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Mina Carter Newsletter Jan2010

Mina Carter Newsletter Jan2010

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Published by Mina Carter
January Newsletter for Romance Author Mina Carter
January Newsletter for Romance Author Mina Carter

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Published by: Mina Carter on Jan 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jan 2010
Being a demon prince ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.
 Caught between the human world and the demon one,Tiny, part time bouncer at Moonlight & Magic lives byhis own rules. Mainly these rules revolve around keep-ing his head down and making sure none of his kind
find out where he is… because Tiny’s on the demonmost wanted list. Not because he’s done anything but
 because of who he is.Prince Seren Di Lakai Telosa to be exact, heir apparent to the Demon throne. And a hunted man.
If his father’s men find him, he’ll be dragged back 
to court to die of boredom. For the last three hun-
dred years they’ve been grooming him to take
over from dear old daddy. The only trouble is
 the stubborn old git could last at least another mil-lennia.
So what’s a Demon Prince to do? Get a job at
Moonlight & Magic of course and keep his headdown. Unfortunately Tiny was never good atavoiding trouble and when delicate VampiressCassia storms into his life, Tiny finds himself 
tempted to break more than his personal rules…
Demonkind and the undead don’t mix well, or
rather, they mix too well, with explosive results.Available now from Changeling PressEXCERPT |BUY
    I    N    S    I    D    E     T    H    I    S     I    S    S    U    E 
“…Ms. Carter has a knack for cre-
ating sex-on-a-stick paranormal bad 
boys you can’t help but love… I love
her take on the supernatural and the grittier undertones she usually adds
into the atmosphere.”
Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise
 Deception and Desire is a delight-
 fully wicked story…Warm
doesn’t even come close to the heat Tiny exudes, and you’ll keep coming 
back for more even as your finger-
tips blister.”
Fern, Reviewer for Whipped Cream.
…is sexy and frequently amusing 
with just a touch of a dark under-tone. Ms. Carter writes bad boys oh,
 so well...”
Bobby, reviewer for Bookwenches
and welcome to January'snewsletter. Well, where to start off? Thelast months of 2009 were such a whirl-
wind of activity that I can’t believe the
new year, indeed a new decade is uponus!
For all that 2009 was busy, it’s all down
to you guys, the readers, who make this
 possible and worth it. I’d like to thank 
 you all for taking the time to read thisand for buying my books. Seriously,
 you’re amazing and I am truly humbled 
that people actually want to read my
mad ‘scribbles’ and venture into the
world of my imagination So, thank you. And I promise, 2010 will be filled with more of the same fantasti-cal stories filled with grittiness and sexyalpha heroes. Not forgetting of course,the women strong enough to tame them!
Page 1 | Mina Carter | Jan 2010 Newsletter 
Yup, that’s it. You heard me right. We’re going Audio!
The first two Kyn stories have been contracted by au-dio publisher, Audiolark, for release next year.Scheduled for a tentative release date of 1st March2010 both stories will be voiced by non other than my-
self. So, if you’ve wondered what I sound like this isyour chance! (And if I don’t suffer a huge attack of the
nerves beforehand)
I’ll keep you updated on how the recording’s going andhopefully soon there should be some demo’s linked up
to the book pages on Audiolark.Vixen @ Audiolark  Feral @ Audiolark  
Character Profile: JayceVanir 
: Werewolf/Demi-god
: Mid-
thirties (these boys aren’t
: Blond, shaven to the scalp
: Green
Favourite clothing
: Combat pants,vest. Batteredleather jacket.
Closest friend
: Twin Brother Ryder 
: Paranormal BountyHunter Meet Jayce in
coming soon to Liquid Silver Books!!
Page 2 | Mina Carter | Jan 2010 Newsletter 
Coming Soon
Wicked Wraiths: Tori’s Secret (Changeling
Press)Dirty Dream w/ Evey Meyer (CobblestonePress)
Dragonkin: Siren’s Seduction (Changeling
Press)Phoenix Prophecy: Playing Wolf (LSB)Audio: Vixen (Audiolark)Moonlight&Magic: Witchcraft & Wolves(Changeling Press)Audio: Feral (Audiolark 
Page 3 | Mina Carter | Jan 2010 Newsletter 
What do you do when you’re magically inept in a world where your 
worth rests on your magical ability? This is the question that hashaunted magic-less Warden Lyssa all her life. So when injured Warrior Hawk mistakes her for a full Warden and claims sanctuary she agrees, thinking she can hide the truth for just one night. Unfor-
tunately it’s not so easy with a Warden execution squad on her tail 
and then a steamy encounter with her handsome warrior challenges
everything Lyssa thought she knew about herself…
Hawk’s Warden
Why are the hot ones always weird?
 Lyssa looked up from cleaning ta- bles as the door opened. It was aslow night, and the diner was gettingready to close. They were just wait-ing for the normal stragglers fromthe clubs before they did. Like thisone dressed head to toe in black. But
with his short hair, he didn’t fit any
of the normal stereotypes. Just about pale enough for a Goth...maybe. Af-ter finishing up her table, Lyssastowed her cleaning gear andgrabbed an order pad to head over.He was cute; tall, dark and hand-
some. Just Lyssa’s type.
Yeah, yeah,
who are you kidding? Like you’ve
 got a type. You need a love life tohave a type!
 Ignoring the little voice jeering inthe back of her mind, Lyssa let her gaze linger while his head was bent.Over six-foot tall, he had a heavy build, which dominated the booth.Broad shoulders filled the ankle-length trench coat, and a black teestretched over the muscles of hischest underneath. His long legsstretched out under the table and half into the walkway, the fabric of histactical pants pulled tight over themuscled thighs.She cleared her throat and plastered a bright smiled over her face as she waited for him
to notice her. ―Heya, I’mLyssa. Can I take your order?‖
Hawk’s heart sank at the chirpy tone.
The last thing he needed was some-one
a female someone
taking aninterest in him at the moment. Hewas wearing illusion pendants andother charms, but magic could onlydo so much. Shifting in his seat, hewrapped his coat closer around him-self and hoped to hell the blood had-
n’t started to seep through.
 His jacket and shirt were black, sohe might get away with it. Blood
didn’t show so much on dark colors,
a fact he knew from long experience.But he could do without her calling911 and ending up having an in-depth chat with the paramedics andcops to explain why he was carryingmore weaponry than a small army.He should have checked the joint outmore than he had, but the only per-
son he’d seen through the window
was the middle-aged guy behind thegrill and, still leaking the red stuff,
he’d needed to park his ass in a
hurry. A case of sit down before hefell down.Hawk looked up straight into clear violet eyes, ones with a hint of amusement in them, as though she
could read his thoughts and didn’t
think much of them.He extended
his senses. Violet wasn’t a human
color for eyes...more pixie or dryad.
They weren’t that uncommon, butthey didn’t generally wait tables.
 Pixies were too unstable, too givento practical jokes, to get employmenton a long-term basis, and dry-
ads...well, there weren’t many trees
in this part of town.
―Ready to order, sir, or do you needmore time?‖ Her patient voice
 brought him back to the present, her long-suffering tone telling him shewas used to people ignoring her.
―Yeah, coffee. Black and strong,‖ he
ordered dismissively. Hopefully
she’d take the hint and leave himalone; he wasn’t in the mood for chit
Well, wasn’t he the charmer? Face
of an angel, manners of a warthog.Typical man.
Lyssa stalked back tothe counter to get his coffee, enter-taining thoughts of dumping it over his head when she went back.
―No manners,‖ she grumbled as she
 poured coffee into one
of the diner’s signature
chunky mugs. Ignor-ing the cream on the

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