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VEIL OF DECEPTION - romantic suspense novel

VEIL OF DECEPTION - romantic suspense novel

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Published by davisstories
Something suspicious is happening at Spenser Lake. People are disappearing and their bodies never found. The fear and uncertainty affect the tranquil community, but especially Kurt Hawkins. The guilt that he was responsible for his wife’s loss precludes any normalcy in his life until he meets Danielle Gillette, a reclusive author with skeletons of her own. When the mystery to the disappearances is revealed, they discover sometimes truth cuts deeper than a lie.
Something suspicious is happening at Spenser Lake. People are disappearing and their bodies never found. The fear and uncertainty affect the tranquil community, but especially Kurt Hawkins. The guilt that he was responsible for his wife’s loss precludes any normalcy in his life until he meets Danielle Gillette, a reclusive author with skeletons of her own. When the mystery to the disappearances is revealed, they discover sometimes truth cuts deeper than a lie.

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Published by: davisstories on Jan 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Veil of Deception
 Sometimes the truth cuts deeper than a lie.
 (Buy locations available at Davisstories.com)
a story full of hidden nuances and twists that keep you going OH MY GOD!
” Love Romance & More
- “The tension escalates until ... O!  story of rede"ption and a testa"ent of the ne#er-ending  struggle of good and e#il 
.” Long and Sort Revie!s"ter boo# revie!s$ a!ards and videos available at Davisstories.com
%eres someting sus'icious going on at S'enser La#e. eo'le are disa''earing and teir bodies never ound. %e ear and uncertainty o !o !ill be ne*t is aecting every resident o te tran+uil community$  but es'ecially ,urt a!#ins. %!o years ater is !ie goes missing$ tere are no clues$ only te nigtmares o !at a''ened in er last moments. %e constant guilt tat someo! e !as res'onsible  'recludes any tougt o a normal lie until e meets Danielle illette$ a reclusive autor !it a rater large s#eleton in er o!n closet. /en te mystery beind te disa''earances is revealed$ along !it te secrets teyve !iteld rom eac oter$ tey discover tat
 so"eti"es the truth cuts deeper than a lie
e !al#ed 'ast te lat macine to te o'en door!ay and scanned te em'ty all!ay beyond. Muled sounds$ li#e distorted voices$ emanated rom te end o te corridor. e inced along te !all$  'ausing at eac ste'$ until e recogni0ed te noise as a television blaring in te distant room. is soulder  brused a ramed 'oem on te !all. 1t 2arred loose and lea't or te solid oa# loor$ but is s#illul ingers darted out and interce'ted te unintended alarm beore it could signal is a''roac. e e*amined te cross-stitced !riting$
To "y $elo#ed ife% &rystal 
$ and grinned. e 'laced te rame on te loor against te !all and continued is 2ourney +uietly$ deliberately$ to!ard is ob2ective ten eet a!ay. 3inally$ e  'eered cautiously troug te crac# 'rovided by te 'artially o'ened door$ but +uic#ly 'ulled bac# !en e sa! a sa'ely emale tying te relective laces on a 'air o 'in# tennis soes. e !atced er 'ull long$ sil#y$ blonde air bac# into a 'onytail$ ten start a series o stretcing e*ercises !ile se 'aid  'artial attention to te local ne!s re'ort on te !ide screen television.
