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Briefing Sustainable Dev

Briefing Sustainable Dev

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Published by 606
This is a flyer I wrote as part of a anti-G8 campaign group in Bristol 2005. We did a whole series of flyers on different areas the G8 were looking at giving an alternative take on it.
This is a flyer I wrote as part of a anti-G8 campaign group in Bristol 2005. We did a whole series of flyers on different areas the G8 were looking at giving an alternative take on it.

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Published by: 606 on Jan 03, 2010
Copyright:Public Domain


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there is no such thing as sustainability within thecurrent system, but I can't tell you that. GeorgeBush's plans for sustainable development? Tax cutsfor the rich. Drilling for oil in the Alaska wildliferefuge and war without end.Here's a final pearl of wisdom from the government;"It is a simple fact that, as we become more efficientat producing things we will get wealthier. And as weget wealthier we are able to produce and consumemore goods and services. In the longer termtherefore it is only by finding new, less wasteful waysof meeting our needs that we can move to asustainable path." However being 'less' wasteful isnot the same as being 'sustainable'. 'Less' means notas much as before. 'Sustainable' is a cycle that can bekept going forever while development' (in thiscontext) means economic growth, growth that can bekept going forever? In the words of ProfessorRichard Heinberg, an expert on resource use andhuman ecology, "Beyond a certain point nature doesnot negotiate. If all else fails, there is always famineand disease to take care of it."Reject their deceit. Their Babylon must fall.
 What Big Brother Won't Tell You
Buried in the recent rush of important news of who was a celebrity and needed getting out of here, youmay have missed a series of reports that show thatour earth is being destroyed at an ever frighteningrate: "Worst sea bird breeding season" (BBC), or"The polluted planet: Alarm as global study findsone-third of amphibians face extinction"(Independent), or "Hundreds of bird species goingthe way of the dodo" (Guardian).If you think worrying about the natural world is forhippy-tree-huggers, then consider that for every onebarrel of oil discovered, we are consuming three -this while the UK's use of oil and gas is beingprojected to rise each year until at least 2030. Thanksto global warming, broad areas of Antarctica now arenow forming turf where there were once ice-sheetsand glaciers. Scary stuff.By whatever measure you choose to take, the worldof globalisation and capitalism is just not sustainable. To blind us to this reality, the politicians haveinvented the concept of sustainable development' intheir words, "A higher quality of life for all people isthe goal of sustainable development." (G7 1995 Meeting). The problem with this lofty statement isthat, for all people on the planet to achieve the livingstandards of the US, it would require three planets worth of resources - how is this possible with the rat-race in full flow?
Blair to the Rescue!
 Thankfully Tony Blair and his band of merry menare on hand to save the day; "To become moreresource efficient we need to accelerate the de-coupling of resource use and growth in GDP." Inplain English, Tony and his cronies are saying that we need to get rich without using stuff (oil, timber,gas, metals etc.) How is this economic magic goingto work? Nobody seems to be sure. Tony recently remarked, "If we were to put forward as a solution toclimate change something which would involvedrastic cuts in economic growth or standards of living, it would not matter how justified it was, itsimply would not be agreed to." Translation - I know
Bristol Dissent! BriefingMyths of the G8 -Sustainable Development

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