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Document.rtf Tok Essay 1600 Words(theory of knowledge ) ibo

Document.rtf Tok Essay 1600 Words(theory of knowledge ) ibo

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Published by sarag2709
tok essay on One definition of knowledge is true belief based on strong evidence. What makes evidence “strong” enough and how can these limits be established?
tok essay on One definition of knowledge is true belief based on strong evidence. What makes evidence “strong” enough and how can these limits be established?

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: sarag2709 on Jan 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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One definition of knowledge is true belief based on strong evidence. What makesevidence “strong” enough and how can these limits be established?
I will first put some questions infront of you. What is evidence? How do we getevidences. Why is evidence necessary for us to know about something. In myopinion evidence is something that you know by all sorts of justifications or byproven reasons. And while analyzing it you know why you are saying this andyou have a reason for it, which is proved by some means .Epistemology is thestudy of knowledge in depth. which concerns the questions like what do we knowand how do we know and which we are also going to discuss. Moreover it dealswith origin, nature, methods, and limits of human knowledge. There are four ways of knowing: Sense Perception, Reason Emotion, and which we will bedicussing. In my opinion the problem of knowledge is that people take thingsdifferently eventhough if they are made to undergo the same situation.According to me i have 6 types of evidences which i have a strong opinion for and those are belief, experience, perception, common sense, sixth sense andreligion.
The defination of belief is the feeling that something is definitelytrue or definitely exists,
which i completely agree with.
However you need toconcentrate on the words definately true. Definately true doesnot mean it is truebut it seems true by some perspectives.Belief is something that maybe is true butyou cannot be 100 % sure.I have a belief that earth is round and my source iswikepedia but maybe the earth is not, How can i bee 100% sure. But knowlege issomething you know by some sort of strong evidence. Experience according tothe defination is
knowledge or skill that you gain from doing a job or activity,or the process of doing something.
If you experience something you definatelyknow it. I think experiencing is the best way to judge something. fore-exampleyou know roses are red but how do you know it? You know it by (experience) .We do have a justification wheather it is through seeing, through smelling,through hearing, or by experiments. Dictionary defines
perception by
the wayyou think about something and your idea of what it is like.
Philospher William Blake uprised that; " if the doors of perception were cleansed, everythingwould appear to man as it is - infinite". What i think he means by this is thatwhen you analyze something you make a picture of it in your mind but what youanalyse maybe is not true.When you talk about perception you can include your all five senses which are the sources of knowing.We know that common sense is
the ability to behave in a sensible way and make practical decisions.
If youscrutinize something, we maybe judge it by our sixth sense which is a specialability to know things
without using any of your five ordinary senses.
Foreexample He seemed to have known that her sister was in trouble. He did not usesense perception but how did he know it.He knew it by a feeling called sixthsense which arises inside you but you cannot name it.Now we talk about religion,religion
is the spirtual belief of a person
. I have a belief that God is ONE andmy source is my religion. I know it spirtually but i cannot prove it by scientificmeans. The whole universe is so systemetic, if they were two Gods there couldbe a conflict between them due to their different opinions. Things maybechanging (altering) all the time but they are the same which gives me an

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