The "ysterious disappearance of twenty-one-year-old "'er &a"p'ell fro" the $randon &ollege ca"pus four "onths ago still 'affles the (ied"ont &ounty )heriff*s Depart"ent. Yesterday% + inter#iewed )heriff ,undgren regarding leads as to the wherea'outs of Ms. &a"p'ell.“)heriff% is there anything you can share a'out this case with our #iewers“/othing su'stanti#e. e*#e in#estigated do0ens of phone calls and potential sightings% 'ut they
all resulted in dead ends.“&an you speculate on the cause of her disappearance or gi#e us so"e idea as to what "ight ha#e happened“/othing solid. +t*s possi'le Ms. &a"p'ell was suffering fro" so"e e"otional stress% perhaps the tension of her hea#y course load% a fight with her 'oyfriend 1 who knows. e*#e seen it 'efore where a  young girl runs offs and reappears "onths later in so"e other state.“+s that what you think happened2 that she ran away“e 3ust don*t know at this ti"e.“hat a'out her 'oyfriend% is he a suspect“e*re not ruling anything out at the "o"ent.“/o leads% only dead ends4 3ust "ore sad words for the waiting parents of a 'eautiful young girl with a pro"ising future. This is 5a"ie Da#is% local reporter for )DY% channel 67.
is eyes loc#ed on te s!aying motion o er rear taunting im to reac out and stro#e tose eminine curves. %en someting 'enetrated is nose. 4ven rom tis distance$ e sensed a s!eet ragrance5 a aint blend o tangerine and lime6 er sam'oo.%e lure o er tiny !aist and irm buttoc#s contorting !it eac bending motion !or#ed teir magic. e could no longer deny is tougts$ or is antasies. Se !ould resist at irst$ !restle against is su'erior strengt. 3inally se !ould acce't is oering and tey !ould merge as one. %e vision o er smoot$ saved legs entangled around is !aist looded is brain along !it te sensation o er muscles tigtening !ile se s+uee0ed and surged in rytm !it eac trust$ urter$ dee'er. %e tougt o it !as too muc. e !anted er. 7o$ e needed er. Beneat im. e needed to ta#e er com'letely and resolve te urge racing troug is loins. %e bu00ing in is ears and te blood trobbing in is tem'les drummed out all reason. /itout a sound$ e edged or!ard. 8s se started to turn$ e reaced out and loc#ed er tigtly around te !aist rom beind$ is massive arms gri''ing li#e a vise. Se gas'ed and tried to esca'e$ but it !as useless. is !arm and slid do!n inside te elastic band o er 2ogging sorts$ and te sensation o er cool$ smoot les drove more blood straigt into is groin.
,urt roc#ed restlessly in te !ite !ic#er cair on te bottom dec# o is t!o-story cedar cabin. 1ts location at te entry to 9attail 9ove o te mout o ills 9ree# aorded an e*'ansive vie! o te la#e. %e cairs tin$ lo!er-'atterned cusion oered little comort to is large rame. e glanced at is !atc or te ourt time in nearly as many minutes and soo# is ead.
 + told &rystal we needed thicker cushions.  /ow where the hell is she
8t te edge o is vision$ e caugt movement to te rigt to!ard te main cannel. 8 'air o mated mallards led teir brood o ive$ u00y little bro!n duc#lings in a tigt ormation into te cove : all e*ce't or one straggler t!o eet bac#.
 Must 'e the weakling. There*s always one in e#ery 'rood 
.%e 'lo' o a lure being coa*ed across te sallo! end o te cove to is let diverted is attention. e !atced a crimson bass boat !it metallic stri'es along te side ease 2ust outside te  bedding area o s'a!ning largemout bass. %e iserman tried to agitate te male bass rom teir beds$  but tey !erent ta#ing te bait. ,urt #ne! te male bass !ould ta#e a deensive 'osture to !arn o  bluegills !aiting 2ust out o reac or te o''ortunity to dine on te maturing eggs laid by is mate only days earlier.;;
