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Published by jamesyu

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Published by: jamesyu on Aug 16, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Intro Maker V3.0 (c) Sauron and ZigZag of THG F/X~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Seven months in the making, the THG F/X crew finally makes it happen. IntroMaker V3.0 is HERE! Now you can create intros that are at the cuttingedge of IBM demo technology. A major problem with the previous intro makerswas the interface. Now we have taken more time in that department and theresults are very impressive. There are 2 different types of demos you canchoose from in this release. Here are the features of the intros.MEGAFONT and MEGAFONT ANYWHERE Intro's:
Exiting ANSI (80x24)
4 Types of VGA Fade In/Out Routines
2 Types of TEXT Fade Out Routines
20 Different Palette Cyclings
MEGAFONT Scroller Font
Text Codes
MOD/STX Playing
Allows the scroller to go ALL over the screen (MEGAFONT ANYWHERE only)
Intro Maker V3.0 Interface:
Using the Intro Maker v3.0 Interface should be easy and efficient. Theinterface provides a few commands that are available almost everywhere withinthe interface itself. Besides these commands, Mouse Support has been addedfor quick and easy use. These commands are listed here:Keys in the Interface~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ALT - D View Directory
ALT - P View palette
ALT - V View Picture
ALT - X Exit to DOS
ESC Previous Menu
When starting out to make your Intro, you must choose two pictures, one abackground picture file, and one font file. These both must be 320x200x256ccompressed in either GIF/LBM/PCX formats (All trademarks of their respectivecompanies. Screw the legal shit, promise you won't see it again!)Intro Maker v3.0 was designed to make two different types of Intros forBBS ads, or those VGA groups that just can't get it up when it comes toprogramming. The first type is just called a MEGAFONT Intro. This intro isa straight scrolling program. In other words, you just give the Y-Offsetof where on the screen you want your scrolly. This uses the MEGAFONT Systemwhich is an external 320x200x256c Font. You must create a Coordinate File(CRD) with the MEGAFONT external Program. The Second type of intro is calleda MEGAFONT-ANYWHERE Intro. This intro uses the CRD Coordinate file again forthe external 320x200x256c screen, but instead of the Y-OffSet, you need tocreate a Anywhere Path File (PTH). The Anywhere Path Editor allows you toset how the font appears on the screen, either striaght up and down, like youdrew it in your Paint Program, or slanted automatically. After defininghow the font will appear, simply draw on the screen you intend to use whereyou want the scrolly to go. This could go backwards, in circles, etc. Thepossibilities are endless.Now that you know what kind of Intros you can make, let us look at the
interface a little more indepth. Upon entering the interface, it checksfor mouse support, and brings you to the main menu. From here, you can runany of the external programs or batch files. DO NOT CHANGE THE NAMES OFTHESE BATCH FILES. They are hard coded in the program. You may change thecontents, but not the names. After deciding on an external font and picturein a GIF/LBM/PCX format, you must decide on which type of intro you wishto make. Choose the menu option accordingly.Once in the appropriate menu option for the Intro Type you desire, anotherset of menus is displayed showing the specifications required to create yournew demo. The easiest way I can think of describing the two intro menus isto go through each one's specifications giving a little blurb about it. Someof the options are the exact same thing in both Intro Menu Sets, so I willbe short on a few of them, so we don't get tired of reading docs all dayjust to make an Intro.MEGAFONT Intro Menu Set:HotKey - Data Category - Description
A Picture FileName Intro's Background Picture in eitherGIF/PCX/LBM Format.B MEGAFONT Picture External 320x200x256c Font File name.FileName This will be your font or icons thatwill appear in the scrolly.C MEGAFONT Coordinate MEGAFONT's Coordinate File which showsFileName IM30 where each font in Scrolly is.D Text FileName Scrolly Text File. Look below for listingof MCI Codes.E STX FileName Internal SoundBlaster Music file name.Not required. When no name is givenit reduces the size of the .exeby about 10k.F ANSi FileName Yes, no THG F/X Signature on your intros.Use TheDraw to make your 1 screen ANSiand save it in BINary Format.G Line For Scroller This is the Y-Offset for your Scolly. Thistells IM30 where to put it on the screenbetween 0-319.H Scroller Speed How many pixels to advance every VerticalRefresh of the screen. This will controlthe speed of the scrolly.I Text Fade Out There are two ways for the text fading.1 .. Pop Out / 2 .. Palette FadeJ VGA Fade In VGA Picture Background Fade In.1 ... Pop Screen In2 ... Palette Screen Fade In3 ... Block Screen In by the BLK File4 ... Pan Whole Screen Up
K Block In Name This is required if option [J] is set to3. This is the BLK file that is definedby the BLOCKED.EXE External file. Thiswill add the screen in by how you definethe BLK file.L Panning Up Speed This is Required if option [J] is set to4. This is the speed of the backgroundpanning up from the bottom of the screen.M VGA Fade Out This is identical for option [J], but it isfor the Fading out of the Backgroundpicture after ESC has been hit in yourDemo.1 ... Pop Screen Out2 ... Palette Screen Fade Out3 ... Block Screen Out by the BLK File4 ... Pan Whole Screen DownN Block Out Name This is required if option [M] is setto 3. This is also defined through theBLK files created with BLOCKED.EXE.O Panning Down Speed This is required if option [M] is Set to4. This is the speed of the backgroundpanning down from the top of the screen.P Cursor Upon Exit This is the location of the cursor afterESC has been pressed in your demo. TheValue should be between 1-25.Q Palette Mixing Y/N option to tell IM30 to automaticallymix and remap the font picture to fit inthe palette of the Background picture. Ifthis is left on NO, then it will just usethe Palette from the [A] option. If theoption is set to YES, then it will requirethe option [R] be used.R Palette Mixing This is a number between 0 and 255 to tellStarting Color # IM30 where to put the colors used in theMEGAFONT Picture Font File in the paletteof the Background picture.S Palette Cycling See BelowConfigurationT Load File This will Load the MF or MFA configurationfiles in the appropriate Intro Type.U Save File This will save the configuration of thecurrent Intro Type to disk for futureuse.V Compile Intro This will create the EXE file for yourIntro.

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