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Got Chemtrails? How to Make An Orgonite ChemBuster That Will Dissipate Offending Chemtrails

Got Chemtrails? How to Make An Orgonite ChemBuster That Will Dissipate Offending Chemtrails

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Published by wire-of-Information
A How To Guide on Making an Orgonite Chembuster that will dissipate chemtrails. It is easy to build and relatively cheap to make.
A How To Guide on Making an Orgonite Chembuster that will dissipate chemtrails. It is easy to build and relatively cheap to make.

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Published by: wire-of-Information on Dec 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Wilhelm Reich And The Orgonite CloudBuster 
The CloudBuster as designed by Wilhelm Reich didsomething amazingly well--it absorbed the negativeorgone energy that surrounds us and induced rain. Itmade rain happen. The main trouble with Wilhelm Reich'sCloudBuster was that because it pulled negative orgoneenergy from the space surrounding it, the cloudbuster accumulated, and soon became saturated with, negativeorgone energy.Because negative orgone energy had a harmful andpotentially fatal effect on any human being that touchedthe device itself, the cloudbuster had to be consistentlydrained of the accumulated negative orgone energy byeither, a) connecting it to a body of running water or, b)connecting it to an orgone accumulator, which soonbecame saturated itself and began to cause trouble for thehuman operator of the device. So, this accumulation of negative orgone energy in the Wilhelm Reich OrgoniteCloudBuster is the main reason that Wilhelm Reich's workwas not, and has not been implemented worldwide.Now let's change focus briefly, from Wilhelm Reich'sCloudBuster to the not-so-recent phenomenon known asChemtrails. You may already know about chemtrails, aglobal aerosol toxin release program that is happeningnow in our skies--or you may not. If you don't know whatchemtrails are, just look up in the sky every now and thenover the next couple of days, you may just catch one of 
the unmarked, high-altitude, mystery jets releasing a longplume of toxins, which are different than the quicklydissipating vapor contrails of military jets. Go tohttp://wireofinformation.wordpress.comfor informativechemtrail videos.If you're like most of us, and by that I mean most of usEarth Citizens, you're really pissed off about this attack onour health, our lungs and our planet, Our Earth. You wantto know how to remedy the situation, to fight back. Write aletter, talk to a representative, ask questions, get the wordout, tell everyone you know--these are all options toexplore. They will bring results. Over time. Meanwhile, allof us are breathing this stuff--whatever it is they'rereleasing--directly into our lungs.Here's what you can do today to stop the chemtrailmadness. There's a reason for everything, even for whyyou arrived on this page! Could it be that maybe you'resupposed to build an Orgonite ChemBuster? Think aboutthis carefully: each well built Orgonite ChemBuster unitclears the sky of chemtrails and produces positive orgoneenergy simultaneously. For up to 120 miles in all directionsif you add extra crystals!Now you understand, just think of the beneficial andpositive effect your personal effort will have on everythingand everyone around the location of your OrgoniteChemBuster--for up to 120 miles. And they won't evenknow!
Some people would say that having this information, asyou will shortly, puts on you a type of responsibility. TheOriginal Purpose of Mankind was to be Stewards of theEarth, Caretakers of the Planet.Aren't we here to take care of our planet? We're notsupposed to destroy it, are we? Yet that's what a smallminority of people are doing, the ones at the top. It seemsthe power elite believe "ordinary" Earth Citizens like Youand I would rather watch television than defend our Earthfrom purposeful aerosol release of toxins and thesubsequent deterioration of our personal health anddestruction of our Earth's beautiful ecosystem.Okay so here's the good news: Each human being thatcares about the Earth, each one of us, can make his or her own personal Orgonite ChemBuster, which will absorband transmute negative orgone energy into positiveorgone energy. This will help heal the atmosphere up to120-mile radius of where it is placed. Put it wherever youwant--in your backyard or somewhere inside your house--it still has the same effect.The Orgonite ChemBuster is a major improvement over the CloudBuster design of Wilhelm Reich. Quartz andCitrine Crystals and Orgonite have been added to the mix.The Orgonite ChemBuster does not accumulate negativeorgone energy like the CloudBuster; it actually pullsnegative orgone energy down from the sky and

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