S'las< ,urt turned bac# to!ard te line o duc#s$ but !ere tere !ere ive beore$ no! only our !addled along. %e !ea#$ trailing ne!born !as gone. %e 'arents o te little critter ad 2ust 'aid a terrible toll or s!imming in a la#e occu'ied by large 'redator is li#e mus#ies and stri'ers. /ile tey !ould never #no! te trut about !at ad a''ened to diminis teir amily$ ,urt #ne!. 1n te sado!s beneat te ri''les o small 'addling eet$ a massive beast !it serrated teet !aited or an o''ortunity to stri#e. %e innocence o te unsus'ecting morsel !as irrelevant5 te loss to te 'arents o no conse+uence. %e ans!ers tey !ould never ind meant noting to te soulless devil. "nly unger and greed mattered. %ere !as no guilt$ no remorse or its actions5 it !as driven by 'ure$ sel-centered instinct.,urt rubbed te ti' o is tumb and oreinger slo!ly$ deliberately$ as e considered te irony o !at e ad 2ust !itnessed. "n te surace$ S'enser La#e conveyed a 'ortrait o natural beauty$ but te  'eaceul surroundings !ere dece'tive. %e struggle or lie and deat 'layed out eac and every day$ yet te la#e residents cose to ignore te brutal elements tat e*isted in te serene vistas 2ust outside teir  'icture !indo!s.e com'ared tis scene to te sad reality o te ine't society in !ic e lived : an e*istence !ere  'eo'le !ere unable to 'rotect teir o!n and !ere evil lur#ed in te sado!s$ at te edges$ !aiting or a cance to consume te unsus'ecting. e actually sivered at te image o te 'arents o te young girl missing rom Brandon 9ollege and te slee'less nigts tey !ould sare$ illed not !it ans!ers$ but !it tears. %ey$ too$ !ould never #no! te trut about teir os'ring : te beautiul young girl ull o lie !it a uture unlimited by its  'otential. Did se still e*ist= /ere er last moments too orriying to consider= er 'arents must eel el'less to reac out$ 'ull er bac#$ and save er rom tings tat consumed !itout a conscience or a soul. ,urt returned to te conused 'air o mallards as tey searced bac# and ort or te duc#ling tey !ould never ind. e combed is ingers troug is tic# blac# air$ ten sto''ed and studied te ands on te dial o is gold-toned !atc again. “Sit.” %e rytm o is tumb and oreinger increased$ te 'ressure o s#in-on-s#in contact made a sallo! 'o''ing noise. “Damn it$ 9rystal. /ere te ell are you=” e reaced or is cell 'one on te narro! 'lastic table at is side and 'ressed a s'eed dial  button. 8ter te si*t ring$ a canned message began. 1n an aggravated tone$ ,urt demanded into te mout'iece$ “8ns!er your 'one$ 9rystal< Sto' 'laying around.”/en te call bac# recording came on$ e slammed te 'one sut and smased te mayly resting on te small drin# tray !it is ist. %e im'act sent is al-ull beer bottle into te air. %e amber container made a somersault beore bouncing on te !ooden loor. %e contents s'rayed across te resly stained dec#$ orming a trail o cream-colored oamy li+uid oo0ing rom te mout. ,urt sat transi*ed$ li#e a statue$ ignoring is surroundings. %e bottle rolled over te edge o te 'orc$ gyrated do!n te stee' ill and 'lo''ed into te la#e. 1t bobbed u' and do!n$ resisting te inevitable$ until it released a gurgling sound as it disa''eared beneat te dar# !aters o ills 9ree#. ,urt 'ic#ed u' is 'one or a second time and dialed 9rystals riend. “>enny$ its a!#. /en did you get bac# rom your run tis morning= By ersel= ?ou let er go by er : 7o$ ses not bac#. 1 dont #no!$ damn it. %ats !y 1 called you. 7o$ 1m leaving rigt no!.”,urt stued te 'one in is 'oc#et$ lea'ed u'$ and raced or is truc#. e !as angry tat se ad ignored im and gone aead by ersel ater sed 'romised never to do so again. But !orse$ e !as rigtened : araid o te 'ossibilities$ !at migt ave a''ened to te only !oman e loved$ and ad loved$ or te 'ast seventeen years. /ile e searced along Sady ollo! Road$ images lased in is mind o someone$ someting$ arming is !ie. is searc became more rantic as e neared te end o er 2ogging route. Se !ouldnt ave gone o te road. 7ot even 9rystal !ould be tat cra0y ater te neigbors dog !as ound mauled 2ust days @@

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