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Last Day of Jesus Christ

Last Day of Jesus Christ

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Published by Qazi Ghulam Mustafa
Post Crucifixion activities of Jesus Christ
Post Crucifixion activities of Jesus Christ

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Published by: Qazi Ghulam Mustafa on Jan 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By: Qazi Ghulam Mustafa
The Christians proclaim that Jesus is one of the Holy Trinity and was sent to the Earthhaving a mission to vanish the curse “his Father” mistakenly imposed upon the mankindand they further exploit that Jesus had himself crucified for the sins of mankind, so thatnow anyone believe that Jesus is crucified for his sins, he already has his salvation and isredeemed from the curse of God.This gives a vivid picture that if there is no crucifixion, there is “NO CHRISTIANITY”.As Paul testifies in 1 Corinthians 15:14 “
If Jesus be not risen from the dead our faithis vein, ye are yet in your sins
For any matter to fight for or discuss for, Quran tells us ask for the proof like any judicialcourt of present day:
“Say, Produce your proof, if you are truthful."
(Al-Quran 2:111)The Christians have done so, they have produced their Bible in 2000 different languages,so as we challenged them and on their production we now have to go through their recordto analyze right from the wrong.
Supposedly, if examination answer sheet of a school child is lost by the teacher and thekid is not prepared for re-examination, the only way to declare his result would be his post examination activities. Had he taken part class activities, delivered assignments ontime etc, he would be declared PASS. I am sure you will agree. As the Gospels of Jesus’elected disciples like Mark, Mathew and John never claim that the reason of Jesus’crucifixion is their “original sin”. So we have no other option left but to analyze postcrucifixion activities of Jesus Christ to understand the situation better.
In the Passover evening, Jesus with his twelve was having chat in the upper room. At thattime he knew that Judas had committed trait with him and that Judas sold his faith and his“Lord” only for a few pieces of silver. So Jesus says:
“What ye doeseth, do quickey”
 (John 13:27)
And he takes from his disciples the oath to be with him in his hour of need, and they all promised: “Master we are prepared to die for you, we are prepared to go to prison for you” Mathew 26:35.Jesus had to take this oath, as he knew the rebellion of jews and after the trait of Judas,Jesus was sure that this is the end of his ministry. So he asked his disciples to armthemselves and they said Master we have two swords already (Luke 22:38).The “PRINCE OF PEACE” as Christians boast was provoked in anger to such an extentthat he ordered his disciples:
“I should reign over them, whosoever doesn’t want me as his king, bring themhither and slay them before me”
(Luke 19:27)
Surely Jesus was not a coward to wait and watch for Jews to have a ready meal. He wasready for a showdown without frightening his disciples:
“When I sent you without purse and scrip and shoes, lacked ye anything? And theysaid Nothing. Then said he unto them, But now he that has no purse, let him take itand likewise his bag; and he that has no sword, let him sell his garments and buyone”
(Luke 22:35-36)Of coarse he was preparing for a war, but why??? Did he not advise them earlier to “turnthe other cheek” and to “forgive seventy times seven” and did he not send his chosentwelve with the advice:
“Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves; beye, therefore, as wise as serpents, and as harmless as doves”
(Mathew 10:16)The answer is; because the circumstances changes so as a wise man he changed hid policy too. As told earlier, his disciples said:
“Lord, behold, here are two swords, andhe said unto them, it is enough”
(Luke 22:38).
The Christians keeping the image of their gentle and peaceful Jesus, say that he wastalking about spiritual swords. Well if this is the case then the garments he told to sell for a sword, must also be spiritual. Spiritual swords for spiritual garments. If disciples wereto sell spiritual garments to buy spiritual swords, then spiritually they all become
.Furthermore, one cannot chop off people’s ear with spiritual sword:
“And behold, one of those who were with Jesus stretched out his hand, and drew hissword and struck a servant of High Priest’s and cut off his ear”

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