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The Roundabout in Massachusetts on Cape Cod Along Route 28

The Roundabout in Massachusetts on Cape Cod Along Route 28

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Published by Alice Soder

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Published by: Alice Soder on Jan 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The RoundaboutIn Massachusetts on Cape Cod along Route 28 there are a series of traffic circles.Surely these are a hold over from days gone by because they are a driving hazard intoday’s fast-moving, aggressive traffic.We visited the Cape to attend a wedding and then had several bonus days for visitingfriends. To make life simple, we kept our room at the Beach Breeze Inn in Falmouth anddrove down and back up the Cape three days in a row. Each day as we drove throughMashpee, I voiced in my head the wish to stop by the Mashpee Commons and find acertain shop. I was seeking a pair of slacks to match a Flax jacket I had bought inAsheville the week before. The Asheville shop was sold out of the slacks. A shop owner in Falmouth told me that the Purple Poppy at Mashpee Commons carried the Flaxbrand. Yet, each time we drove in the direction of the shopping center, there was no timefor stopping. We were on our way to luncheon engagements or returning too late for shopping.I had all but given up on searching for the Purple Poppy when we returned fromChatham early one evening. In my mind I reviewed the “stop at Mashpee Commons”idea and dismissed it because of the late hour. We had already had an early dinner withour friend, Laurel, and I felt certain that the shops would be closed.As I drove north on Route 28 that evening and approached a traffic circle, I drove aroundit and took the second right. That’s generally the continuation of Route 28. I zippedaround the circle, made my turn and instantly knew I was in error. I was on Route 151,not Route 28.“No problem,” I told my husband, “I can turn around at this next light and return back tothe circle.”Just as I said that I realized that the street that I intended to turn around on led intoMashpee Commons. How strange. The least I could do was drive in and take a lookaround even if the shops would be closed. The Commons turned out to be a new, largeand lovely shopping area. I drove from section to section admiring the super selection of shops and wishing I could stop and enjoy them. Finally, I found a parking space and leftthe car to seek out the Purple Poppy. There was a large map posted not far from the car and I saw that the store I sought was just down a close-by side street. The closing hour was later than I anticipated, so soon I was inside asking the sales clerk about the Flaxclothing line. Yes, they had carried it, she informed me and no, they no longer had it.Seems the line, which is primarily made up in linen, was too seasonal for the shop.OK, I thought, that takes care of that. I can cross the Purple Poppy off my list and headback up Route 28. End of story, right? Wrong.Here’s my take on what happened: I had a strong desire to visit Mashpee Commons.Each time I drove past the location, I thought about going there. This experiencerepeated several times, so my emotion was strong for accomplishing this task. TheUniverse, in its benevolent wisdom, found a way to grant my wish. It was so simple.Somehow I was influenced or guided onto Route 151 without realizing that I was

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