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Modern Israel at the Crossroads

Modern Israel at the Crossroads

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Published by lwalper
Seventh-day Adventism's hallmarks have been tarnished. The truth of the message we have been given has not been applied to cure the terrible problem of sin.
Seventh-day Adventism's hallmarks have been tarnished. The truth of the message we have been given has not been applied to cure the terrible problem of sin.

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Published by: lwalper on Jan 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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portrays a divine plan for a mutual union between God and man, andman and God. The belief that this union can be perfect
and throughouteternity, is the truth that is to gather out a distinctive spiritually maturepeople from all the earth.That Book is the record of men’s lives. It is a record that claims to
have been “given by inspiration of God” even though the record is lled
with every shade of human misdemeanor and gross sin. That history has
an irrevocable nality about it that is most serious. It is impossible to
undo or change in any way the facts that make that history— not even thesovereignty of God can do so. This leaves us to accept that history for just
what it says. The Lord has seen t to use this record and build His caseon this history of rebellion and enmity towards Himself. No matter howshameful that history is, we accept this Word as His word of truth which
must eventually win the battle over sin.Seventh-day Adventist claim to be the guardians of this truth and tohave a solution for the sin problem. For well over a century we have beenmaking this claim. But we have been content to ignore or overlook our ownhistory as a people. We cannot continue to do this and at the same timeprofess we hold to truth anymore than we can discount and ignore the
record of His Word and remain in union with the Lord. When our history
is known, understood and accepted for just what it says, it will accomplishexactly what this generation is called upon to attain. It will also unfold thefuture.Seventh-day Adventists do not believe the Bible because they werepresent when it was written or because they know eyewitnesses who saw
the prophets write it. Neither do they believe it because they knew the
authors personally and can vouch for their characters, or because the
record is attering. They believe it out of conviction that it is the truth Godgave to His people and that it has in it the power to destroy man’s deep-
rooted sin—his enmity toward God. The Christ of this Book proved that
there is power in the Word and He did that which Satan said fallen man
could not do. The basic spiritual equipment that enabled Jesus to triumphis available to the last generation who are likewise called to live withoutsin. Inherent in this must be the belief that the history portrayed in theBook is true.By the same guarantee the history of Seventh-day Adventists must beknown, be understood, believed and be accepted for just what it is. Anythingless than this “is not of faith” and the Word says, “whatsoever is not of faithis sin.” (Rom. 14:23)
 Ancient Israel
If the Hebrew nation could grasp the whole truth of the OldTestament, they would nd Christ the promised Messiah clearly
Modern Israel at the Crossroads
 After nearly a century the truth of the 1888 General Conferencesession continues to elude us and is largely unknown in our church or else
where known is a “stone of stumbling.” This is a bafing situation. During
this 100-year-confrontation, many members have become bewildered andconfused. The enticements of the world loom large and the expectation of Christ’s imminent return has grown dim. The hallmarks of Adventismhave become tarnished. The truth of the message we have been given hasnot been applied to cure the terrible problem of sin. It is a sad fact that we
as a people have only a vague idea of our high calling and what the nalatonement is to accomplish. Many are in the church as passengers on a bus
hoping that soon the trip will be over and they will reach their destination.They are unaware the bus is on an extended detour.This detour began 100 years ago. The time has come for the world churchto know the truth about this prolonged journey, this history of wandering.
Only then can we be led to the humble confession and repentance required
in the end-time by the True Witness.But many will ask, “What does an event in our church many decades
ago really have to do with us now? Let that generation rest. Our task is tonish the work.”However the signicance of that 1888 session continues large in our
consciences and haunts us to this day. The 1986 Annual Council in South
 America voted to have a Centennial Commemoration at Minneapolis inNovember, 1988. A unique proposal indeed. The church has had over 50General Conference sessions since it was rst organized, but here is one
that is different from all others. It was here that the Lord sent the “most
precious message” to His people which was the “beginning” of the solution
to Laodicean lukewarmness and held the key to preparing a people fortranslation.
Every Adventist knows the work is not nished yet. What they do notknow is that it cannot be nished until the truth of our past is understood, no
matter how terrible the implications. We stand by as the world is swallowedup in turmoil, crime, poverty, disease and every kind of degradation thehuman mind can invent. But all this only dimly compares with the issues
