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Evils and Virtues

Evils and Virtues

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Published by Himalay Majumdar

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Published by: Himalay Majumdar on Apr 08, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kaam: refers to lust and illegitimate sex. It is one of the greatest evils that tempts peopleaway from God. It makes an individual weak-willed and unreliable. Normal sexualrelationship as a house-holder is not restricted in any way in Sikhism. But sex outsidemarriage or sex against the will of the partner is taboo, as it can cause unlimited sorrows.Krodh: is anger and needs to be controlled. A person overcome by 'krodh' loses his balance of mind and becomes incapable of thinking. According to Sikhism, 'krodh' takesa person away from God as hatred has no place in religious practise.Lobh: means greed, a strong desire to possess what rightfully belongs to others. It makesan individual selfish and self-centered. It takes a person away from his religious andsocial duties. A person can become blind with greed if an effort to control the desire for unlimited possessions is not made.Moh: refers to the strong attachment that an individual has to worldly possessions andrelationships. It blurs the perspective of a human being and makes him narrow minded. Itdeviates a person from his moral duties and responsibilities and leads him towards path of sin. Ahankar: means false pride due to one's possessions, material wealth, intelligence or  powers. It gives an individual a feeling that he is superior to others and therefore they areat a lower level than him. It leads to jealousy, feelings of enmity and restlessness amongst people. Sikhism requires that a person serves the society and community with humility.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------8 VIRTUES TO COMBAT THE 5 EVILS--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wisdom (gyan): is the complete knowledge of a set of religious principles. It can beachieved by hearing good, thinking good and doing good. A man of wisdom tries toachieve a high moral standard in his life and interaction with others. According toSikhism, the first step to wisdom is to consider oneself as an ignorant person who has tolearn a lot in life.Truthful Living (sat): This is more than 'truth'. It means living according to the way of God i.e. the thoughts should match the words that a person speaks and his actions shouldalso match his words. Truthful living brings a person closer to God.Justice (niaon) : means freedom and equal oppurtunities for all. Respect for the rights of 

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