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The Cullens and Bella

The Cullens and Bella



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Published by Cullenlova97
Hi. this story is about girl who is a half-breed called bella swan who falls in love with edward cullen.....read to find out!
Hi. this story is about girl who is a half-breed called bella swan who falls in love with edward cullen.....read to find out!

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Published by: Cullenlova97 on Jan 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Cullens and Bella
Written by...... Cullenlova97(Before you start reading this I just want to let you know that I am nottrying to be Stephanie Meyer. This story came to me and I want toshare it with you guys! Plz if you don’t like it let me know but if youdo well then that’s awesome!)Ch 1: Introduction of Bella SwanHi. My name is Bella Swan. I just moved here a few days ago. I usedto live in Canada but my adopted human father got a new job here inForks so we packed up and moved. You might be wondering why Icalled my father human when I should be, right? Well it’s a reallylong story.You see my mum hooked up with a vampire and then they had me.My father left before I was born so I never knew him. I was raised bymy half-breed mother. (Half-breed means half human and half vampire) I’m a half-breed too so I can live for millions of years andnever die.But however, I can still sleep. I need to sleep. Some vampires i metthought it was ridiculous but I like sleep. It’s the one place I canescape reality.I also have these really cool powers. The main one is that if I’mwithin 10 meters of a vampire that has a gift I automatically get thatgift for life. I’m over 3000 yrs old so I’ve got a bucket load of powers.If you’re wondering about my appetite here is the deal. I DONTDRINK FROM HUMANS. I only drink from animals. I can surviveon human food to but I prefer the animal blood.Well that pretty much sums me up. But for now I need to sleep I’vehad an enormous trip.
Ch 2: The Understanding of the Cullens.
I gasped. As I focused my eyes into the darkness, I saw seven beautiful vampires staring back. Then something strange happened. Iheard what they were thinking.
Oh No! I hope we didn’t scare her!I know what you’re feeling, and we didn’t mean toscare you.I’m a mind reader too.
“You’re a mind reader?”I asked
“Son of a....Sorry for my language” I said.“That’s quite all right” Said the oldest male with golden hair. “I’mCarlisle and this is my family, Alice, Esme, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Edward.”“Hi, I’m Bella” I told them. “So, um, what brings you to my house?”“We heard that you moved in so we came to meet you” Carlisle Said.Then I heard a buzz.“You’re lying” I whisperedThe shock was evident on his face. As he slowly composed himself Isaw something quite strange.
(Start of vision)
Edward and I were sitting in a meadow, hand in hand. Then He spoke and said that he loved me. He leaneddown and gave me a passionate kiss on the lips.
(End of vision)
“What the hell was that about!?!” I exclaimed.I looked to Alice who had a smile that went from ear to ear.
“You just saw Edwards future” she stated simply. Now I was confused. How did I see his future? Could one of theCullen’s see the future?“Why are you so confused?” Asked the one called Jasper.I wasn’t sure why I was confused because I already knew what hadhappened. Alice had passed me her gift without even knowing it.“What do you mean by ‘passed on her gift’? What is your gift Bella?”Edward asked.“Well, you see, I don’t just have one gift. I have hundreds.” I yawned.
They all thought simultaneously“The gift I was born with is, well it’s hard to explain. I automaticallyacquire any other person’s gift if I am within ten metres of them.”
Oh CoolI wonder if she has mine yet....Edward.
I thought.
Can you please make them go? I’m sotired and I need some rest it wasn’t easy moving infrom another state.
“We should let Bella get some rest. We can talk about thistomorrow.” Edward said. “Carlisle is it okay if Bella came to our house tomorrow?”“Yes” Carlisle then smiled at me. “Get some rest and we’ll talk moreabout it tomorrow.”
Follow our scent Bella, and you’ll find your way.
And with that last thought the Cullen’s disappeared.Ch 3: The Big White House

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