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Published by Himalay Majumdar

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Published by: Himalay Majumdar on Apr 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1.Don’t think that somebody is controlling you; the feeling that somebody iscontrolling you makes you slave and weak.2.In your failure you use ego, when there is a place to fight, challenge thereshould be ego. Where there is celebration, learning there should not be anyego.3.Depression comes when you think about your problems.4.Spirituality is beyond Religion.5.Breath is the link between body and mind. Breathing makes one alert, calm,composed etc.6.Wish is the father of thought.7.In all things its better to hope than despair.8.Procrastination leads to negative attitude.9.LOVE: Maximum involvement and minimum addiction.
 10.If someone loves you, love them back unconditionally, not only because theylove you, but also because they are teaching you to love and open your heartand eyes to little things. Make everything count. Appreciate everything youpossibly can, for you may never experience it again.
"law" governing relationships: IF YOU DON'T HANDLE YOUR ADDICTIONS,YOU'LL AUTOMATICALLY DECREASE YOUR INVOLVEMENT.INVOLVEMENT ADDICTION WHAT'S HAPPENINGRomantic or Maximum Maximum Possessive LoveMinimum Maximum Broken HeartMinimum Minimum FriendsAll the GoodiesMaximum Minimum No Unhappiness
11.Approach cooking and loving with reckless abandon: freedom from any kindof restraint or inhibition, give up completely and don’t worry about theconsequences.12.
The relationship between intelligence and thinking is like that between a car andthe driver of that car. The power of the car is the potential of the car just asintelligence is the potential of the mind. Some of us may not feel having a powerful mind, but we can think big. Thinking being a skill can be developed andin that process we can make a powerful mind out of interest
1.It is the strength to standup, when it’s easier to fall down and loose hold.2.Courage is the conviction to explore new horizons, when it is easier to believewhat we have been told3.It is the desire to maintain our integrity when it’s easier to look the other way4.It is feeling happy and alive, and moving forward when it’s easier to feelsorry for ourselves and stay.5.It is the will to shape our world, when it’s easier to let someone else do it forus

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