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Explanation of Soorat Al-Kahf

Explanation of Soorat Al-Kahf

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Published by Ahmed Hayat

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Ahmed Hayat on Dec 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Abu Ad-Dardaa reported that the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam) said,
“Anyone who memorizes ten aayahs from the beginning of Soorat Al-Kahf will be protected from the Dajjaal.” 
Muslim, Riyaad As-Saaliheen by Imaam An-Nawawee 183 #1012One narration says,
from the end of Soorat Al-Kahf”.
 The Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said,
Whoever recited Soorat Al- Kahf in the same manner in which it was revealed, it will serve for him as alight on the Day of Judgment, from his domicile to Makkah. And whoever recited the last ten verses, and it happens that the Dajjaal should appear after that, Dajjaal will not be empowered over him.” 
Al-Haakim 1/564 & Adh-Dhahabee
ميحرلا نحرلا ا مسب 
Good companions
Knowing the realityof life
Remembering theHereafter
Calling to Allaah
Boats of success
Soorat Al-Kahf= 4 stories
Trial of authorityTrial of knowledgeTrial of wealth and childrenTrial of religion
The Peopleof the Cave
The Owner of the Two Gardens
Moosaa & Khidr 
Dhul Qarnayn
The story of the greatking that joined bothknowledge and strength,and traveled to all partsof the earth, helpingpeople and spreadinggoodness. -He overcame theproblem of Gog andMagog by building a damand was able to put towork the strength of apeople who could hardlyunderstand a word.When Moosaa wasasked, “Who is the mostknowledgeable person inthe earth? He said, “Me”Then Allaah revealed tohim that there wassomeone moreknowledgeable than him.-Moosaa traveled tomeet him in order tolearn from him howsometimes we do notunderstand Allaah’sWisdom but He isinvariably Wise (i.e. – theship, the boy, the wall
In approximately themiddle of the Soorahcomes the story of Iblees - the one whopulls the strings of fitnah.
Will you then takehim and hisoffspring asprotectors andhelpers rather thanMe while they areenemies to youWhat an evil is theexchange for thewrongdoers.
Aayah 50
The story of the man whoAllaah had blessed, buthe forgot the One whohad blessed him,transgressed and haddoubts in his faith. Hedidn’t give thanks for theblessings, even thoughhis friend reminded him.-Destruction of the cropsand harvest+-Regret after it was toolateThe story of the believingyoung men who wereliving in a disbelievingcountry. They decided toleave their homes and runaway with their religionafter a confrontationbetween them and their people.
Allaah rewarded themwith the mercy of the caveand care of the sun+-They woke up to findtheir village were allbelievers
What is the relationship of Soorat Al-Kahf to the Dajjaal?
The Dajjaal will appear prior to the Day of Judgment with 4 trials:
He will ask people to worship himinstead of Allaah
He will order the sky to rain, and he willtempt people with his wealth.
He will try people with knowledge due towhat he reveals to people of news
He will control major parts of the Earth
Trial of religionTrial of wealth
Trial of knowledgeTrial of authority

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