now facing our church. Truly Modern Israel is at the crossroads.•••••••••••••
The very existence of the Remnant Church is built upon a writtenrecord. Without “history” as found in the Bible, the Seventh-day Adventist denomination would have no reason to exist. This Record
denes the truth of righteousness and the death inherent in sin. It
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The Problem
In sacred history there is a great mystery that stands out when the lifeand work of Christ is considered. For centuries God’s chosen people had
been looking for Messiah to come. But when He came He was rejected. Hedid not t the preconceived ideas of what Messiah ought to be and do. Hedid not dress right. He did not know the right people. His message was too
However, the Book says, “the common people heard Him gladly.” Theproblem was not the people. The inspired record of Luke afrms, “the chief priests and our rulers delivered Him to be condemned to death, and havecrucied Him.” (Luke 24:20) Why did it turn out this way? It need not havebeen so, for Jesus said, “O fools, and slow of heart to believe all that theprophets have spoken.” (Luke 24:25) Those who should have known, those
who should have believed—the leaders—were the very ones who were blindand unbelieving, ignorant of the real meaning of scripture.From that day to this there has been debate about this historical event.
Jews, atheists, agnostics, deists, Muslims, and a host of others including
Christians, have all been involved. But it need not be so—if only we wouldbelieve the historical record.In a similar way, terrible to contemplate, we as a people have builtup an array of ideas as to what happened at that remarkable meeting
known as the Minneapolis Conference of 1888. It is this event that we are
to commemorate in 1988. This century-old 1888 meeting has caused two
views to be published that are diametrically opposed to each other. How
could God’s people get so ensnared—when there is a written record? Astime has gone on this dichotomy has become increasingly worse and nowhas reached vexing proportions. Unfortunately there can be no compromise
between the two views. One or the other is terribly wrong. It is a grievousthing that a people who talk much of the second coming of Christ could nd
themselves in a position so completely untenable. The need to know and
understand our history is imperative. Truly Modern Israel has reached the
crossroads. It is time to choose the right way and get off the detour. Thiswill be the most challenging decision of all the ages.Is it not plain to see the enemy will continue to do everything possibleto delay that decision which signals his doom? Until that right choice ismade, all the strategy in the world will avail nothing and the detour mustcontinue.
Modern Israel’s History
It is now more than thirty-ve years since the document
1888 Re-Examined
was presented to Seventh-day Adventist church leaders. For
presented and veried in the New Testament. Because they failed to read
their history with spiritual insight, they failed to recognize the Chief 
Character which their history reveals. The tragedy of this blindness can
be overcome by any Hebrew who re-reads the Record and understandsand accepts just what that history really says. Honesty will require aheart-felt acceptance of Jesus as Messiah. If the Jews could see God’s real
purpose and glory in their history it would have world-wide repercussions.The effects would be felt among all nations. The denial of their history
over the centuries would be changed into deep repentance with amazing
consequences. But not all the Jews would accept the truth of their history
for what it says and the nation would be polarized. In Adventist parlance
there would be a “shaking” because of the “straight testimony” with terrible,far-reaching results.If, however, the Spirit of God could reach a segment of the nation and
they by faith nd salvation and bring to God the glory He deserves andvindicate His name, then surely the travail of the “shaking” would be worth
all that was involved. The result of this genuine faith in the Bible, thehistory of their nation, would bear the fruit of conviction and repentance.It would be as if that “other angel came down from heaven, having great
power; and the earth was lightened with His glory.” (Rev. 18:1) Such a
result could happen any time they are willing to accept the Record for whatit says.
Modern Israel
Modern Israel, the Remnant Church, our church, has been making historyfor only a brief century compared to the Hebrew nation’s millenniums. Butour history is being made in the end-time and has special signicance for
the whole universe to read. The latent genius of Adventism, now but dimlyperceived, must come to be understood and take its place, invincible beforethe ramparts of sin. The question is, how much longer before Adventistswill be able to “see” and “know” their history any better than their spiritualforefathers? This history could have closed long before now except we insistthat we “see” and therefore we are proving that not only the Jews of old
can be blind. Our on-going history becomes more perplexing with each
passing year. If the “oracles of God” which the Jews held and which havebeen passed on to the Remnant are to be accepted at face value, sooner orlater the divine purpose must be carried out in every detail no matter how
humbling the experience may be for us. The nal atonement must be made,“then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.” (Dan. 8:14)

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