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"The Creator" Movie Script - Scenes 3-27

"The Creator" Movie Script - Scenes 3-27

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Published by Tomás Monzón
"The Creator" is to be a short film based on the first five chapters of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein novel, chronicling Victor's development into what he becomes as he creates the monster.
"The Creator" is to be a short film based on the first five chapters of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein novel, chronicling Victor's development into what he becomes as he creates the monster.

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Published by: Tomás Monzón on Jan 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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INT. WALTON’S CABIN, EARLY MORNING (DARK), SEVERAL DAYS LATER33Several days have passed, and Victor has remained that timein Walton’s cabin, recovering from illness. Here, he finallycommunicates with Walton, albeit in a startling manner.Walton is walking about the ship, reflecting.WALTON (V.O.)My guest was readily ill, and thus,I’d left him in the comfort of mycabin to recover, my crewmatesservicing him. Inexplicable,however, was te connection I feltI’d made with him - from oneadventurer to the next, I supposed.Walton looks back to the door into the cabin.WALTON (CONT’D)I wonder how he’s doing ...Walton enters the cabin, and he walks to his desk beforechecking up on Victor; Victor is in the back.VICTORYou are a kind man, but you havehelped the wrong soul. I havebrought forth evil upon this Earth,and as its sole creator, I must ridthe world of it, and then perish.Walton is startled to hear his guest communicate with him, heturns around.WALTONVictor! I trust you’re better,then.Victor looks up, to Walton.VICTORAnd I cannot thank you enough foryour assistance. But I have a mission to accomplish and yourassistance has stopped ... (coughsdue to illness)Walton comes closer to Victor.WALTONStopped what?Victor looks away again.
VICTORMy duties are ill-fated, CaptainWalton. Allow me tell you myhistory. Then, only then, will youperceive how my case cannot beresolved, how this soul cannot besaved.EXT. ITALY, DAY44Italy in the 1900s, bright and vibrant.VICTOR (V.O.)I am by birth a Genovese, and myfamily is one of the mostdistinguished of that nation.Italy’s government being oppressed, rebels advertising theircampaigns.VICTOR (V.O.) (CONT’D)At the time of my birth, however,Italy was only forming as a nation,and my parents had for a long timehad an interest in the UnitedStates of America, particularly dueto my father’s line of work.EXT. OCEAN, DAY55Large ship, carrying travelers.VICTOR (V.O.)For that reason, when I was veryyoung, I traveled with my parentsto America, a nascent, butprosperous, well-to-do land ofimmigrants.EXT. UNITED STATES, DAY66Traveling across the US. Parents in vacation clothes, familytogether, etc.VICTOR (V.O.)My parents were always the kind totravel, and this new nation was noexception. We roamed the country,far and wide.2.
EXT. PEASANT TOWNS US, SUNSET/AFTERNOON AND INT. PEASANT HOME77(Later on) Dust Bowl towns of the Midwest, peasants (e.g.farmers). Victor enters peasant home, peasant family,Elizabeth, Victor looks on with awe.VICTOR (V.O.)At the age of five, when we weretraveling through peasant ruralcommunities in the Midwest, we cameacross one family that cared for abeautiful young girl. She wasseemingly different from herparents - luscious black hair,piercing eyes looking out to therest of the world.Elizabeth, little.VICTOR (V.O.) (CONT’D)My mother always desired to have adaughter, but I continued theirsingle offspring for many years ...EXT. UNITED STATES DURING DEPRESSION88Depression. Banks closing, people standing in line for food,poverty.VICTOR (V.O.)Until the American depression. Myfather’s job allowed us to remainin economic tranquility throughoutthe period, but we witnessed theeffects of the time up close whenthe peasant family’s farm failed tobear sufficient crops and was thustaken away by the bank. Looking tous for help, Elizabeth was handeddown to us.EXT. VICTOR’S HOME, BACKYARD, AFTERNOON99Backyard, Victor playing with Elizabeth.VICTOR (V.O.)My mother fulfilled her wish, andeveryone soon grew fond ofElizabeth. She became my more thana sister.3.

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