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ผนวกแผนที่ 6

ผนวกแผนที่ 6

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Published by Kamolpan Jammapat

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Published by: Kamolpan Jammapat on Jan 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Pre-Reading Questions.
Look at the picture 2.1-2.8 and answer these questions.1.
What are the advantages of living in the countryside? Giveme 4 examples please.
Suggested answer 
:Fresh air, less traffic, open space, lessnoise.2. What are the disadvantages of living in the town center?
Suggested answer 
: Less outdoor activities, less open spaces,the chance of more interaction with neighbours.3. If you don’t like a nightlife activities where should youlive in the countryside or in town? 
Suggested answer 
:In the countryside.
 Reading Passage
Now read the passage below. You can look up the meaningof the words in
in the Vocabulary Study Section thatfollows.
Know your countryside
The Irish Countryside is a national
that we, theIrish people, should be
of. It has a
of opportunities to offer. It is also a place of work for 130,000farmers.
 Why live in the countryside?
• Clean, fresh air• More playing room for children• Less traffic• Outdoor activities on your doorstep• Housing and living costs may be reduced• Open spaces• Less noise• More chances for family activities• The chance of more interaction with neighbours.
Opinions of new rural
The following are some of the findings of recent research byAgri Aware:• 80%
considered their quality of life in thecountryside to be good, citing peace and relaxation as themain advantages to living there• 91% stated that their area was welcoming for new dwellers.• 69% described the community spirit in their area as beinggood• 70% of non-farmers considered farming to be important tothe local economy.
 Why is agriculture important?
• The Irish food and drink industry is valued at over 16
of which more than 7 billion is exported to175
• The agriculture and food industry accounts for 9% of 
and approximately 15% of total employment.• It guarantees the nation’s food
.• It protects and cares for the natural environment.• It is the rock on which the tourist
is basedwithout agriculture, the countryside would become wild andinaccessible.• It provides hundreds of opportunities for leisure
,sports and hobbies.
So, what do 130,000 Irish farmers do everyday?
Farmers work all year around to provide Irish consumers withfood. Some of the work involved is detailed below:• 6 million
must be calved, milked, fed, housed andcared for.• 4 million sheep must be lambed, fed, shorn and cared for.• 1.7 million pigs must be housed, fed and cared for.• 13 million poultry birds must be housed, fed and cared for.• 306,000 hectares of land must be ploughed, sown andsprayed to grow cereals (wheat, oats and barley) to beharvested each year.

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