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01-10 _2010 Inaugural Address_MRB

01-10 _2010 Inaugural Address_MRB

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Published by mahexaminer

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Published by: mahexaminer on Jan 02, 2010
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January 1, 2010No. 1www.nyc.gov 
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today delivered his third inaugural address to the City of NewYork, emphasizing the important role innovative government can play in improving people’s livesand the need for New Yorkers to come together to get through the challenging times ahead.Recognizing the central role that immigrants and small businesses have always played in creating adynamic and prosperous city, the Mayor today signaled that both areas would become majorfocuses during the upcoming term.
The following is the text of the Mayor’s remarks as prepared – please check against delivery.
“Good afternoon. Happy New Year. Feliz año nuevo.“Mayors Koch and Dinkins, thank you very much for being here. Let me also welcome ournew Public Advocate and Comptroller, Bill de Blasio and John Liu; Speaker Quinn and the CityCouncil, especially its 12 incoming members and 12 outgoing members.“And as we look at our flags still flying at half-staff, let’s join in honoring and thanking atrue civil rights pioneer, a legendary public servant, and a great New Yorker - Percy Sutton.“Last night, the final moments of 2009 passed into history, and as they did, Americans fromacross the country looked to New York to ring in a new year, a new decade and a new beginning.And that is only right, because our city has always led the nation – not just in celebrating holidays,but in pioneering the most innovative and ambitious new ideas.“That’s true in the arts, in science, in business – and more and more, we’ve made it true of City government. In so many areas, whatever happens, happens here first. New York is, as MayorKoch once famously said, ‘where the future comes to audition.’“But as we consider the bright promise of our future, we cannot ignore the hard times thatexist around us. Many New Yorkers are struggling to pay the rent or the mortgage, to find a job, tofeed their families. The road ahead will not be easy, but the journey we have taken together over thepast decade fills me with optimism for the one that now lies ahead.
“We have experienced financial crisis and economic recession – and weathered them betterthan most. We have suffered devastating attacks – and rebounded faster than anyone thoughtpossible, and we’ve refused to be terrorized. We have faced down controversies that once dividedus
– and we have remained united. Working together, we have created a city that all New Yorkerscan be proud of.“We have made the safest big city in the nation even safer. We have adopted bold educationreforms that President Obama’s Administration has hailed as a national model. We have built thecountry’s largest affordable housing program and adopted its most sweeping public health agenda.“We have pursued the boldest sustainability agenda on the planet. And we have made thegreatest City in the world even greater!“As I stand here today, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve New Yorkers forfour more years – and to be the first Independent to have the honor of taking the oath. I recognize –I understand – that this term is a special opportunity, one that comes with extraordinaryresponsibilities.“I realize, too that the building behind me is yours – and the job in front of me is to listenand to lead. I will not shirk from the hard decisions that lie ahead. And by continuing to reach out toevery community, by tackling the toughest issues with renewed energy and without fear of failure,we will deliver innovations that improve New Yorkers’ lives and strengthen our communities. Bytaking this approach, there are no limits to what we can accomplish in the future. And forconfirmation, simply look at our past.“Four years ago on this day, I stood before you and pledged that we would wage a newcampaign against an old problem that takes a terrible toll on our communities: illegal guns.The skeptics said: ‘That’s a national problem. What can one mayor do about it?’“But since then, we have built a bi-partisan coalition of 500 mayors who have won victoriesin City Halls, State Houses, and yes – even Congress. Now, we’ll set our sights on another nationalissue that affects New Yorkers in profoundly personal ways: immigration reform.“With leaders from across the country, we will assemble a bi-partisan coalition to supportPresident Obama’s call for comprehensive immigration reform that honors our history, upholds ourvalues, and promotes our economy.“No city on Earth – no city – should hold these principles higher aloft than this city of immigrants, because no city on earth has been more rewarded by immigrant labor, more renewed byimmigrant ideas, more revitalized by immigrant culture, than the City of New York.“And when I listen to the outstanding students we’ve had here today from the NewcomersSchool, I feel more strongly than ever that the future of our city, and our country, depends onnewcomers like them, and on whether we honor the ideals that have lit the lamp of liberty in ourharbor for more than a century, and that continue to inspire the world!“Immigrants helped make New York City the world capital of opportunity andentrepreneurism, and now we will make City government a global leader in supporting andencouraging entrepreneurs.
“Just as 311 made it far easier for New Yorkers to interact with City government, we’ll nowhelp small businesses get the answers and services they need – all in one place.“Working closely with Speaker Quinn and the City Council, we’ll transform the relationshipbetween business and government, making it possible for entrepreneurs to open their doors morequickly – and build their futures more successfully. I’ve been there; I know how tough it is. I alsoknow government can do more – and we will.“In business and in government, I’ve seen how innovation occurs when people look withfresh eyes at old problems, and then work together to solve them. As we begin this new decade, wewill take a fresh look at everything – with fresh thinking and fresh energy, and we will put moreemphasis than ever on collaboration. We’ll start with an exercise that, as far as we know, nogovernment has ever done.“Back when I was running my company, we temporarily re-assigned senior managers tonew areas. It was an eye-opening experience that improved teamwork, generated new ideas, andlaunched the company to greater heights.“Beginning in about a week, we’ll conduct a similar exercise within City government. Forthree weeks, every First Deputy Commissioner will become a deputy at another agency – one theyregularly work with, and they will work directly with that agency’s commissioner – side by side,24/7. We intend to break down the bureaucratic barriers that too often impede innovation,compromise customer service, and cost taxpayers money.“Each Deputy Commissioner will report directly back to me with recommendations forways their own agencies – and the agencies they’ve been assigned to for these three weeks – canwork more closely together to improve their performance.“Commissioners: This is not someone looking over your shoulder, but a member of our team– your team – who can be an invaluable resource in finding new ways to do the job better.And Deputy Commissioners out there: This is not a game of musical chairs. This is a managementchallenge, and a unique opportunity for collaboration and innovation. This is also a test for you –and a chance to demonstrate your skills and abilities.“And as I tell everyone I hire: don’t screw it up.“Conventional wisdom holds that by a third term, mayors run out of energy and ideas. Butwe have proved the conventional wisdom wrong time and again, and I promise you, we will do itonce more.“Even as we face difficult fiscal realities, we will budget not only with our heads but withour hearts. We will find innovative new ways to create jobs in the industries of the future, frombioscience and arts and culture, to green technology that fights global warming and local asthma atthe same time.“We’ll find innovative new ways to offer all children – in all communities – the first-rateeducation that they deserve and that is so crucial to building a strong middle class. We’ll find

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