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Jimmy Carter and Democratic Anti-Jewish Hatred

Jimmy Carter and Democratic Anti-Jewish Hatred

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Published by bgeller4936

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: bgeller4936 on Jan 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jimmy Carter and Democratic Anti-Jewish Hatred
 By Michael DevolinMay 5, 2008 - 2:31:54 PMIt's no surprise to me that former president Jimmy Carter has met withthe Muslim terrorists of Hamas. I could list the obscurantisms thatcome to light immediately one looks into to the views this man hasrecently disseminated to the world, but may it suffice here for me tosay that these same views are merely indicative of a widespreadphenomenon that has existed for years within Western culture. Irecognize this phenomenon as anti-Jewish hatred, although some yetinsist this egregious passion is merely anti-Israel political debate -without explaining why such political debate has always obduratelyexcluded the glaring transgressions of those Islamic regimes andMuslim terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbullah who, becauseof their religious assent to violence against Israel and her Jewishcitizens, somehow subsist beyond the pale of culpability.Jimmy Carter's disdain for the Jews and their Israel is altogether anold and ancient anti-Semitism now streamlined and sophisticated intowhat I define as "democratic anti-Jewish hatred"- a sort of populistic,politically correct anti-Jewish hatred. This politically correct version isbecome fashionable and subsequently adopted by Western clergy andacademia. The Jimmy Carter version condemns Judaism as beingresponsible for Zionism, as though Zionism for religious reasons iscontemptible; as though such condemnation is perfectly judicious. Andsubsequently, by force of the propellant inspiration that comes withpublicly condemning Judaism and Zionism, these politically correct,democratic anti-Semites feel empowered enough to condemn Israel'sJews for also wanting to return to a land that was once theirs but waslong ago ravaged from them by Islam's Arab Muslims. But of course,Islam's pilfering of Jewish property is not an issue with these avant-garde idealists.Sam Harris writes that "while consensus among like minds may be thefinal arbiter of truth, it cannot constitute it. It is quite conceivable thateveryone might agree and yet be wrong about the way the world is."The present democratic anti-Semites are not the minority, rather theyare the majority. The populistic standard contending that Israel-bashing is not anti-Jewish hatred but simply nothing more thanpolitical critique is considered the norm by Western academia. Thisodious method of "politicking" is used today by "moderate" Muslimsand their noetic friends as a medium for harassing Jewish students inthe halls of our universities, both in Canada and the United States.

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