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The Unity in Duality-Quantum Physics & Vedanta

The Unity in Duality-Quantum Physics & Vedanta

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Published by Dr Tushar Dashora
This is an article showing the unreal differences & the real similarities between quantum Physics & Vedanta
This is an article showing the unreal differences & the real similarities between quantum Physics & Vedanta

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Published by: Dr Tushar Dashora on Dec 31, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Unity in duality!-Quantum Physics & Vedanta
There are two ways of trying to know anything. Only two to be precise, there can be nothird way! The First is which Science employs-knowing the subject. Herein the basicassumptions that the subject knows itself & tries to find out about the objective theWORLD (the external world).Here we may substitute PHYSICS also for Science asPHYSICS is the most aggressive branch, out of all. It is the true Science-rest all areapplied sciences.When mankind begins for such a journey, one thing is presumed that everything isalready known about the subject or the KNOWER or the Human mind,
Consciousnessbe precise.
There can be one more way, the way of spirituality or VEDANTA-the most enlightenedform of spirituality. This way begins from introspection, without presumptions & prejudices. VEDANTA says that the subject itself is unknown!According to VEDANTA, presuming the world to be objective is a flawed thinking.Unscientific of course! How can the subject (Me or the human mind) know the object(world or Physical realm) if I myself do notknow my own basic nature? or HOW DO I KNOW WHAT I KNOW?.VEDANTAattempts to know objectively the KNOWER. In such an attempt, it gradually reaches astage where it discovers that the basic attemptto objectively know the world itself, or to consider the Physical world separate from us isincorrect. There is no true Physical world except in our thoughts. It is just theconsciousness which perceives, names, analyses & concludes about the World. Hence,the great discovery of VEDANTA is that the subject (the KNOWER) itself is the object& hence can not know the world objectively.To put it simply, CAN THE PART KNOW THE WHOLE?. The beauty of VEDANTA isthat it does not conclude on preformed hypothesis, rather than getting answers it createssome of the most beautiful questions.
The whole observations of Vedanta are far more scientific & complete than of themodern sciences. And hence many common observations occur. The famous Bell'stheorem forces us to accept the validity of the concept of BRAHMAN-the ultimateconsciousness.Some of the conceptual enigmas of Quantum Physics are also explainable byVEDANTIK deliberations. e.g Modern Quantum Physics now knows that all matter onthis earth is practically composed of sub-atomic particles
such as protons, neutrons & electrons. These particles have the same nature, no matter what element they constitute i.e the electron of carbon is essentially the same as that of Hydrogen.Hence all matter being composed of one thing only seems plausible.Second the basic constituent particle i.e electron displays dual nature-both MATTER &WAVE-both explainable with PHYSICS Experiments. Same way light also displays"DUAL NATURE"-explained well by Photo-electric effect & Young's double slitinterference experiment.As a VEDANTIK, my humble submission is that the attempt to know weather matter is particle or wave & the same way for light is futile. Honestly, it is MATTER-O-WAVE.Sometimes matter, sometimes wave. Because, the duality of wave & matter is artificial! Not real. Nothing is there which is only matter or only wave!!!The human senses have a limit of knowing-both upper & lower limit.e.g. we hear 20 hz & then up to 20,000 Hz (Infrasonic & Ultrasonic beinginaudible).Same goes for eyes (eyes do not see distinct object in less than 1/20sec),similar for nose (Dogs smell very well what we can't).the touch receptors at the back of man can't distinguish two points of touch if separated by less than 20 cm. The list of limitation of human senses can go on & on & on.The instruments of PHYSICS laboratory are nothing but extension of our sense organsonly. e.g. a microscope is a better eye, a particle counter is a better sense organ.But alasall in vain!The famous theorem thatthe position & the velocity of a particle can not besimultaneously known" puts a stop to the knowing of "simultaneous" events. As nothingcan travel faster than speed of light ,than how do we know what is simultaneous?VEDANTA says that the subtle or 
is something which can not becomprehended by sense organs. However, refined or better the equipment may be. Theconsciousness doesn’t exists in the frame of space & time, the sense organs do.We can go in the form of a corollary-TO KNOW WHAT EXISTS BEYOND SPACE &TIME, THE KNOWING TOOL ALSO HAS TO BE OUT OF SPACE & TIME".The famous Einstienian observation that "we can not objectively know the frame, if weare a part of the frame"To put it simply, how can a man in train see/observe the train if he is inside the movingtrain? The actual right observation will be made only by a man on platform!
 Now for the big result-that -if we are able to comprehend something which is out of  frame of space & time than the tool is also out of frame of space & time.
Hence, the big mahavakya-Tat Twam asi!!! (Thou are that!!!).In meditation, the VEDANTIK knower discovers that the all pervading, all existingconsciousness is out of the frame of space & time. If such a perceived consciousness, theGodly consciousness, the eternal space or the BRAHMAN can be perceived than it is atrue by corollary that the knowing consciousness or the enlightened consciousness is alsoof the same nature as BRAHMAN.The following example contains the answer:

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