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Breakable Bella (Part 18)

Breakable Bella (Part 18)



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Published by Rachel
My replacement for Eclipse. Mature content.
My replacement for Eclipse. Mature content.

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Published by: Rachel on Jan 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I spent most of the next two days with my mom since she had a red eye flight right after my birthday. Each night, I cooked dinner for Renee, Charlie and myself. Both were hopeless in thekitchen, and I was determined to feed them at the same time. I would have preferred to escape tothe Cullen’s instead of being involved in a twisted
 Leave it to Beaver 
scene at the dinner table, but I knew that I was a needed buffer between my parents. Otherwise, they both would haveeaten in their rooms like fighting siblings. And they were better than that.Before bed, I would watch a movie with Edward and a few members of his family at their house.And each morning, Esme brought me French toast from in town. I told her that I didn’t mindcold cereal, but she waved me off. So I smiled and thanked her. Because that is what a gracious person is supposed to do, and I was determined to be one lately. Now it was the night before my birthday, and I was the opposite of peaceful. I guessed that it wasabout 2 a.m., but was too frustrated and stubborn to glance at the old-fashioned clock on his newnightstand.
Yeah, like the clock fears my rebellious apathy.
Edward’s whole family was hunting in preparation of so many non-vampires coming over tomorrow, so we had been alone for a few hours already. Sadly, I had wasted them staring out thewindow at the darkened forest.“Is something wrong, love?”I shook my head against his chest. “I just can’t sleep.”“Nervous about the party?” he offered.“Maybe,” I sighed.I got nervous whenever I was the center of attention. And honestly, I was a little concerned aboutthe Cullens playing host. What if something went wrong in their charade and their abnormalitieswere brought to light? I was also worried about some of the guests clashing. There were just toomany invitations for disaster.“Alice is really thankful that you’re giving a birthday party another go.”I sighed again at the reminder of last year. Trust Alice to blame any freak accident on her hostingcapabilities.“She probably thinks roses are cursed, now,” I only half-joked. “That explains all the sunflowersand orchids downstairs.”“I think she’s hoping to drown out the
smell, actually,” he chuckled.“Hey!” I protested, resisting smacking his chest and breaking my hand.“I don’t even know if he’s coming,” I said in a softer voice. I hated how forlorn I sounded to myown ears. Edward didn’t seem too concerned, at least.“Yeah, Aubrey’s got him on quite a short..leash.” He was unable to keep a straight face at the
end, bursting into the kind loud laughter usually reserved for Emmett.“You know what,” I threatened, trying hard to keep my own face serious. “Screw this.”His arms snaked around me as I tried to get off the bed.“Where are you going?” he inquired mid-chuckle.“I don’t know. Maybe to the kitchen to eat some of your props for a midnight snack. I just can’tlie down, awake, any longer.” I was starting to get really restless.“Hmm, maybe I can give you your present now?” He kissed my bare shoulder. “It’s probably best now anyway, while we’re alone.”I raised my eyebrows. “You totally bought me a sex toy, didn’t you.” I wasn’t sure if I wasseriously asking or not, being that Edward was full of surprises. He’d certainly been more of an..uninhibited lover than I expected, all things (like my humanity) considered.His eyes widened before he grinned. “No, I didn’t,” he promised, smoothly propelling himself off the bed and taking my hand. He pulled me up and his arms reclaimed me. “But you reallyshouldn’t give me any ideas, Bella.” he whispered in my ear, his overtly husky tone tempting meto just jump him right then and there.
You’re still mad at him, remember?
 No, not really.
 But you’re hungry.
 Not for whatevers left in the clueless vampires’ cupboards.I had just remembered that they had not shopped in a while. I had a feeling that cereal was theonly ready-to-eat thing left until the catering arrived tomorrow. And I was already having cerealfor breakfast since Esme, my French toast goddess, was gone.Unaware of my potentially-worrying internal debate, Edward tugged on my hand, reminding meof the present in both senses of the word.
Oh yeah. We’ll have to jump him later.
. Great.“Do you want that snack before your gift?”I shook my head. “I don’t think you have anything good here. I’ve been eating takeout lately.”He frowned slightly at my explanation.“Did you really think that I would forget to buy food for my human?” He raised an eyebrow andshook his head in exaggerated disappointment.
I rolled my eyes at the term as he turned away.Edward led me to the kitchen and opened the cupboards, gesturing to the stocked shelvesexaggeratedly like a Wheel-of-Fortune model.I smiled a bit when I saw one section completely dedicated to my “horrendous” Poptarts.“Oh,” I said lamely.“Or, if you’d rather have something real, you could try the crepe recipe I practiced,” he offeredcasually.I shook my head, kind of anxious to see his gift. I assured him that he and his family could spendmoney this year without me complaining, but I hoped that he wasn’t
extravagant.“This will do for now, but maybe I can get a crepe rain check for when I wake up?” I askedhopefully. He was a great cook from what I had tasted so far, which wasn’t very surprising. Thiswas Edward, after all.He smiled softly and nodded, clearly thrilled that I agreed to eat his meal.Edward then walked over to the piano and I followed, guessing that’s what he wanted. Buthonestly, I’d follow him anywhere, regardless.We both sat on the bench and he started to play my lullaby. I was a little confused at the detour  but I loved his piano playing, so I wasn’t about to protest.I was always enthralled by the way his skilled fingers flew across the piano, and tonight was nodifferent as I watched him finish my song with the low final note.That sad, perhaps wistful note at the end always bothered me. Like it gnawed at our valiantresolve to make us work, dousing our love with pessimism when we most needed hope.I waited and watched Edward’s still fingers on the keys, waiting for him to speak.But to my surprise, the music didn’t stop.After a short pause, his hands changed positions and higher, hopeful notes rang out in a flurry.The sounds then became slower-- hesitant, cautious..pleading. So much like Edward upon hisreturn to my life. His fingers dragged over keys one-by-one as they headed toward the other hand, like they were trying to coax a frightened bunny out of its hole, promising it no harm.Then his fingers abruptly backtracked over the same keys, seeming horrified by their previousroute. Like a repentant wolf-in-grandma’s-clothing. Ashamed of what they were. What they werecapable of. The final note from the original version repeated even more tragically than before.His hand stopped and I closed my eyes, my heart fearing fracture.

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