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M2C-01-First Issue

M2C-01-First Issue

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Published by kp.lacroix

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Published by: kp.lacroix on Apr 09, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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My 2 Cents
Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ! This is a new addition to ourGMF website. We have titled it “My 2 Cents” because that is what it is.You have heard the sayings, “A penny for your thoughts” or “I put my twocents in.” Well, we will be offering our 2 cents worth on current events,Biblical insights, our thoughts and feelings about different events orcircumstances. Of course, there will be the occasional silly story. We ask that you send back your feedback on our articles. We would appreciatesuggestions, comments and ideas for future articles. Please e-mail themto us. We will be posting a new article each week on Monday or Tuesday.Therefore, here goes with the first thought for the day!
Have you ever thought how the Bible is like big romance novel. God/Jesus is the hero, thebridegroom. The believer is Bride, forever getting into trouble in need of rescue. Satan is theevil monster bent on separating the two forever.Our hero is wonderful, strong and mighty. He is the King of the entire world. He rules hiskingdom with love, but a firm hand. His servants have great love and respect for him. There isno sin or evil in his kingdom because punishment for sin is death.Time comes for the King to take a wife. He searches his kingdom for someone who will lovehim and share his life. He finds a young woman and woos her with love and kindness. Theyoung woman is very independent. She is willful, selfish and self-centered, but she recognizesthat this King is very special. She knows that she is unworthy. The King is everything she wouldlike to be and is not. Therefore, she accepts the marriage offer to the king in hopes thatmarriage to him will change her life.Enter the Evil Satan. He will do anything to keep the marriage from happening. He is jealousand wants the woman for himself. He tempts the woman with riches, woos her with falseKings (idols) and binds her with bonds of pain and fear. In her foolishness, the woman isdeceived by Satan and fall into sin. Now Satan lies to the woman telling her the King will neveraccept her in her condition. He will do anything to keep the woman from the king.The Kings sees all that happens to his future bride: her pain, her fear of rejection, her sin. Heknows she is caught in the bonds of sin and death. There is only one way to save her. He willtake the punishment in her place.

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