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What is Tarot?

What is Tarot?

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Published by s_v_raj

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Published by: s_v_raj on Jan 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What Is Tarot?
In This Chapter
 Your future in a pack of cards?
 The reader and the Querent
How Tarot works
 Are you a Fool? Admit it—you’re curious. Who isn’t? Everyone wants to know about thefuture!Hindsight might give you 20/20 vision for understanding what’s happenedin the past, but what (or who) helps you figure out what’s coming up inthe future? When you think of fortune-tellers, do you picture WhoopiGoldberg in the movie
channeling spirits with a crystal ball? Howabout the Wizard of Oz (the mighty Oz sees all, knows all!), dispensingmagical powers to eager applicants who’ve proven themselves worthy?Is it even
to “predict” or “tell” someone what his or her future willbe? Remember a little thing called Free Will? We do. (We know someskeptics are among us.)So right now you’re curious about the Tarot. What, exactly,
 Tarot cardshave to say about the future—most particularly, about
Let’s take acloser look at the cards.
Part 1:
All About Tarot
Just a Pack of Cards?
 We’ve seen you lingering in the New Age section of your local bookstore, eyeing the
Tarot decks 
. Maybe you’ve heard about the Tarot from friends or co-workers who’vegotten readings. Their enthusiasm has you wondering. Flipping through the deck, themedieval-looking drawings on the cards seem so exotic. What could these mysticaltalismans possibly mean for you? Is it all just a bunch of hooey in a fancy-lookingdeck of cards?
 If nothing else,
 you think to yourself,
it’s some fun for a Saturday after-noon.
 Yet you have that nagging question of how that situation at work is going toturn out. What would the cards have to say?From time to time, we all look for guidance. It couldbe on a grand scale, something that will affect the very course of our lives, such as deciding whom tomarry or where to live. Or it could be something of smaller consequence but important in the moment. We look to a lot of sources to help us make our deci-sions. Here’s a list of some of the sources most of usdon’t think twice about consulting every day:
 We look to the five-day weather forecast to get a handle on whether we’ll needto carry an umbrella, break out the sun block, or put the snow tires on the SUV.
How about listening to the radio for the daily traffic reports? It’s essential toknow the most efficient and beneficial route for getting to the office on time.
Hey, admit it. Do you check your daily horoscope?
Status meetings at work or guidance counseling at school help give us a goodperspective on what we’ve already accomplished, what needs to be done today,and how to tackle future challenges.
 Medical doctors and other health-care professionals tell us how to develop goodlife habits to keep our bodies healthy, while psychologists and therapists offergood counsel to help improve our mental well-being and promote healthy rela-tionships with others.
 Many of us turn to our faith in a higher power to draw inspiration and guidancethrough prayer and the study of sacred texts. We have so many choices to make every day! We’re just like the guy in the 7 of Cupscard: bewildered with choices. Which choice is the best one? Who can help us makeour choices? And how will things turn out?
is an ancientmethod of fortune-telling that usesthe 78 cards of the
Tarot deck
to create a story of you—past,present, and future.
Card Catalog
Chapter 1:
What Is Tarot?
 Tarot is one of many metaphysical tools that enable us to look into our lives and findsome extra information we hadn’t really understood or known about before. Working with the Tarot brings to light a confirmation of things you’ve always known (yourown inner wisdom) or it adds a new perspective to a perplexing question or problem. Tarot gives the guy in the 7 of Cups a context for understanding not only what hischoices are, but how he feels about them.
 Are you like the guy in the7 of Cups—faced with toomany choices and not enough perspective to decide which is the right choice to make?
Meet Your Magician!
 To help you understand how to use the Tarot, just consider us your Magician. Throughout this book, we’ll be your teacher and guide, unlocking the creative powerof the cards and showing you how to interpret their many meanings.Study the Magician card shown in the following figure. The Magician invokes theCup, Wand, Sword, and Pentacle on the table as the instruments of his creativity. What a wonderful garden blossoms from the fruits of his efforts! We’ll let you in right now on the great secret of the Tarot: The power to make the Tarot more than just a deck of cards lies within you! That’s right. With practice, youcan learn to become your own Magician, your own wizard, your own
. As Glindathe Good Witch told Dorothy at the end of the Yellow Brick Road, she’d always pos-sessed within herself the power to make her own wishes and dreams come true. Andso do you. The Tarot is an instrument of insight into your own Free Will.
are theone who possesses the magic. Let’s find out more.

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