, among the canonicalmales; Venus, Minerva, Diana, and Juno, among the canonical females. The alternates are Vesta, Ceres, Bacchus,Vulcan, and Pluto.The twelve Olympian gods and goddesses were the major deities with prominent roles in Greek mythology.Although Being an Olympian god meant a throne on Mt. Olympus, some of the major Olympians spent most of their timeelsewhere. Poseidon lived in the sea and Hades in the Underworld.
Demeter - Greek Goddess of Agriculture and Wheat
Who Is Demeter?:
Demeter is a goddess of fertility, grain, and agriculture. She is pictured as a maturemotherly figure. Although she is the goddess who taught mankind about agriculture, she isalso the goddess responsible for creating winter and a mystery religious cult. Demeter isusually accompanied by her daughter Persephone.
Family of Origin:
Demeter was a daughter of the Titans Cronus and Rhea. Demeter was a sister of thegoddesses Hestia and Hera, and the gods Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus.
Demeter in Roman Mythology:
The attributes of Demeter are a sheaf of grain, a conical headdress, a scepter, atorch, and a sacrificial bowl.
Hermes - Greek Messenger of the Gods
Who Is Hermes?:
Hermes is familiar as the messenger god in Greek mythology. In a related capacity,he brought the dead to the Underworld in his role of "Psychopompos". Zeus made histhieving son Hermes god of commerce. Hermes invented various devices, especiallymusical ones, and possibly fire. He is known as a helpful god.
Family of Origin:
Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maia (one of the Pleiades).
Roman Equivalent:
Hermes is sometimes shown as young and sometimes bearded. He wears a hat, winged sandals, and shortcloak. Hermes has a tortoise-shell lyre and the staff of a shepherd. In his role as psychopompos, Hermes is the"herdsman" of the dead. Hermes is referred to as luck-bringing (messenger), giver of grace, and the Slayer of Argus.
Hermes is called Psychopompos (Herdsman of the dead or guider of souls), messenger, bringer of dreams, thief,trickster. Hermes is a god of commerce and music. Hermes is the messenger or Herald of the gods and was known for hiscunning and as a thief from the day of his birth. Hermes is the father of Pan and Autolycus.
Hades - Greek God of the Underworld
Who Is Hades?:
Although Hades (the Unseen One) is an Olympian god, he is the Lord of theUnderworld and ruler of the dead. Hades is not the god of death, however -- that's Thanatos.Hades rules those given proper funeral rites and brought over by Charon. Hades complainedabout Apollo's son, the healer Asclepius because he restored people to life, thereby reducingHades' dominions. Hades inflicted Thebes with plague probably because they weren't buryingthe slain and therefore were denying bodies for Hades to have dominion over.The name Hades is generally applied to the realm of the Underworld. Hades is fearedand hated. An oath taken on his name is especially binding. There are few stories aboutHades since he spends most of his time among the non-living.
Family of Hades:
Hades was a son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea. His brothers are Zeus andPoseidon. Hestia, Hera, and Demeter are Hades' sisters.
Children of Hades
The Erinyes (Furies),
Zagreus (Dionysus), and
Makaria (goddess of a blessed death)
Other Names for Hades:
Sometimes people say Pluto is the Roman equivalent of Hades, but Pluto was a god of wealth, not of theUnderworld. Sometimes, however, the Greeks themselves called Hades
is the Latin for the Greek word
), so it seems prissy to demand greater precision. (More on the names Hades, Pluto, and Dis.) Hades is alsocalled
Zeus Katachthonios
(Zeus under the earth), and
Hades is best known for abducting Demeter's daughter Persephone, keeping her with him in the Underworldwhere no one knew where she was, and then, when found out, tricking her into eating some pomegranate seeds. Byeating in the land of Hades, Persephone was bound to Hades. A deal was made to let Persephone join her mother half the year, but she always returns.
Hades is shown as a dark-bearded man, with a crown, scepter, and key. He has a three-headed dog (Cerberus).Hades has a helmet of invisibility and a chariot.
Hestia - Greek Goddess of the Hearth
Who Is Hestia?
The honored, first born of the Olympian gods, the Greek goddess Hestia is also called thelast born because her father swallowed his children and then regurgitated them in reverse order.Hestia has power over altars, hearths, town halls and states. In return for a vow of chastity, Zeusassigned honor to Hestia in human homes.
Family of Origin:
Hestia was the first born child of Cronos and Rhea. Her brothers were Zeus, Hades, andPoseidon. Her sisters were Demeter and Hera.
Roman Equivalent:
Hestia is associated with the hearth. Hestia almost never leaves home. She swore a vow of eternal chastity.
Hera - Greek Goddess of Marriage and Women
Who Is Hera?
Hera is the queen of the gods. She is usually plotting either to favor the Greeks over the Trojans, as in Homer's Iliad, or against one of the females who has caught the roving eyeof her philandering husband, Zeus. At other times, Hera is shown plotting mischief againstHeracles.
Family of Origin:
The Greek goddess Hera is one of the daughters of Cronus and Rhea. She is thesister and wife of the king of the gods, Zeus.
Roman Equivalent:
Attributes of Hera:
Peacock, cow, crow and pomegranate for fertility. She is described as cow-eyed
Powers of Hera:
Hera is the queen of the gods and the wife of Zeus. She is the goddess of marriage and is one of the childbirthgoddesses. She created the Milky Way when she was lactating.
Children of Hera:
Hera was the mother of Hephaestus. Sometimes she is credited with giving birth to him without the input of a maleas a response to Zeus' giving birth to Athena from his head. Hera was not pleased with the clubfoot of her son. Either sheor her husband threw Hephaestus from Olympus. He fell to earth where he was tended by Thetis, the mother of Achilles,for which reason he created Achilles' great shield.Hera was also the mother, with Zeus, of Ares and Hebe, the cupbearer of the gods who marries Heracles.

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